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Ain vowing Hot Silk PDF or to make up for the time they've lost to take her to the heights of carnal abandon and show her the exuisite bliss of exploring her darkest most decadent fantasies. Very hit sex scenes but the heroine drive me nuts

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Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3Absolute SurrenderTwo years ago with Rodesson's Daughters MOBI #183 her reputation already in jeopardy Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful compelling stranger in one night of del. What's not to love in a Sharon Page book Great book

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review Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3 Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ ➼ Hot Silk Rodesson's Daughters #3 Download ➻ Author Sharon Page – Absolute SurrenderTwo years ago with her reputation already in jeopardy Miss Grace Hamilton gave herself to a powerful compelling stranger in oIcious uivering ecstasy Wild bold and wickedly sensual Devlin Sharpe is a highwayman and pirate a scoundrel whose world is ruled solely by pleasure And now he has returned to claim Grace ag. 25 stars maaaaybe 3Eh This is the 3rd and final book in this series and it just isn't as good a read as the other two books We've seen Venetia's story in book 1 where she ends up married to an earl We've seen Maryanne's story where she ends up married to a viscount Both men were notorious rakes into than just a little sex both were known to freuent house parties and the like where anything goes literally Both of those books were a bit over the top at times almost gorging on the sex This book is over the top in a totally different wayGrace Hamilton is the youngest sister She's the pretty one She's the one determined to make the good marriage match to a titled gentleman to save her family from poverty Of course Grace's ambition and this book begin before book 1 where Venetia solves the problem by marrying an earlGrace is at a country house party the house of her friend Prudence The Season hasn't yet begun and Grace is looking forward to it She knows that she hasn't a dowry but she's hoping that her stellar looks and gentle manners will win her a good ton husband Except that Grace is so very naive Prudence warns her that her brother Lord Wesley is a rake and after Grace; Prudence tells her not to be alone with him But what does Grace do She allows the devilish Lord Wesley to get her in a room alone where he plays the I'll kill myself if you don't marry me card Whereupon Grace thinking she's snagged a husband of worth says yes and Lord Wesley wants to consummate the engagement right then and there For all her naivete Grace's father is the notorious erotic painter She's seen the paintings and read some naughty novels She's a virgin but not a complete novice And she's curious So she allows herself to be taken right then and there Except that when the act is completed where Wesley doesn't even bother to satisfy her sexually Lord Wesley sits up and laughs at her; tells her she was a good lay but it's over now and he's done with her And as she runs out she overhears Wesley tell her cousin on her mother's side that he notched another virgin on his plan to bed 100 virgins by Christmas It's all a bet that a particular club has going and she's every bit as good as they all conjectured Nothing was private it was all an elaborate plan from the startExcept now that he's done with her Wesley makes sure that his sister Prudence knows And makes it all Grace's fault for throwing herself at him naturally So as she's trying to sneak out the next morning Grace encounters Prudence who makes it clear that she'll having nothing to do with Grace nor will anyone else in the tonWhich is one of my biggest issues with this book double standards have been in place forever no doubt But even in the Regency age men like Wesley were well known Titled they might be but their reputations would be known It wouldn't stop the ruining of Grace's reputation but how Wesley can remain a saint in the eyes of the ton is beyond me Even Prudence should have a clue what with her brother's lofty 100 virgin goal And in a way that's the overall message of this book that the poor girl is ruined in good society and is now a pariahWhile running away from the room that Lord Wesley was in however Grace literally ran into Devlin Sharpe Wesley's and Prudence's half brother a bastard son and one that their father has acknowledged and seems to favor over them Devlin tried to woo a gentlewoman of the ton but she was a married gentlewoman and she broke his heart throwing him over for a new model with a cruel note that he'd been replaced and even giving the new lover's nameSo Devlin ran away and joined the Royal Navy ending up on a pirate ship and becoming a pirate himself He's amassed uite a fortune even if he isn't admitted to good society Devlin sneaked into his father's country home to see what was up with his half siblings When he sees Grace he knows what she's done and Wesley's part in it He's so handsome and irresistible and she's so frightened in need of comfort they end up in each other's arms and bed Grace wants to replace the memory of sex with Wesley with a good memory; Devlin is taken with Grace her beauty her resilience to what's just happened to her and her courage He shows her how good sex can be And promises to avenge what his half brother didFast forward a couple of years and we still see Grace trying to be part of high society Which is the saddest and most irritating part of the book Because Grace is running away from Venetia's Brighton house to see her mother's mother who wrote to Grace that her grandfather wouldn't allow her to meet her granddaughters but that she wants to meet Grace now She's seen Grace at society events and is intrigued Yes Grace has attended balls and the like but she's rejected all offers and suitors thinking that she's forever ruined because she's no longer a virgin And this is Grace's biggest problem she's so full of guilt and blame and so convinced that no one in good society will have her once they learn she's not a true maiden that she works herself into all kinds of mental prisons C'mon Girls in that day knew there were ways to convince a husband that they were still a virgin; it was commonly done Except Grace just can't get past her own sexualityDevlin has been looking for Grace