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Catechismus ex decreto Concilii Tridentini free read ð 6 î ❮Reading❯ ➼ Catechismus ex decreto Concilii Tridentini ➵ Author Pope Pius V – The authoritative catechism produced by the Council of Trent and published by order of St Pius V was originally commissioned durinLy commissioned during the Reformation Catechismus ex eBook #232 period in order to explain the Faith clearly and calmly in the face of. No longer being a Roman Catholic I found this to be a bit of a slog It does give a very good summary of Roman Catholic thought at the time of the Counter ReformationThis greatest of Catechisms was published after the great Council of Trent in response to the errors of the protestant revolt It was edited under the guidance of Saint Charles Borromeo and was used for centuries with the approbation of many Popes as an important part in the formation of Catholic priests It is specifically written to instruct priests and religious but as the introduction to the work says this catechism is designed for such as have care of souls in those things that belong peculiarly to the pastoral office So it is intended ultimately for the instruction of all the faithfulWhile it is not a complete and exhaustive explanation of every detail of every dogma it is designed to present a basic and overall understanding which any Catholic should possess At a time when many Church teachings are greatly misunderstood by many even among the faithful of the Church The Roman Catechism speaks with an authority unparalleled by any other catechism due to its centuries of hallowed use and approval by so many Ecclesiastical authorities and Supreme Pontiffs I highly recommend it to anyone serious about understanding the Catholic Faith

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Protestant objections It still serves as an excellent compendium of ex decreto Concilii PDF #206 the Church's traditional life and belie. An excellent pastoral catechism which has stood the test of time How does it differ from the new Catechism Primarily in its audience and intent which was to serve as a catechetical manual for parish priests so that they may instruct their flocks In contrast the new Catechism is primarily directed to catechists who will use it for source material for local catechisms So a major difference is that the older book is pastoral in tone maybe and less ordered toward theological detailBoth are excellent and both can serve a valuable purpose in the lives of Christians

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Catechismus ex decreto Concilii TridentiniThe authoritative catechism produced by decreto Concilii MOBI #183 the Council of Trent and published by order of St Pius V was original. This abolishes the Protestant errors and the V II errors