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The Greek Tycoon's RevengeThe Greek Tycoons Harleuin Presents 2266 Read  2 ã ❰Download❯ ✤ The Greek Tycoon's RevengeThe Greek Tycoons Harleuin Presents 2266 Author Jacqueline Baird – Eloise had fallen in love with powerful Greek tycoon Marcus Kouvaris No's come to get his revengeActually Eloise had nothing to do with the fraud but with all the evidence against her she is powerless to stop Marcus carrying out his plan Marcus ins. Somewhere between 25 to 3 ⭐️And that too only because of a strong lovely Heroine and a differentinteresting story I disliked the hero so much and I’m not completely convinced of his faithfulness Too much reference about past women ughh so much that I couldn’t enjoy the book completely

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Ists that to pay her debt she must live with him for a year There's plenty of passion The Greek MOBI #10003 but can Eloise persuade Marcus that she's innocent and claim his love. Wow Angry alpha Greek tycoon seeks revenge against virginal innocent heroine for defrauding his uncle Eloise will become his mistress for a year so as to pay her debt but the thing is she had fallen in love with Marcus years ago How will she guard her heart and how will Marcus react when Eloise's dark secret past comes back to haunt her yet again Very good read Full of drama angst and sexual tension Heroine is vulnerable and has an endearing innocence Marcus is so protective of Eloise so possessive and passionate I wanted him for myself He also grovels like no other hero Nice to see a hero being appalled at his own insensitivity tormented and racked with guilt

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The Greek Tycoon's RevengeThe Greek Tycoons Harleuin Presents 2266Eloise had fallen in love with powerful Tycoon's RevengeThe PDFEPUB #227 Greek tycoon Marcus Kouvaris Now years later Marcus holds her responsible for defrauding his uncleand he. Re The Greek Tycoon's Revenge Jacueline Baird brings us her standard HP outing in thisThe h and H met for the first time when she was 19 and on holiday with her mum They had a brief chaste romance and then the h's mother dragged her off for pastures newWhat the h did not know at the time was that her mother used the h's business plan and a fake company to steal a lot of money from the married man she was having an affair with As this is HPlandia and there are no coincidences the H is the nephew of the married manThe H has had to provide for his uncle's family after the man died and the full extent of his financial loss was discovered The H is a billionaire so the money doesn't matter but his Manly Alpha Greek Male Pride is damaged by thought of the h as a thief especially since his Super Lurve Mojo indicator is telling him that the h is the only woman for himSo when the H sees the h with another older man five years later and it looks like the h is running a repeat of the scam that impoverished his uncle the H decides to take action He takes the h out to dinner and the h is happy to see him She fell in love with him five years earlier until her now deceased mother ruined it all by making her leave Unicorn grooming licenses are banished forever in the aftermath of chocolate lava cake desert the h feels that life may be giving her a second chance and she is ready to embrace it Her life the last five years has included starting up her jewelry business with her friends unknowingly using her old uni business plan that her mother stole and recovering from a vicious assault with a knife that almost ended in rape The court case was ugly the attack left physical and mental scars upon the h and the would be rapist wrote from prison and outed the h's identity so the h had to deal with the trauma of her attack being made public and all the attendant publicityOne would think at this point that the H would be aware of what was going on with the h for the last five years especially since he hired a Wanna Be LaToya Jackson Online School Detective But Couldn't Find The Click Button to Enroll to investigate her but NOThe H is so infuriated by the h's acuaintanceship with yet another older guy he doesn't bother to read the report To make things even worse the older companion of the h shows up at the H's with the proposition that the H take over his investment in the h's and friend's business To compound the entire drama the older man lies and says the h slept with himOur H being a standard JB Alpha Jerk H proceeds to run amok with the blackmail vengeance He buys into the h's business blackmails her into his life and bed by threatening financial ruin for her and her friends who have a young family and then proceeds with the HP standard Tart Shaming Monologue for the next several chapters In between bouts of Tart Shaming Monologues and Purple Passion Boudoir Bounces the H also manages several spa days and a lot of shopping trips to upscale fashion houses The h is torn between fury that the H won't listen to her and the incredible Bone Melting Effects of the HP Lurve Force Mojo along with enjoyin