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It Only Looks Easy (Single Titles) Review · E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ [PDF] ✪ It Only Looks Easy (Single Titles) By Pamela Curtis Swallow – In books when you read something like everything is great you just know that something terrible is about to happen But in real life youHt reason but now she has gone from being a person you can count on to someone you probably shouldn't Suddenly she is looked at differently by everyone at school even the police are keeping an eye on her If one of the best years of her life starts out like this what's ne. I loved this book because it's about what everyday people sometimes go through It's about a bad time in someone's life

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In books when you read something like everything is great you just know that something terrible is about to happen But in real life you can miss the warnings And then wham slam sneak attack Everything skids out of controlBefore the first day of seventh grade is over Kat. This book is a nice uick easy read that is worth anyone's time It has its flaws which I will list below but overall a good book Flaws Too fast at the beginning I'd like to get to know the dog so I understand the grief You know when I dog gets hurt in a movie or a book and you want to cry That's not a problem in this book because you don't have enough time to actually know the dog to care Melody She's all like oh you stole my bike That's okay I understand I'm sure you're a nice person even though I don't know anything about you other than you stole my bike and let it go missing Over reaction This plays into the first flaw because maybe if I knew about the relationship between the dog and Kat I would give her some leeway But she seriously has to leave school to go to the clinic I just don't think that's believable for any real middle schooler They'd at least wait until they'd heard some bad news whereas Kat was just reacting to a call that wasn't picked upVirtues now for the good Nice short and sweet It isn't too long which is good because it was a relatively simple story There didn't need to be of the book Definitely a good thing was the length and not because I didn't want to read This isn't supposed to be a sarcastic thank God it's over I really do think this length was a good choice Realistic portrayal of the crushGraceAbbyTim situation Can't go into details without spoilers here but I love this side plot It seems pretty middle schooler like speaking from recent ish experience MRS LAWRENCE Here we have the redemption of Kat where the reader learned that Kat actually was a good person I loved Mrs and Mr Lawrence and the scenes with Mrs Lawrence were so sweet The older sister Hannah I really like Hannah who didn't fall into the stereotype of worst sister or best sister somehow Overall three stars GoodbookPredictability ehhh depends on which point I'll give it a three for that too

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It Only Looks Easy Single TitlesRandall's year is nearly ruined When her beloved dog Cheddar is run over by a woman with Alzheimer's disease Kat reacts impulsively leaving school on a borrowed bike to get to the vet Then the bike gets stolen Kat It Only eBook #210 often does the wrong thing for the rig. It Only Looks Easy is a book by Pamela Curtis Swallow It is about a girl named Kat who was going into grade 7 Before she went to school her dog named Cheddar got ran over by a women who had alzheimer's Her dog had to go to the hospital and when Kat went to school she couldn't wait to see Cheddar Kat wanted to see Cheddar so much she stole a bike to go to the hospital She left a note sayingDear person with blue bike I took your bike but I will bring it back tomorrow and a new lock Kat went to the hospital and waited to hear what happened to Cheddar Cheddar was going to be fine Kat was going to go back to school and then the bike was stolen So she was a bike and that bike was stolen Kat got in trouble with her parents the police and no one wanted to be around her But her friends Other bikes were stolen and everybody thought it was her but it wasn't A teacher felt sorry so he started to hang out with her family to let them know they have a person to talk to The teacher brought his wife over one day for a barbecue The teacher and the parents went inside for drinks Kat and the teachers wife stayed outside The teachers wife had alzheimer's and so she ran away because she didn't know where she was Kat called the police and they showed up The teachers wife came back and everyone was so worried In the end they found out who stole the bikes and Cheddar was okayThe best thing about the book was that they were able to find out every part of the book and not leave it till the very end Otherwise I don't have a favourite part The worst thing about the book was that they didn't use very many descriptive words