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The Massacre at El Mozote reader Ð Paperback ¹ [Download] ➺ The Massacre at El Mozote By Mark Danner – In December 1981 soldiers of the Salvadoran Army's select American trained Atlacatl Battalion entered the village of El Mozote where they murdered hundreds of men women and children often by decaN foreign policy establishment Now Danner has expanded his report into a brilliant book adding new material as well as the actual sources He has produced a masterpiece of scrupulous investigative journalism that is also a testament to the forgotten victims of a neglected theater of the cold war This book chronicles the worst atrocity that has occurred in Central America the massacre of 767 non combatant civilians in December 1981 by the Salvadoran army in the village of El Mozote and likely many victims whose remains did not permit counting Not a dramatic narrative the author focuses on telling the facts preceding the situation the event and the denial and obfuscation by both the Salvadoran regime and the US government that poured six billion dollars into supporting the regime and its oppressionI'd already visited the site and heard the story of what happened told with a lot emotion by people who lived the Salvadoran conflict What I found most interesting in Danner's book is the materials he includes Intentionally or not the source materials embassy cables interviews US government hearing transcripts etc show how the truth is destroyed not by denial but through dilution misdirection small lies semantic games it dies from a thousand cuts It is a cautionary lesson to me as I process the news from conflicts military actions and other atrocities small and large that continue unabated

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In December 1981 soldiers of the Salvadoran Army's select American trained Atlacatl Battalion entered the village of El Mozote where they murdered hundreds of men women and children often by decapitation Although reports of the massacre and photographs of its victims appeared in the United Stat Massacre at El Mozote is an extension of a New Yorker article so it's fairly short and not particularly dense It chronicles the course of the Salvadoran civil war leading to the massacre and the response by the US government to the news It's a standard Cold War imperialist atrocity narrative the US gave arms advice and training to the Army of the military junta government to keep them in power against a popular rebellion supported by the Sandinistas in Nicaragua who presumably had something to do with Communism Danner starts with the background 12 year civil war starting with a purge of the urban left first union leaders and activists then teachers then girls in jeans and tennis shoes evolving into a counterisurgency against guerillas in the mountains As with any of these cases there's no uestion who's on the right side here and no excuse for the US to fall so heavily on the wrong oneThe interesting thing is that the focus on El Mozote somehow undermines the atrocities of the rest of the war El Mozote is interesting because they were born again Protestants immune to the Liberation Theology inspiring the guerillas They supported the Army had contacts within it and expected to be spared in the scorched earth campaign in the area An officer friendly to El Mozote's shopkeeper advised him to keep everyone in the village those who fled would be presumed guilty However this ends up seeming like a deliberate trick though it's not obvious that the massacre was so planned when troops show up and kill 99% of the village and those who had fled there from neighboring towns seeking its promised asylum It's almost as though Danner is suggesting the massacre was bad because it was a betrayal because they were innocent There seems otherwise no reason to focus on it it was slightly larger in scale than previous incidents but otherwise not particularly noteworthy This is unfortunate because it is not obviously atrocious than the rest of the government's US encouraged war nor was it the only opportunity the US had to learn about the Salvadoran military's violation of human rights conditions on which military aid was legally supposed to dependIt's instructive for me to come back to US military regime change and intervention stories after letting my ideology cool a bit because I can now see the cause of these things in a clearer light Before I would have jumped at the Embassy the Military and the CIA for conspiring to hide these things from the public trying to avoid getting caught with the hands in the blood jar so to speak But it is now uite obvious that the whole operation the utter stupidity and willful blindness about the relationship between the rebels and Communism they apparently believed that ANY atrocity on the part of the government would pale in comparison to what the rebels would do if they took power were in part a product of media amplified public fear of the Soviet Union of changes in the power balance that might threaten their hemisphere This explains the Congressional schizophrenia members needed to maintain the pretense that they were basically decent human beings without making decisive inaction that could lead to them being called out for losing El Salvador to the Communists a situation that would be perceived as directing threatening US security Imperialist atrocities weren't just an plot that greedy corporate purchased politicians and revolving door civil servants pulled over the public's eyes They were that but they were also well within the spirit of the foreign policy many Americans wanted the government to pursue

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The Massacre at El MozoteEs the Reagan administration uickly dismissed them as propaganda In the end El Mozote was forgotten The war in El Salvador continued with American fundingWhen Mark Danner's reconstruction of these events first appeared in The New Yorker it sent shock waves through the news media and the America A little under two years ago I witnessed the first ever change of government in El Salvador as the people voted in the leftist FMLN party over ARENA the rightest who had ruled the country for its entire existence At the time I believed that the threat of a leftist Chavez type victory would be dangerous here in El Salvador I also believed that the left would bring little of the promised change Now I can say that only one of those was actually true The government has made little changes but now I believe that even if the left had intended to become Chavez esue that they would not have succeeded The people of El Salvador are not ideologues and change comes painfully slow The idea of an extreme left takeover of this country seems laughable now The most important findings of this book includes the atrocious behavior of the American government as they supported an Army that clearly lacked control or discipline They continued to fund a war on civilians so because they feared a communist takeover As in other ridiculous situations with the same storyline of this time it seems the American government had this deep seeded fear of a shadow named Communism that might one day turn into a person and try to kill them Oh how wrong they were Several times throughout this book it uotes American government officials as saying that the killing of a few hundred civilians was preferable to a communist victory Because apparently a communist victory by definition meant doom for MORE civilians later Some other points I noted during my reading were The military officers had a distinct system whereby they became kin and sheltered each other and supported each other NO MATTER WHAT This meant anything from shielding their companions from illegal acts they may have committed to supporting and even handpicking the next president There was a little mentioned faction of progressive military officers who favored centrist policies and working with the agitated left Some of these officers later defected and joined the guerrilla fighters In many cases civilians who were sympathetic to the left were killed simply because the left did not have the resources to protect their own people They waged guerrilla war and the only way to protect their own was to have them flee This is hard when you have lots of children etc Many of the arms the guerrillas used were bought from the Salvadoran Army via soldiers looking to make a buck Most reminiscent of the AfghanIra war If we don't kill them the children now they'll just grow up to be guerrillas We have to take care of the job now When trying to downplay the massacre the US govt used as evidence the way the guerrilla army was pushing news of the massacre The govt said that was proof that it was propaganda Just the fact that it was being pushed meant it probably wasn't true Knowing what I know now after reading this book and spending two years here in El Salvador it is pretty incredible that people are able to get on in a very civilized Democratic way Lots of blood was shed I went to a cemetery just outside Mozote last Day of the Dead with a family in my community who saw an uncle and two brothers killed during the war It's not like it was that long ago but yet people have been able to maintain a civilized way of dealing with each other It is truly impressive