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PDF Ó BOOK The House of Djinn FREE Í SUZANNE FISHER STAPLES î [BOOKS] ⚣ The House of Djinn By Suzanne Fisher Staples – Horticulturetrader.co.uk It has been ten years since Shabanu staged her death to secure the safety of her daughter Mumtaz from her husband's murderous brother Mumtaz has been raiseD friend and the beloved family patriarch Baba understand the pain of her loneliness When Baba The House PDFEPUBunexpectedly dies Jameel's succession as the Amirzai tribal leader and the arrangement of his marriage to Mumtaz are revealed causing both to uestion whether fulfilling their duty to the family is worth giving up their drea This was the third book following Shabanu daughter of the wind and Haveli It was good but my least favorite of the 3 There is such a cultural divide that it is impossible to relate to the sense of honor and duty of the Pakistani people The books narrate a young Pakistani desert girl named Shabanu In the 1st book it mostly details her life in the desert and taking the camels to trade it was very very good the following book jumps forward in time about 7 years and she has been married off to a wealthy tribal leader with other wives She has a 5 yr old daughtwr mumtaz and I don't want to give anything away but a bunch of shit goes down and she is forced to fake her own death and go into hiding Now fast forward another 10 yrs and we begin the House of Djinn The story was about Shabanu's now 15 yr old daughter and her cousin Jameel This might be why I didn't enjoy the book as much as the previous installments I had grown very attached to Shabanu It was still good but modernized I'd really only give it 3 12 stars The problem really is that being so American strong willed and independent I can't understand anyone giving up such powerful love and life and choice in the guise of duty or responsibility I don't know how people can accept the will of others and relinuish their desires so freely so uietly I probably never will

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It has been ten years since Shabanu staged her death to secure the safety of her daughter Mumtaz from her husband's murderous brother Mumtaz has been raised by her father's family with the education and security her mother desired for her but with little understanding and love Only her American cousin Jameel her closest confidant an Has it been ten years Ten years in seclusion for Shabanu at the Amirzai haveli away from her parents and daughter who continue to believe she died at the hands of power mad Nazir A twist of fortune at the end of Haveli allowed Shabanu to fake her own death so Nazir would think he'd succeeded in having her murdered and only a loyal servant and Auntie Selma know Shabanu still lives From age five to fifteen Shabanu's daughter Mumtaz now called Muti has lived with Omar and Leyla in the home where she was born suffering the same indignities once inflicted on Shabanu by Leyla and her mother Amina The youngest wife of wealthy influential Rahim Shabanu was the object of envy for his other wives and that resentment is still being taken out on Muti Shabanu fears revealing herself to be alive because Nazir remains on the scene disgraced as he is for killing his brother Rahim and that tiger could pounce if he finds out Shabanu has duped him all these years A decade is a long time to be confined and soon Shabanu must take steps to reintegrate herself into her old life The day is near for a reunion with Muti Though Leyla is a constant thorn in her side Muti enjoys summers on Omar's estate Her cousin Jameel also fifteen years old flies in with his parents from San Francisco Jameel is Muti's only real friend and she shares secrets with him that she'd never open her mouth about to anyone else They both have forbidden love interests a Hindu tennis instructor in Muti's case and a blue eyed blonde in San Francisco for Jameel Their parents would be appalled at their kids showing interest in romantic partners of dissimilar religion and ethnicity but Muti and Jameel have limited regard for the Amirzai family legacy that has helped hold Pakistan together for the past several hundred years When Jameel visits Pakistan he feels as though he's traveling back in time He's interested in life today not his family inheritance in a foreign land Neither of them want to be constrained by cultural demands but their parents take it seriously and Muti and Jameel's responsibility will increase as they come of age Muti's surrogate grandfather Baba is her staunchest advocate a modernist Muslim who insists on euality for Muti when Leyla would treat her like a servant As long as Baba is in charge Muti has minimal reason to fear but a sudden decline in his health pitches everything into chaos If Baba dies Nazir could make a power grab as he did ten years ago and whoever Baba names as successor in his will would be in mortal danger Meanwhile Muti has to come to grips with the revelation that her strong spirited mother that untamable daughter of the wind didn't die all those years ago If Baba's situation deteriorates Muti could meet up with Shabanu and flee to the Cholistan desert to hide out with Auntie Sharma but no one else must learn that Shabanu is alive If Leyla finds out—or worse Nazir—Shabanu will end up dead for real with no shocking resurrection a decade down the line Amirzai intrigue has risen to a fever pitch after ten years of lull and Muti and Jameel are right in the middle forced to make decisions for the sake of family that could dismantle their own hope of a normal future in the modern world How are a pair of teens to handle the fact that their lives aren't their own that their personal choices will affect hundreds of people The cultural limitations that dictated preteen Shabanu's future are now coming for her daughter and whatever happens the future will be a far cry from what Muti imagined for herself It's hard for Muti and Jameel to understand the stress of each other's roles in Amirzai family affairs Muti is glorified chattel her life planned for her with no opti

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The House of DjinnMs for the futureA commanding seuel to the novels Shabanu Daughter of the Wind and Haveli The House of Djinn stands on its own Suzanne Fisher Staples returns to modern day Pakistan to reexamine the juxtaposition of traditional Islamic values with modern ideals of love The House of Djinn is a Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Ye I read Shabanu and Haveli in junior high and high school respectively I thoroughly enjoyed the novels the strong character of Shabanu and the elegantly pace of the novels The House of Djinn doesn't seem to fit with the elegance of the first two novels Told from the voices of Mumtaz Shabanu's daughter and Jameel Mumtaz's cousin the story line was easy to follow if lackluster This installment included elements of mysticism that just didn't fit with the first two novels giving the story a childish feel Maybe it's that in Shabanu and Haveli the protagonist realized that she had to grow up and that in Djinn the protagonists don't wantaren't ready to take on adult responsibilities I also took issue with the ending The novel just ended without many things being resolved Does this mean that there'll be a fourth novel coming to the Shabanu series