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Rt of George III in the dullest of Londons the one without any magic left to seeUnofficially Kell is a smuggler servicing people willing to pay for even the smallest glimpses of a world they'll never see It's a defiant A Darker PDF or hobby with dangerous conseuences which Kell is now seeing firsthandAfter an exchange goes awry Kell I wrote this book so I'm probably biased Since it's early and the full jacket copy isn't out here's a list of things in ADSOM –Magic–Cross dressing thieves–Aspiring pirates–Londons plural–Sadistic kings and ueens–A royal who is eual parts Prince Harry and Jack Harkness–More magic blood magic elemental magic bad magic etc etc–Epic magicky fights scenes–Angst–And coats with than two sides

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A Darker Shade of MagicEscapes to Grey London and runs into Delilah Bard a cut purse with lofty aspirations She first robs him then saves him from a deadly enemy and finally forces Kell to spirit her to another world for a proper adventureNow perilous magic is afoot and treachery lurks at every turn To save all of the worlds they'll first need to stay aliv An Overhyped Shade of MediocreBefore you jump down my throat I didn’t hate this novel as much as I felt let down by it Let me explain it’s been hyped up everywhere and when that happens expectations tend to run very high Think back to when you were a kid and wanted something for your birthday so much and were so sure that you were going to get it; and even if you got plenty of nice things the fact that you didn’t get the one thing you wanted made you disappointed That’s the same feeling I got from this bookFurther I felt like there was a lot of pandering going on here Currently YA books are trying their darnedest to be inclusive which I personally think is a great step in modern storytelling However I don’t care for having one dimensional characters just for the sake of faux representation Prince Rhy is well a prince but he’s also bipanomnisexual and that’s about it Sure he is our MC’s best friendadopted brother and serves some purpose in the story but he’s mostly a token character since there is nothing to him Our second case of pandering comes from our female MC Lila She’s a tough female protagonist with a dark past because we’ve never seen that before eye roll Okay I get that audiences need strong female characters and are sick of Mary Sues but Lila reads like a stock character She’s tepid and boring just like the writingThis book took me longer to finish than I would have thought simply because the writing is so dry and flat On nearly every page I pendulated from interested to bored and back again like a metronome The story itself is captivating in parts but the actual prose has no life There's no heart in it at all and you don't care about the characters so when they die it's no big deal It sits there listless and says Our main character is Kell and he is oh so original You guys he’s “one of the last travelers—magicians with a rare coveted ability” Are there any protagonists that don’t have rare gifts any Wait though he has a completely black eye and does blood magic and there is only one other blood magician in the story so of course they have to face off Not only that the MacGuffin in this book is a stone split in half and wouldn’t you know it The other half of this stone belongs to the villain I have never heard of a hero and villain having some sort of weird twin connection between their magical foci before sarcasmBack to Lila view spoilerI think it’s pretty clear that Lila is an Antari because she’s missing an eye that probably would have been black like Kell’s and there are strong hints that she has magic inside her plus she can also travel worlds hide spoiler

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A Darker Shade of Magic kindle ´ 400 pages Download ✓ horticulturetrader ´ ➻ [Reading] ➽ A Darker Shade of Magic By V.E. Schwab ➰ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Kell is one of the last Antari—magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons; RedShade of PDF #202 Kell is one of the last Antari magicians with a rare coveted ability to travel between parallel Londons Red Grey White and once upon a time BlackKell was raised in Arnes Red London and officially serves the Maresh Empire as an ambassador traveling between the freuent bloody regime changes in White London and the cou “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still” Isn’t it astonishing how upon our second readings of our favourite books we discover so much about our beloved characters and the world building itself than the first time aroundAnd so in conseuence to my rereading of A Darker Shade of Magic in order to be fully prepared memory wise for A Gathering of Shadows I started seeing redeemable ualities in Delilah Bard the fierce courageous yet reckless thiefWhen she and Kell—the gorgeous Kell my sweetheart Kell—had gotten closer on my first reading of this book I damn straight wanted to chop her head offBut now my wish is only to smother her a little bit in her sleep—just a little bitProgress right Saves me a death sentenceA Darker Shade of Magic is such a colourful book I say that because there is not one dull character or moment in the story Even Holland—yes the poker faced Holland—released a feeling inside of me curiosityIt’s a dangerous world—forgive me worlds—Kell lives in In Red London is by far the most agreeable place to live in but the other worlds or shall I say ''alternative Londons''—Grey London White London and dead Black London—are not as pleasantBut magic runs through his blood for he has a great purpose to travel through the Londons for diplomatic purposes and to keep peace He’s somewhat of a guardian to those landsKell is incredible It’s—and I mean it—impossible to dislike him He’s understanding temperate calm powerful and charming without even trying to be he really isn’t unlike his brother Rhy whom I love dearly but do not get to spend much time with what’s with not including him in the adventure Miss SchwabMiss Schwab is a very skilled writer What’s funny is that even though this is a relatively dark fantasy novel for debatably mature teenagers it strangely feels like a fairytale or a cautionary tale rather It’s just so memorable and re readable like a classicLove love love To all fantasy readers who have yet to plunge into A Darker Shade of Magic feel my wrath You need read itBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’