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Boston before  his next fight But this could be the perfect time for a rematch  with a sexy little matchmaker And minimal clothing There's no denying the chemistry between them It's full contact no holds barred attractionand only one can be on top. One of the things I love most about Meg MaguireCara McKenna's stories is that they don't do that thing where the entire conflict of the book could be resolved with one five minute conversation Her characters are generally honest with each other and that is just really really refreshing It's possible that they're a little honest that people are in the real world but I'm okay with that They're stories about people that I genuinely like who don't stir up unnecessary drama or angst and who don't knowingly hurt each other in the name of love I want these characters to be real people so I can be friends with themAlso loved the MMA portion of these books As a fan I was really happy with how accurate they are The only tiny thing that was incorrect was the mention of putting vaseline on a fighter's body before the fight This is a no no in a sport that involves grappling Other than that I was impressed

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Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762Rules of the Ring  No unsportsmanlike conduct Matchmaker Down Harleuin PDF #180 Lindsey Tuttle always thought Rich Estrada was a whole lot of sexy What's not to lust after He's a gorgeous flirty mixed martial arts fighter When they find themselves he. What I really love about this book—and also the first one in this series Making Him Sweat—is that it's so realistic I feel like this story could happen to any one of my friends Well the unmarried onesThe men aren't super suave their bank accounts aren't astronomical and they don't always say exactly the right thing but they're things I can actually hear a man sayingThis is a fun story about the bad boy who's constantly flirting with and teasing the good girl—the adult version of pulling pigtails on the playground—how a simple misunderstanding can cause a bit of mayhem and how being honest can turn things back aroundRich is cocky and confident when he's in the cage but out of it he struggles with feeling unworthy and worries that the demons that plagued his father will one day taunt him His love of fighting began as a hobby until he realized it was the only way to support his family particularly his mother who suffers from heart problemsIt might not be honorable but Rich Estrada fought for money Because fighting was the thing he was good at the diploma he'd never earned the only marketable talent he hadLindsey a matchmaker by profession is convinced that Rich is just a playboy looking for a good time It doesn't take her long to realize that she's willing to give it to himLindsey wondered if Jenna was going to get soundly trounced tonight and if so she envied her She could use a sound trouncing herself Hell she'd take a spirited dry humpingRich and Lindsey both think that a round between the sheets will cure them of their mutual infatuation Luckily it doesn't because the sex scenes in this book were dynamite Rich and Lindsey couldn't seem to get enough of each other and I couldn't get enough of them Rich is stunned by their chemistry and for the first time in her life Lindsey feels like than just a shadow of the people surrounding herIt doesn't take long before either of them realize a no strings attached relationship just isn't enough but it's come at an inconvenient time for Rich and feels like he has to let Lindsey goI loved Lindsey's honesty with Rich how she saw something in him no one else outside of his family did and that she helped him see it too I'm glad it was her words that finally brought him around to what they could have together and convinced him that he was so much than a fighterFor so long she'd been fantasizing about the man from those videos—the fighter But here in reality he had so many dimensions Who Rich Estrada was had nothing to do with his stats or record or stills posted on the web None of those could tell a woman how hot his body ran and how hot that fever burned when they were pressed so closeThis book is perfect if you want a uick fun steamy read

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Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762 Free read ↠ 106 ´ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Taking Him Down Harleuin Blaze Book 762 Author Meg Maguire – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Rules of the Ring  No unsportsmanlike conduct Matchmaker Lindsey Tuttle always thought Rich Estrada was a whole lot of sexy What's not to Ating up during an unexpected and superintense make out session Lindsey is readyuntil Rich ends it with no explanation Three rounds Now it's almost a year later and Rich has a broken foot  which means a frustrating recovery Taking Him PDFEPUBback in. 25 StarsMiddle of the road Harleuin Blaze which is odd because usually I love anything written by Meg Maguire aka Cara McKenna There are some good emotionally satisfying scenes between the heroheroine but the Mixed Martial Arts backdrop along with the subplots didn’t appeal to me