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Survive see the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand in Sarajevo boogie with the Beatles in Hamburg accompany Marco Polo to Xanadu attend the opening night of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater smell the cordite at the battle of Bull Run and sit ringside at Foreman and Ali’s “Rumble in the Jungle” in KinshasaIllustrated with color and black and white paintings and photographs of famous figures and locations as well as detailed maps and illustrations to aid in your journey through time The Time Traveler's Handbook is the ultimate guide to exploring history that unlocks the wonders of the past as never befor Thoroughly enjoyable The fact that this was a travel brochure for time travelers was enhanced by the feel of the paper used which is a glossy magazine type I didn't like all the tours mentioned but then if you were looking thru some cruise or tour brochure would you like every single one? Some very nice history trips and I wish I could go on one or two but alas I will have to live them vicariously thru this handbook some future traveler left behind

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The Time Travelers HandbookTravel through time to witness some of the most extraordinary and colorful events in world history with this unusual and entertaining guide that includes fascinating cultural details from each period including what and where to eat what to wear how to act like a local and most importantly how to stay aliveHave you ever wished you could have experienced some of the most interesting and important events that have helped shape history? With The Time Traveler's Handbook you can Johnny Actonis David Glodblatt and James Wyllie transport you back in time providing a “you are there” front seat view of some the gre A different take on the genre of time travel books this one is non fiction it's actually a history book in disguise and most of the book is written in future tenseDelivered under the premise of a handbook from a travel agency the reader is given the choice of 19 excursions from which to choose The introduction is a fun read in preparation for what is aheadWith our Chronoswoosh TM time exchange plasma shuttle technology we not only offer the most accurate return to the past but minimal interference with the time space continuum No getting abandoned in the wrong century no returning to find you are your great aunt We really will take you to the right place at the right time every timeWith the rich detail available this book has been well researched and includes descriptions of exactly the type of clothing the time traveler would need to wear in order to blend in to the contemporary society of the destination as well as warnings about language use For example even if the time traveler speaks English they may not be able to understand the English used during the Peasant's Revolt in London in 1381 There's also a full disclosure of the local fare available some appetizing but much of it not palatable by modern day expectations Time travelers may choose from destinations such as 1904 World's Fair in St Louis 1969 Woodstock Festival in New York 1773 Boston Tea Party 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall 1599 Opening Night of Shakespeare's Globe 1974 Rumble in the Jungle Ali vs Foreman a Beatles concert in 1960 The Eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 The Battle of Bull Run in 1861 and many others There is uite a diverse offering available here and the reader wouldn't necessarily have to read it all to glean some value here These travel packages are set up to allow the time traveler to pick and choose where they want to go or not go and in which order they would like to go Anyone who reads this is free to pick and choose and skip any chapterstrips that seem unappealing I love the concept and the presentation of this collection of eventsAlso entertaining are the descriptors of exactly where the time traveler may go on which days during their journeys to the past in order to see the most meaningful events unfolding without placing themselves in danger of death accident or being left behind permanently in the past by missing their specified departure location I could envision some time travelers intentionally getting lost in order to avoid coming back to their own present day surroundingsOverall this is not a typical time travel book because there is no opportunity to go back into the past and change history as is characteristic of that genre Although the intro and summary to the book are fiction the meat of the book is not fiction As such it makes for a less exciting and slower read However the future tense writing style makes for a better read than the otherwise dry history that would be the customary viewpoint presented from say a textbook This is certainly a entertaining way to learn history because it seems to bring the past alive

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The Time Travelers Handbook doc Ö ebook ↠ johnny acton ↠ ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Time Travelers Handbook ➭ Author Johnny Acton – Travel through time to witness some of the most extraordinary and colorful events in world history with this unusual and entertainingAtest moments in the human timelineFilled with engaging and colorful details The Time Traveler's Handbook helps you make the most of your “travels” giving you background information insight into local customs and advice on all aspects of period life to make your adventures authentic and help you actually live them Forget museums and history books The Time Traveler's Handbook gives you unprecedented access to a wide range of milestones including Celebrations Exhibitions; Moments That Made History; Cultural Sporting Spectaculars; Epic Journeys and Voyages; and Extreme Events Observe Mount Vesuvius erupt and Enjoyable though the title should really be the Time Tour Handbook Wasn’t sure how much I would like this book but it turned out well The premise is interesting a time travel tour book which is used to explain historical events in detail The pace is good as the sections are consistent and the book is short It’s easily browsable if you’re only interested in certain events The writing is excellent It’s informative and consistent throughout clearly the editor took care The format actually brings history alive in a way that it doesn’t in most modern histories The content is good It’s solid historically and the descriptions of period accommodations facilities and food for the tourist have a nice culture impact Further the entries are well chosenall of these events could actually be part of a time tour without too much time disruptions There are a few odd omissions like how a tourist would deal with language barriers in times and places where even tourists are expected to have a basic grasp of local lingo but other than that it’s solid This book exceeded my expectations a great deal So I give this a 4 It’s enjoyable readable and logical Good way to learn about some interesting events