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MOBI ☆ DOC The Long Winter 9781581181005 ã HORTICULTURETRADER î ➹ [Read] ➵ The Long Winter By Laura Ingalls Wilder ➼ – Blizzards have blanketed with deep snow the little town where Laura and her family have settled Eventually all contact with the outside T turns to danger Then young Almanzo Wilder comes up with a plan to save the townfolk Eleanor and I just finished this up last night A couple thoughts before she starts her reviewI saw a facebook post not too long ago in which the person was opining that they didn't live in the Little House days This was in regard to Christmas They mentioned how Laura and Mary et al received only one or two presents and were thrilled and grateful to receive them You know that was a simpler timeSeveral days later I saw that they were taking a trip to Disney for Christmas And there were no shortage of packages under their treeNot that I begrudge them going to Disney I love that place Although not as much as my sister She takes it to a whole new levelThe Long Winter though makes it pretty clear that we're romanticizing those times The times were simpler if you euate simple with hunger boredom and intense manual laborNot only that but in certain circles the Wilders are elevated to a Protestant sainthood Ok most Protestant denominations already believe in the sainthood of the believer but lets set that aside for a moment The Wilder's are often put on a pedestal That every decision they made was a right and moral one As they were living in right and moral times as oppose to today's immoral consumer driven drugged out gunned out societyBut throughout the book I saw them as people people who made mistakes in very very difficult times There was a mob mentality at the store when they forced Loftus to see reason and sell the goods at a reasonable price True Loftus agreed and he shouldn't have jacked the price up in the first place but I'm not sure that justifies what the town was doing Or stealing from the emigrant train car 'I'm past caring what he ought to do' Pa said savagely 'Let the railroad stand some damages This isn't the only family in town that's got nothing to eat We told Woodworth to open up that car or we'd do it He tried to argue that there'll be another train tomorrow but we didn't feel like waiting'As a society we can understand some forms of stealing but that doesn't absolve the thief from the lawConsider too that this is what Laura wrote She wouldn't have been writing all the faults of her father in a children's book No doubt the Ingalls were great people but they were people They were struggling to survive They did what they could with little complaining and that is admirable But they were people living in a difficult time with their share of mistakes and sins In that way they are very similar to all of usI have to look into getting Eleanor a goodreads account of her own She's been sitting here patiently waiting for me to type up my part before she gets her say She's got the patience of an IngallsEleanor I've been thinking about my favorite partDad And did you come up with one?E YEAHD What is it?E My favorite part was when they made hay while the sun shinesD Why was that your favorite part?E Because it was before the winter and it was so nice and warm outside the claim shanty and they didn't move into the town yet and it was just so warm in their houseD So you didn't like the winter then?E No It was too cold Heh WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY to cold Way way way way way way way too coldD So you didn't like most of the book thenE Well I like the book I just didn't like that it was so cold for so long for them Because we usually have winters from December to FebruaryD That's a good pointE Can you put a smiley face at the end?D Why?E At the end of the sentence BECAUSE I'M SMILING D Ok I'll put it at the end of the sentence you just said Tell me about The Long Winter What you'd think about it?E Pretty good They were shivering and they couldn't feel their feet And they were selling wheatD What was the book about?E KITTY It wasn't about the kitty I just saw the kitty and it distracted me It was about when they settled in town for the hard winter They were cold And every day they shivered And they only had brown bread and potatoes Sometimes they had cod fish gravy Laura and Pa were always twisting hay into sticks for the fireD Do you think it would be fun to live back then or are you happy to live now?E Ummmmm Either way is okD Why's that?E Back then they didn't have electricity But I wonder how that brown bread tastes and I didn't have cod fish gravyD You've had brown bread beforeE When?D I think we have some downstairs right now Although I think it's softer than the bread Mary and Laura ateE Why?D Because of the way it's made So if you had to choose when would you live?E NowD Me too But really I think either would be okE Me tooD Should I put anything else in here?E YEAH THEN IT WAS SPRING AND THE CHINOOK WAS BLOWINGD I think that's the moral of the storyE What's moral mean? The end of the story?D No it means the message or the point of the story It means that sometimes times are tough But spring and the good times have to come eventually if you can outlast the bad

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Blizzards have blanketed with deep snow the little town where Laura and her family ha This place is a double Hell Hole compared to Plum Creek and its crickets No amount of Pa's fiddle playing can compensate for the fact that they all almost died of hunger and cold during this winter Remind me again what was so bad about Big Woods in book one?

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The Long WinterVe settled Eventually all contact with the outside world is cut off and the discomfor “These times are too progressive Everything has changed too fast Railroads and telegraphs and kerosene and coal stoves they're good to have but the trouble is folks get to depend on 'em” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder The Long WinterI love anything Little House