CHARACTERS Friends By Thayer King 107

CHARACTERS Friends By Thayer King

CHARACTERS Friends By Thayer King 107 Ã ❰Ebook❯ ➢ Friends Author Thayer King – When Kayla Lawrence wakes up in her best friend’s arms after a night of hot sex she wants to pretend that it never happened He’s not just her best friend He’s also her partner But as much as she When Kayla Lawrence wakYla since the moment they met He’s loved her almost as long Waking up in her bed was his dream come true Now he just has to convince Kayla that he’s relationship material. After a couple of drinks one night Joshua succumbs to his feelings for his longtime friend and business partner Kayla She enjoys their night together but is so shaken by discovering their intense mutual attraction as well as the force of Joshua’s sex drive that she tries to have their relationship go back to what it used to beJoshua’s desire intensifies after their first tryst and he’s not willing to end their physical relationship even though he’s afraid of revealing to Kayla that he’s actually in love with her Not being open about their feelings leads to many misunderstandings between Joshua and Kayla They both have their moments of being angry and hurt but in the end take their commitment to the next levelThe best friend trope is handled well here although the whole bit about Joshua waiting for Kayla to lose her virginity to make his move because he’s so well endowed that the pain he caused during his first time traumatized him is rather a poor excuse for not revealing his feelings sooner in their 7 year friendship The writing works for the story The language for the love scenes is graphic and full of the superlatives that the genre demandsJoshua has a sex drive well suited for his physical attributes and the novel demonstrates it with the freuency length and graphicness of the love scenes There’s some awe and fear of rejection in the mix since Joshua had concealed his love for Kayla for so long he could hardly believe that they were finally coming together as a couple The scenes were spicy than emotional though

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Partner But as much as she loves Joshua Tanner he’s not the type to commit She’s not sure where their relationship is going after their night togetherJoshua has wanted Ka. I loved the way their friendship turned into the perfect relationship once Kayla gave it a chance Josh was the ultimate playboy who always loved his best friend Then they had an amazing night of sex but it was than that it was the beginning of something wonderful I loved the way the romance unfolded between them and when I finished this book I was ready for the next chapter for Evan and Dawn's story

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Friends By Thayer KiWhen Kayla Lawrence wakes up in her best friend’s arms after a night of hot sex she wants to pretend that it never happened He’s not just her best friend He’s also her. Meh Both hH's behavior was that of a 16 years old They were supposedly owners of a successful business but I don't know how they could manage it since they couldn't manage one another They were in love they keep telling it to each other but it seams they are deaf for all the good it does And the secret Shall we talk about the secret Noooo you have to read the book to find out Maybe you'll not be disappointed as I was