for the past 2 years And now that he knows she's in a coach on the highway he and his band of highwaymen stop her coach and kidnap both her and the coachmen But Devlin doesn't uite know what he wants to do with her now that he's got her he hasn't thought that far ahead WHAT Yes he knows he wants to bed her but beyond that he hasn't a clue Except that the harem of women who regularly keep his men serviced aren't happy Grace is there they know that Devlin has a thing for her And his men aren't happy because they think Grace is there for ransom not just to bed Devlin; they want a profit Grace has longed for Devlin but even she's smart enough to realize that he can't just take her and not know what comes next And Grace is determined to see her grandmotherSo after a day and night of constant sex and seeing what's going on in his house Grace convinces Devlin she needs to leave to see her grandmother Devlin insists on accompanying her not trusting her grandmother's motives or whether it's truly her grandmother writing to her One of Devlin's men decides to take a stand demanding that Devlin ransom the girl Which causes a fight that Grace ends up in the middle of mostly because there's a gun pointed at Devlin and Grace knows her sisters both were instrumental in keeping their now husbands from being killed in similar skirmishes in the past So Grace throws her reticule at the man keeping him off balance enough to allow Devlin to overcome him and get the gun Instead of killing him as he should Devlin allows his man to get away telling him to run and never come back Um yeah We all know what the future holdsThe whole trip to see her grandmother and the entire house party event is strange I doubted whether her grandmother was even really there since the house guests included not only Lord Wesley and Prudence but her cousin who knew of her debauchery and several titled ton women known for being loose What the heck is her prim prude grandmother doing in that company And how convenient Plus the fact that the house is on the Isle of Wight forcing a boat trip from the mainlandOf course her sneaky cousin has made sure that her grandmother knows about Grace's incident with Lord Wesley It seemed as if he waited until he saw Grace at this house party to tell her; why isn't clear except I can only think it's jealousy at being replaced in his grandmother's affections Grace's mother was thrown out of the house and disowned for ruining herself with Grace's disgraceful painter father But Grace has convinced herself that her grandmother will love and accept her Devlin knows better And we have to witness a most horrific scene where her grandmother throws every nasty thing in the book at Grace And Grace takes it without defending herself WowGrace just doesn't see herself as a person of worth She's so caught up in guilt and blame and shame she can't even be herself Why disgrace is such a big deal to her or why she thinks that she'll still ruin her family her sisters and their children is beyond me EVERYONE KNOWS THEIR HUSBANDS' REPUTATIONS And no one seems to care since both men are well enough titled to be beyond reproach So WHY is Grace so completely hung up on reputation and disgraceThe only person she can truly be herself with is Devlin But how in the world are the two of them to be together HEA when he's a pirate and a highwayman with a price on his headOf course on the return trip Devlin decides that there really isn't a future for them not one that Grace with her ambitions of being accepted by Society can be part of with him So he tries to take her home Except WHO should thwart that plan by shooting Devlin and taking her hostage Hmmmm let's see could it be the guy he let get away who wanted to ransom Grace And of course he's set it all up so that Devlin will take the fall because this bad guy intends to kill both Devlin and Grace after getting the moneyWhen Grace is safely back with her family and Devlin is in chains in Newgate not for kidnapping but for his piracy and highway robbery Grace finally confesses all to her sisters The whole sordid story going back 2 years her visit to their grandmother and the scene where her brothers in law got her away from the real bad guyAnd here once again the story falls apart Grace is determined to break Devlin out of Newgate and run away; she uses her dowry to buy a ship so they can sail away from England and roam the high seas Her sisters and their spouses decide to humor her by making it reality except that her BIL obtain a pardon for Devlin because of course he's really a hero who did a lot of secret missions for the Royal Navy when he was supposedly a pirate They allow Grace to go through all the motions of breaking out Devlin only to find it all too easy And so Grace and Devlin sail away with her family's blessingI can't tell you HOW TIRED I was of Grace's constant whining about her being ruined and still wanting to be part of good Society It was as constant as water torture and just as appealingThe thing is I like Grace and Devlin together I like who she is with him and I like who he is with her For all his bad boy ways piracy and robbery he's a fierce protector and he's got a decency about him even when pulling off his crimes He keeps trying to warn Grace and tries to keep her from being hurt which of course he can't And he's there to comfort her and take care of her when she is going so far as to fight off his stupid half brother who ends up leaving England when her brothers in law bring his shameful deeds including his goal of bedding 100 virgins and the club to lightThe rigid morals of a Society that demands perfection and purity from its maidens and allows its so called gentlemen to get away with debauchery and the like is the clear message As well as owning one's sexuality not being afraid to explore it and relish it when with one's true love But compared to the other 2 books in this series this book seems like a hit you over the head with this message which means that the romance takes a back seat The eroticism in the book is mostly limited to scenes between Devlin and Grace which are good but not all that hot And the other scenes of orgies and other 'play' aren't enticing either IMO Not that they need to be; I'm not one who reads books only for these types of scenes In fact I prefer the story and the scenes to be well integrated not just titillatingFor the last book in a series that was imaginative and compelling this book just falls short