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Nt who can't type Clearly his escape to the Brookhollow B and B was not going to be the uiet idyllic retreat he needed to finish his overdue manuscript But it was fast becoming much interesting than expected This review and on So BookaliciousI’ve read What A Girl Wants in the Brookhollow series and I immensely enjoyed it And again Jennifer Snow managed to write a wonderful story All the people that live in Brookhollow are so easily to love I would want to befriend all of them The first time we get to meet Logan Walters he doesn’t seem like a guy anybody would like He’s grumpy and annoyed by the smallest things But when you get to know his situation and his background you can’t do anything else than feel sympathy for him After he is forced to ask help from Leigh in order to finish his book we finally get to know the real him And I can say that I liked what I saw Leigh is a divorced woman with a big wish for a child She owns a daycare out of her house to the annoyance of Logan since his room is located next to it Leigh is a great woman she’s strong independent and she goes after what she wants She has had a hard couple of years and even when I don’t know how it must feel Jennifer made the story so real that you could feel her pain The encounters between Logan and Leigh were perfect They were spread throughout the story And I kept eagerly turning the pages to find out what there next encounter would be It was lovely to see how their feelings for each other changed and evolvedI really like the small town feeling of the book Everyone might know everything about everyone and nothing can be kept a secret but at the same time it feels like you have one big family So I can completely understand why Logan felt so at home in BrookhollowI can’t wait to meet people of Brookhollow And hopefully I will catch a glimpse of Logan and Leigh in the following books

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Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3Can she be his cure for writer's block?  For New York novelist Logan Walters falling for the girl next door was than a cliché It was a calamity If Leigh Norris hadn't been so attractive and hadn't been ham Get ready to fall in love with that small town uirkiness warmth and caring that exudes from Brookhollow’s very heart while you fall in love with two lonely people who need a shoulder and a Happy Ever After Falling for Leigh by Jennifer Snow is than a contemporary romance it’s that read you need on a cold winter night in front of a roaring fire although taking it to the pool isn’t a bad idea eitherBest Selling novelist Logan Walters has hit a very dry spell Deadlines are looming and his heart isn’t in his writing as his life is in a chaotic emotional mess and just maybe going to where he began his career in a uiet secluded small town will give him that magical spark he needs Did I say “uiet and secluded?”Apparently he was unaware of the day care center being run next door to his BB or of the beautiful yet sad owner who isn’t too handy with a nail or was it the rickety ladder that had him “falling” for Leigh Too bad it cost him a broken wrist His ingenious plan to allow her to atone for her mistake by typing up his thoughts only had a couple of flaws one Leigh can’t type and two the town thinks they know all and tongues are wagging a mile a minute Face it? Who doesn’t like some juicy romantic gossip and when one of their won is finally getting a chance at happiness the town does everything but send out wedding announcements But life has a way of pulling two people apart can they find their way back to each other or will they become a fond memory on a cold night?Jennifer Snow can pluck every heart string with the precision of Cupid’s arrow as she combines small town charm some drama and a few chuckles and turn a romantic tale into a sonata of wordsI received this copy as part of Jennifer Snow's Falling for Leigh Tour Giveaway stopping at Tome TenderSeries BrookhollowPublication Date September 1 2014Publisher Harleuin HeartwarmingGenre Adult Contemporary RomancePrint Length 172 pagesAvailable from

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Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3 doc ´ ebook read ↠ [PDF] ✪ Falling for Leigh A Brookhollow Story #3 ✬ Jennifer Snow – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Can she be his cure for writer's block?  For New York novelist Logan Walters falling for the girl next door was than a cliché It was a calamity If LMering relentlessly while he was trying to write Logan would never have ascended her rickety ladder in a misguided mix of gallantry and frustration And he wouldn't have a broken wrist or a guilty new assista Originally published on Tales to Tide You OverFalling for Leigh is a lovely story about two people old enough to have complications in their lives from past relationships and thwarted hopes Neither comes from a traditional upbringing and both want a family but their plans are very differentLeigh intends to adopt after she’s proved incapable of carrying a child to term the heartbreak of that discovery having broken up her marriage to her childhood sweetheart Logan had an unexpected child with a girlfriend and has been her primary parent but all of a sudden he’s facing losing custody of his daughter because his now ex girlfriend wants to move across the countryNeither path is straightforward The steps reuired for each plan may make any new relationship impossible especially with Leigh firmly tied to her home town and Logan ready to hop a plane to California if that’s what it takes to stay in his daughter’s lifeIt’s an odd story because while they fall in love on the page there is not much denial of their state either to themselves or to each other They face the fact that outside forces mean their attraction no matter how strong is impossible and attempt to maintain their distances to minimize the inevitable heartbreak They have no delusions no willingness to pretend the outside world doesn’t exist but at the same time they hold out hope for the rare chance that they might possibly work This offers a poignant tension because I wasn’t able to root for them with a clean conscience since other lives hung in the balanceAnother important aspect is the leading man’s profession Logan is a writer who comes to the small town for distraction free writing It doesn’t uite work out that way as the title takes a literal turn in the very beginning I am a writer myself so I’m nervous about portrayals as they often don’t ring true Logan seemed a bit stereotypical at first but when we learn what is driving him and see him interact with the world the obvious answers no longer match He turns out less of a stereotype than a writer desperate to complete his book for all sorts of very solid reasonsFalling for Leigh offers many poignant moments some chuckles and a rich story with interesting characters some only on the page for a moment but that’s all they need I enjoyed this one a lot especially once I connected with Logan and let my doubts about his profession fade awayThis was my first Harleuin Heartwarming story a sweet rather than sensual romance and I’ll be keeping an eye out for titles in the imprintPS I received this title from the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review