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review ☆ Slow Man ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ☆ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Slow Man Author J.M. Coetzee – Meisterhaft und überraschend erzählt der Nobelpreisträger J MCoetzee in seinem ersten Roman seit dem Welterfolg »Schande« von der Liebe im Zeichen der Reife Paul Rayments Leben ist aus denEt Seinen Reflexionen stellt sie Lebenspraxis entgegen seiner Radikalität liebevollen Spott Doch um Rettung ist es ihm nicht zu tu. This is a complicated book to write about in a few words On one level it is a story of a sad isolated man who suffers the loss of a leg in an accident and who becomes hopelessly and inappropriately infatuated with the woman taking care of him On another level it is the a mediation about the craft of fiction writing and the mysterious relationship between the writer Coetzee aka Elizabeth Costello and the character heshe is creating At the half way point of the story the protagonist says something that is a so disastrous that the author must come on stage to try to rescue the story The two levels are intricately woven together in the second half of the book which ends with an unexpected act of simple kindness that deeply touches the central character I came away with a real sense of compassion for the shut down humanity of the slow man because of course some part of me is a slow man too Coetzee deserves his Nobel

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Meisterhaft und überraschend erzählt der Nobelpreisträger J MCoetzee in seinem ersten Roman seit dem Welterfolg »Schande« von. I can't deny that JM Coetzee is indeed a talented writer Clear concise exacting prose And duh he did win the Nobel Prize after all But I don't think this one is the one read Disgrace probably is What starts out as a uite conventional story soon morphs into something bordering on ludicrous Is it magical realism A darkly comedic satire on death vs consciousness Or just a novelist indulging in not having to adhere to any chosen path or structure And not bothering to answer some key uestions about certain characters As a mediation on aging intimacy and mortality it excels As a novel it fails to deliver a coherent narrative And soon becomes tedious If it weren't so short and a fast read I probably would've tossed it aside

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Slow ManDer Liebe im Zeichen der Reife Paul Rayments Leben ist aus den Fugen geraten als sich Elizabeth Costello unverhofft bei ihm einnist. This review originally appeared in the San Jose Mercury News When you've won every possible literary award including the Nobel Prize you're entitled to indulge yourself a little That at least is my explanation for how JM Coetzee came up with this fascinating flop of a novel ''Slow Man'' begins with Paul Rayment a photographer who lives in Australia losing a leg in a bicycle accident The 60 year old Rayment who lives alone and has no close family descends into bitterness He refuses to have a prosthesis fitted and crankily dismisses a series of visiting nurses until he finally finds one a Croatian woman named Marijana with whom he can get along Then gradually he realizes that he's falling in love with her which is something of a problem because she's married and has three children At this point about a third of the way into the book we have few hints that this will be anything other than a conventional novel albeit one animated by Coetzee's superb ability to make us feel the pain rage and frustration that a Paul Rayment must feel Then into Paul's life if we can call it that walks the novelist Elizabeth Costello who informs him ''You occurred to me a man with a bad leg and no future and an unsuitable passion That was where it started Where we go from there I have no idea'' Both the reader and Paul are perplexed as to why this aging woman has suddenly shown up at his flat and announced that she's moving in ''I will be a model guest I promise I won't hang my undies in your bathroom Most of the time you won't notice I am here Just a touch on the shoulder now and then to keep you on the path'' All he knows is that she's a famous writer ''He tried once to read a book by her a novel but gave up on it it did not hold his attention'' We know or probably should anyway that Elizabeth Costello was the title character of Coetzee's immediately previous book published in 2003 And when she uotes to Paul the opening sentences of ''Slow Man'' we begin to get the idea He's a character in a novel that she's writing And both of them are characters in a novel that Coetzee's writing And once you've stuck your head into that metafictional and metaphysical maze there's no turning back Elizabeth Costello turns out to be an amusingly irritating and didactic busybody She dominates the middle part of the novel as she tries to get Paul to resolve the impasse in his life and her novel She's mostly passive aggressive but occasionally she interferes directly as when she sets up a liaison between Paul and a mysterious woman whom she brings to his flat Paul and the woman make love though neither can see the other She's blind and he's blindfolded This odd incident is a narrative dead end It has no effect on Paul other than to make him reflect on how he's become the author's puppet ''Or might the Costello woman be writing two stories at once stories about characters who suffer a loss sight in the one case ambulation in the other which they must learn to live with; and as an experiment or even as a kind of professional joke might she have arranged for their two life lines to intersect He has no experience of novelists and how they go about their business but it sounds not implausible'' As Paul's exasperation with Elizabeth Costello grows we get a kind of reverse spin on Pirandello not six characters in search of an author but one character trying to escape from an author But there's only one way Paul can escape from Elizabeth Costello as she explains to him ''The sooner you settle on a course of action and commit yourself to it the sooner you and I to our mutual relief will be able to part'' In other words if a writer creates a character it's up to the character not the author to work out his or her destiny ''For me alone Paul Rayment was born and I for him'' she says ''His is the power of leading mine of following; his of acting mine of writing'' But for all the hall of mirrors cleverness of making an author and her character interact as characters in a novel Coetzee has simply rung a change on an age old novelistic convention the omniscient narrator No George Eliot didn't wander around Middlemarch nudging Dorothea and Ladislaw into action but the effect of having an author who knows what's going on in her characters' heads isn't very different from what Coetzee winds up doing here Once you've accepted the premise that fiction is something that somebody makes up and that it has a complex relationship with what we call real life you haven't gone much further than most of us do when we take our first college lit courses ''Slow Man'' finally rises out of the muddle of metaphysics to become a story again working out Paul's increasingly complicated relationship with Marijana and her family especially her teenage son Drago for whom Paul mistakenly tries to become a surrogate father And Elizabeth Costello becomes than just a meddlesome authorial fairy godmother She has her own story a set of personal problems to work out in tandem with the ones that she has imposed on Paul or from her point of view allowed Paul to impose on himself But by the time the novel's ending arrives it feels tired and anticlimactic as if too much thinking about fiction has sapped the life out of it ''Slow Man'' is undeniably perceptive about many things and throughout it there is the pleasure of watching a brilliant mind at work and play But when a novelist gets too self conscious about writing a novel he or she probably can't give us what we really want a novel to do feel like life unmediated life