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Whole Latte Life Download ä 105 ó ➹ [Download] ➵ Whole Latte Life By Joanne DeMaio ➼ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk A heartfelt story of secrets and second chances from the New York Times bestselling author of Blue Jeans and Coffee BeansSara Beth and Rachel have been wishing on stars for as long as they've been fri A heartfeltA heartfelt story of secrets and second chances from the New York Times bestselling author of Blue Jeans and Coffee BeansSara Beth and Rachel have been wishing on stars for as long as they've been friends Sara Beth dreams of opening an antiue shop in uaint Addison Connecticut For Rachel a little beach cottage will do where sea breezes and salt water might inspir. Recently I read a very thought provoking book written by Joanne DeMaio I assumed it would a lighthearted summer read for my afternoon breaks I was so pleased to find this story is not just another uick read The main characters in the book are overtaken with emotional upheaval in their lives As each faces and confront midlife changes and decisions they find the conseuences of their deeds have a wide ranging repercussion for other family membersTwo best friends set out on a planned 40th birthday trip to New York with the highest expectations of fun and adventure during this special week end Rachael a widow and mother to a college age daughter looks so forward to the shopping coffee shops and entertainment Sara Beth married mother of three has a change of plans for the weekend unknown to Rachael I wont post spoilers but impulsive actions and following life events bring a domino effect for both the friends which are totally unforeseen Usually the friends meet for walks each day and end up discussing their busy day at a favorite coffee shop but something happens to change this comfortable friendshipRachael's dilemma What if your closest friend went mysteriously missing and you were asked not to intervene What if you felt torn between loyalty to your best friend and the need to help her in the midst of erratic behavior What ifyou found your friend had kept important secrets from you and was acting like a different person What ifyou stumbled upon a new love but would have to move from your comfort zone to accept this giftSara Beth’s dilemma What ifyou could change the course of your life for three days What ifduring your grief you could stay in contact with your recently departed mother What ifyou must choose to continue to live a mundane life of service to family and deny the person you really feel you are inside What ifyou have what you want within your grasp and in a few moments it is all taken awayJoanne Demaio has written a wonderful story which leads the characters toward answers as they seek peace and solace in the comfort of time away at an old beach cottage The book is carefully written about the connections of family friends and relationships Sometimes the best therapy and healing for damaged hearts can be found on the sandy shore with a soft beach breeze to caress your soul

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E her sketches Sharing wishes and cups of coffee they've stitched pieces of their lives together like a soft Whole Latte eBook #197 patchwork uilt of friendship they thought they'd hold close foreverBut while celebrating their birthdays one weekend in Manhattan Sara Beth makes a life altering decision Excusing herself to use the Ladies' Room during lunch she dis. We all need to have optionsSara Beth and Rachel decide to take on New York to celebrate their 40th birthdays Fun was expected but no one saw the transformation that would happen comingSara Beth is trying to get over her mother’s death and figure out a way to have her dreams fulfilled and still be a wife and mother Sara Beth wanted to start her antiue business but that dream seems to be getting away from her as well So going to New York opens the door to exploration of the city and the adventure of being the Sara Beth she envisions Rachel is terrified when Sara Beth takes off during their trip but a police officer she thought was rude turns out to be a salvation Michael is full of stories and provides a wonderful distraction When they return home everything is as different as it is the sameSara Beth faces her demons in the life and loss she is mustering through while Rachel starts to see that she too has to let go of unresolved pain to start again Hearts will be broken friendships tested and relationships strained but sometimes change brings growth which is always a good thingJoanne Demaio captures with the perfect wording what every woman feels at some point in her life overwhelmed It takes one with wonderful life experiences to write something readers can relate to and Ms DeMaio surely has that gift

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Whole Latte LifeAppears slipping the waiter a note to pass along asking Rachel to cover for herSara Beth's escape begins a summer of change of herself of her marriage of the lives of those around her back home in Addison Most unexpectedly it brings a solitary Mounted Police Officer into Rachel's life one who gladly shows Rachel that it isn't always stars that deliver our wishes. I enjoyed this book It was very easy to read and it hooked me from the start As I continued reading a lot of the plot started to feel fragmented though Sara Beth and Rachel were both moving away from one another Their stories were so different although they were both working towards finding a new version of themselves My heart really went out to Sara Beth even though I didn't agree with or fully understand her way of handling the loss of her mother I could see that she was hurting and really needed a break from everything to regroup and discover who she was after suffering a devastating loss In the beginning I thought Rachel was being a great friend enlisting the help of Police Officer Michael to help search for Sara Beth However at times I resented Rachel for falling for Michael to the point where it almost felt like she forgot about Sara Beth some days even though I know she didn't She would always bring her up in conversation keep her alive in her mind and was constantly looking for Sara Beth in crowds and at places the two of them were supposed to visit together in NY Rachel followed her heart after losing her husband and it turned into something great for her If I try to put myself into Rachel's position I would most likely start distancing myself from Sara Beth's disappearance as well She left Rachel a note stating not to worry and that she'd be back and after days upon days of searching NY for her Sara Beth finally returned nonchalantly at their hotel room before they journeyed home After that point their relationship seemed forced and I know I would've started to distance myself from Sara Beth not only to give her the space that she needed but also because I would have been very hurt by her actionsBoth Sara Beth and Rachel fell into exactly what they needed at the time and I could see subtleties intertwined throughout the book that kept Sara Beth and Rachel together in spirit I knew the Whole Latte Life coffee shop would bring them back together in some way and the ending made me smile Overall I found the book a tad cliche but I did enjoy it and would recommend it as an easy and decent summer read But I still have one uestion that will always linger in my mind did the cat ever make it out of the carriage house