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EPUB ☆ MOBI Sugar Creek ô 9780061998119 ò [PDF] ✪ Sugar Creek By Toni Blake – Horticulturetrader.co.uk “Toni Blake’s romances are so delicious so intoxicating and addictive a good night’s sleep isn’t even an option”—New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr A compelling new voice in sup “Toni Blak“Toni Blake’s romances are so delicious so intoxicating and addictive a good night’s sleep isn’t even an option” New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr A compelling new voice in supremely sexy contemporary romance Toni Blake carries us to 5 stars – Contemporary RomanceI was fortunate to receive an ARC copy of this from one of my ‘good’ Goodreads friends thanks KarLynP and I was happy to return to Ms Blake’s uaint city of Destiny for some smokin’ hot small town lovin’It’s a charming fun sweet emotional and steamy love story about independent ad executive Chicago city girl Rachel Farris who loves the security and freedom that her successful single lifestyle brings almost as much as her most treasured Manolo Blahniks but finds her priorities and desires turned upside down and inside out by hardened gruff by the book small town cop Mike Romo when she returns to her hometown of Destiny Ohio to help her grandma Edna with the family apple orchard So what if the Farris and Romo families have been feuding for years and that Rachel and Mike initially can’t stand each other He’s a hunky brooding sexy commanding cop with delicious chocolate brown eyes and an impressiveahempackage and opposites must definitely attract because she can’t seem to resist the explosive sexual chemistry that makes her toes curl inside her prized Jimmy Choos Although I didn’t enjoy this uite as much as One Reckless Summer it’s still a wonderful feel good contemporary romanceoh and did I mention that it’s smokin’ hot Whew Toni Blake can write one heck of a scorcher when it comes to love scenesand there are plenty of steamy moments in this to indulge in some wickedly hot fun cop fantasies With a strong cast of secondary characters providing promising future storyline possibilities I’m anxious to see what’s in store next for the folks of Destiny Sugar Creek is a truly delightful touching and sexy romantic read 5 stars

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Of their families’ longtime feud discover passion most unexpectedly If you have not yet experienced the “Heart stopping sensuality” New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster of the inimitable Toni Blake Sugar Creek is the perfect place to find 45 starsThis book shouldn't have taken me so long to read but life got in the way and I was constantly having to put it on hold I hated doing it because I LOVED ITI now have a new go to favorite romance author Toni Blake is a new author to me and when I started reading this story I knew immediately that I liked her style Her MC's Rachel Farris and Mike Romo are the farthest from compatible two people could be Rachel is the big city girl who's back in town to help her grandmother's apple orchard stay afloat and Mike is the small town cop who hates people who break the law Two speeding tickets later and Rachel is furious with this grumpy ass and yes HOT cop who takes his job way too seriously; and Mike can't wait to nab this admittedly attractive woman again just to teach her a lesson Soon they will have to work together for the community and what happens next not only surprises them but makes things entirely too complicated for two people who aren't looking for a relationship much less a commitmentThis was a really fun and sexy read It flowed it made me laugh and it made me glad that even though romances can be somewhat predictable there could be so many elements of surprise and realistic twists and turns The ending was slightly rushed although I know endings can be the toughest part of a book for most authors I will definitely keep this author on my radar from now on She's THAT good

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Sugar CreekSugar Creek with a sizzling emotional rich story about giving in to a forbidden passion The second book in her Destiny series after One Reckless Summer Blake’s novel brims with the uniue delights of small town romance as two people caught in the middle This was a great book I absolutely can't wait to see what other characters of Destiny will get their own stories I reckon Lucky will be back in his own book and he's going to be one f'ed up bad boy Can't wait but I'll have to seeing as Blake releases a book once every year OiOk fabulous cover Every time I looked at it I felt calm and serene It works well with the story with Rachel coming from the big city to help her Grandma in the slower paced small town Also the title and the picture are a reminder of both Edna's story and how important the property is to the tale In this book specifically I LOVED the dynamic between the Hh Often in books with lovehate themes the interacts tend to always veer towards hateful even when it's lusty I really didn't get that from Mike and Rachel The hate part was apart of their awareness of each other sort of a I dislike you on principle but I am annoyed with you right now because I notice you are here and I can't ignore you rather than a bone deep sort of I hate you because of who you are but I hate who you are because I misunderstand you See the differenceAnywhoooo the development of the romance was also nice Again I liked how Rachel and Mike interactedSomething about Toni Blake she loves couples who have lots of sex and Mike and Rachel are no exception I won't lie I skimmed through a couple of the less pivotal sex scenes There were so many I wasn't overly found of Edna's love story I was curious about her sure And I enjoyed reading it once it was over but while reading the book I really felt that Edna's flashbacks got in the way I kept thinking move over Edna you're blocking Mike and Rachel and I can't see what they're doing oh erm yes I read to be a voyeur I found the whole flashback thing to be an interesting element but I didn't enjoy reading through it Does that make senseThis book doesn't disappoint I am rating this 45 because I consider 5 star to indicate books that I will re read and I am not sure that I will pick this up again BUT I will be looking forward to installments and again Blake writes a great story