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La neige était sale Summary ¸ 104 Ý [EPUB] ✹ La neige était sale Author Georges Simenon – Aos dezenove anos Frank Friedmaier vive na França sob a ocupação nazista no início dos anos 1940 Todos lutam para sobreviver Ele mora na casa da mãe um prostíbulo ue serve aos oficiais alemães Aos dezenove anosAos dezenove anos Frank Friedmaier vive na França sob a ocupação nazista no início dos anos Todos lutam para sobreviver Ele mora na casa da mãe um prostíbulo ue serve aos oficiais alemães mas busca um sentido para sua vida Friedmaier é um cafetão um bandido um La neige Epubladrão Assim ue o livro começa ele acaba de c. Ladies and gentlemen watch carefully Here's Frank a young punk who lives in his mother's brothel in occupied France He lies drinks steals does black market business with the German officers commits murder just for fun Yes feel free to touch him he fucks his mother's girls every night while treating them like shit and is also trying to seduce the 16 year old virgin who lives across the hallAre you still watching you may check that there is nothing up my sleeve and now using only sparse descriptive prose I will transform him into a universal symbol of human suffering and redemption that will remind you of L'Etranger King Lear and Crime and Punishment but still has a character all its ownSir I understand your scepticism You don't think it's possible but ABRACADABRA The audience stare in disbelief A lone voice from the back asks plaintively Bloody hell how did Simenon do that

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Ias como se fossem um só desiste de comer domestica seus desejos e cultiva uma indiferença absoluta em relação à vida Num estudo da mente criminosa comparado a 'O assassino em mim' de Jim Thompson Simenon mapeia uma terra de ninguém em ue a natureza humana é levada à destruição por forças ue estão além de seu contro. Simenon's ecstatically bleak Dirty Snow teeters on the fulcrum between four and five starness and only just barely comes to rest on the four star side A lot of hand wringing and soul searching went into this rating or at least two minutes' worth but in the end I concluded that the only uality Dirty Snow lacks is that ineffable something or other that makes a novel grab you by the balls and shout 'I'm a five star book damn it Hearken to my greatness' The first thing I want to say about Dirty Snow is actually something about two other books—namely Sartre's Nausea and Camus' The Stranger both of which you can safely chuck on the book burning pyre because Dirty Snow is the definitive fictional rendering of existentialism Unlike its celebrated forebears Simenon's work is actually alive—not just some nakedly abstract concept onto which character and plot are clumsily affixed The protagonist Frank is a nineteen year old asshole in a presumably German occupied country during World War II The location is appropriately indistinct Like everything else it's pointless Frank has no real friends and doesn't give a shit about anybody—not his fretful mother Lotte who runs a brothel out of their apartment not Sissy the girl next door who's infatuated with him and not Kromer his partner in crime Not even himself Entirely lacking in purpose Frank thieves and murders without moral compunction; but his crimes are less profit motivated or purely sadistic than they are strange floundering assertions of self in an arbitrary and morally convoluted world The last fifty to seventy five pages of the book are a total downer to the extent that the whole fucked up punitive system of the occupation forces is basically a stand in for life in general We try to make sense of it all or to feel important or relevant in some small stupid way but hey guess what Spoiler We're all a big ol' steamin' pile of nothin' Good night You've been a lovely audience

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La neige était saleOmeter seu primeiro assassinato Pela escuridão de um inverno interminável o protagonista se afundará na abjeção até ue não haja mais saída Este livro já foi descrito como um dos raros romances nascidos sob a França ocupada ue vão direto ao ponto Atrás das grades depois de ser descoberto pelos oficiais Frank vive os d. This was my first Simenon book though certainly it won't be the last Dirty Snow is a stark noir novel set during the German occupation of France in WW II though the exact location and time period is never mentioned The anti hero Frank is a budding hoodlum who lives in his mother’s brothel He spends his evenings in sleazy bars and associates with other small time hoods though he doesn't really have any close friends He also samples his mother's whores when he takes a notion though he doesn't seem to get much pleasure from sex or anything else During the course of this novel Frank commits three heinous acts two of them for no apparent reason and another for financial gain What sets Frank apart from the average noir reprobate is that he seems to have almost no reasons or psychological motivations for most of his crimes He doesn't seem to care about anything Reading this book I thought a lot about the Bruce Springsteen song Nebraska which is based on the real life murder spree of a Lincoln Nebraska youth named Charlie Starkweather and his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate In an eight day stretch they killed 11 people The final lines of the song are a response to the uestion of why he decided to go on the killing spree and the answer is the chilling line I guess there's just a meanness in this world Springsteen took a little license with his tune but one can imagine these lines being said by Frank if he bothered to give any reason at all for his actions His fatherless upbringing and prostitutemadam mother don't seem to have left any scars on his psyche The occupation of his land by an invading foreign army hasn’t either Simenon does a great job of making the reader realize that people like Frank actually exist in this worldThere is also a sense that Frank is aware that his misdeeds will end in his undoing though this is implied only through the term destiny He lives with no anxiety about what will happen to him and indeed almost seems to hasten his destiny by flaunting damning evidence of his crimes It is as if he was aware his destiny was ineluctable and would have had the same outcome regardless of any attempt to alter his fateThere's lots dynamics to the story which I've left out to avoid any spoilers but suffice to say that if you're a reader who reuires reasons for senseless inexplicable violence and infliction of horrifying cruelty this may not be the book for you William Vollman writes the afterward for this book Vollman is a writer who's put himself in many horrifying situations and written a seven volume Rising Up and Rising Down study of human violence and atrocities Vollman tries to offer some reasons for Frank's actions but I found them unconvincing and thought he was trying too hard to make sense of Frank's behavior I think Simenon's point to the extent he had one in this novel was that there are some humans whose motivations cannot be sussedhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchviirx Nebraska song