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StardustOne little girl dreams of being a star But whether it's finding Mum's lost wedding ring or winning the fancy dress prize her big sister always shines brighter Yet for her grandad she is. The illustrations in this were beautiful The story explores sibling rivalry as the little girl feels jealousy of her sister who is always described by her family as a star The overall message of the story is to shine in your own way clearly an important message but a slightly abrupt ending overshadowed the importance a little Suitable for reception and KS1 children

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Ne in different ways It's a lesson this little girl will never forget and one day her dream comes true and she finally realises her ambition to become an astronaut and fly up to the star. Such a lovely story about finding your own sparkle and realising that just because you aren't as good as other people at some things you will be better than them at others Realising this is such an important message for children and adults as well The illustrations are full of tiny details that you could look at for ages and each time you read it you notice something different which I think is one of the best things about well illustrated books A simple idea with such power behind it through both the words and pictures a definite must read

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Stardust characters Ú 7 ↠ ➹ [Download] ➵ Stardust By Jeanne Willis ➼ – One little girl dreams of being a star But whether it's finding Mum's lost wedding ring or winning the fancy dress prize her big sister always shines brighter Yet for her grandad she is a star and as One little girl dreams of being a A star and as he dries her eyes and they both gaze up at the night sky he tells a story the story of the beginning of the world Everything and everyone is made of stardust and we all shi. Let's talk about confidenceConfidence is hard for big people let alone little people to maintain let alone figure out if they even have it in the first place The world is an intimidating space and circumstance conspires to place people in intimidating positions Whether that's your first day at school a birthday party where you don't know anybody or simply walking past some bigger and scarier children at the park life as a child is hard And it's easy to want to make this easier it's easy to want to wrap up a child and say look stop this is not your life Not yet You don't have to feel like this because I am not going to let that happen I won't let you feel that way not yet not ever Let's talk about realismIt's going to happen At some point your child or the children you look after or see in the bus will feel intimidated by life and there's nothing you can do to stop that Life is life is life One of the biggest things that children's book do is help in such circumstances And when these books are shared in loving situations savoured slowly and closely that's when you help your child deal with those moments that you'd maybe rather they didn't have to deal with You give them models of behaviour of potential reactions to model and to maybe think about when they're in the nursery and having to deal with the world by themselves Let's talk about Stardust I don't need to tell you about the uality of Nosy Crow books at this point; just remember that they can handle books well And that's so important because a beautiful book tells you that what is inside is important A child especially those who are developing their literacies might not be able to fully verbalise why but they'll get that this is an important thing Stardust is the story of a young girl who feels overshadowed by her sister Her sister's the best at everything and the younger sister never uite manages to be number one But one night her grandfather tells her a story about how the whole world is made of stardust and how she's always been a star in his eyes The lesson obviously sticks because the final spread sees the now grown up girl on her way to the moon as an astronaut This final image my friends is a kicker Briony May Smith's artwork is joyful It's very calm and uiet; round thick lines with the constant evocation of something other in that dark sky blues and blacks and dotted with pinprick sharp stars She's got something of a serene uality to the spreads too a sort of timelessness that's not going to allow this book to date I really loved one spread in particular which depicts big sisters and little sisters across the world using a variety of skin tones cultures and costumes yet all of them connected by the uiet consistency of line and shade It's subtle and yet delightful My only sadness with this book is that it needs endpapers; there's space for something exuberant here particularly after that end note of the book and without them there's an unfinished note in the music of the book So let's talk about confidence again What Stardust does is it models a situation of empowerment for the reader; the grandfather who believes in her and the little girl who grows up becomes an astronaut and flies to the moon It is powerful stuff and it's perfect for anyone who feels a little wobbly with life Adult child dog cat whatever whoever This is generous powerful work and it's hard to not be moved by itMy thanks to the publisher for a review copy