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READ Ò Pillow Talk ´ ➥ [Ebook] ➠ Pillow Talk By J.H. Knight ➯ – Dear Author This photo shows two young men asleep in bed together Sweetness trust absolute comfort with each other So are they just friends or whatPhoto Description Two young men sleeping on a bed tog Dear Author This photo shows two young men aslSked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short storyDownload the story read it online or find it in Love Is Always Write Volume. I really liked this book despite wanting to beat the crap out of Scott and Jimmy The boys had been best friends since college when forced to share a dorm room and have been inseparable ever since; literally Jimmy was going to med school and Scott was working on a Doctorate he just hadn't settled on a subject but they got a small apartment to share; Jimmy slept in Scott's bed than he slept in his own Scott was the out and proud one while Jimmy was as straight as a 2x4 However that did not stop these two from using endearments doing things for each other without conscious thought; I'm not talking about necessarily finishing sentences that actually did happen once or twice but Jimmy making Scott a mug of coffee when not asked and Scott pouring a glass of oj at breakfast again not asked Those little things that are relevant to intimacies in a relationship Scott's sister while visiting brought up the thought of Jimmy maybe having than friendship in his heart and Scott with hope fluttering in his chest denied it completely People all the time were asking how long they had been a couple and Scott just shrugged it off Ya knowthere's a saying If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck it's a duck This of course was my sole reason for wanting to slap these two upside their heads However the story does have dramatic jealous rants and there's an addition of puppies as well as some major talk about sperm donation I thought it was a better than average reading experience; I laughed and wanted to hit somebodywhat could I ask for


N top of the covers the one in back sleeps on the other's back with his arm tucked around his midsection hugging him in sleepThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is Always Write event Group members were a. I know that I have read and reviewed this one and that I actually had a convo on a thread about it alasGR seemed to have eaten it I know it was sweet and cute but I remember I had some issues that didn't work for meI'll reread at some point and try again

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Pillow TalkDear Author This photo shows two young men asleep in bed together Sweetness trust absolute comfort with each other So are they just friends or whatPhoto Description Two young men sleeping on a bed together Fully clothed and lying o. “Guess you were right; an ambush blowjob isn’t very Cary Grant” Scott and Jimmy are best friends and roommates since freshman year and they have a very special touchy feely relationship Everyone suppose they are a couple but they are not Though Scott is gay and out Jimmy is allegedly straight and uite a ladies’ man Obviously Jimmy is head over heels with Scott but 1 he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship 2 he is not comfortable with the idea of coming out yet It was really nice to witness the affection between them little touches and pecks teasing and good hearted banter sleeping together occasionally showering together It is definitely the everyone sees it but the two of them situation So it was nice with the high level of intimacy and deep friendship but the story simply progressed nowhere It just went on and on no development basically nothing happened nothing changed And then out of the blue Jimmy sneaks into Scott’s room and bed A surprise bj a uick fuck and happily ever after Very abrupt and sudden They are supposed to be best friends but they don’t really talk about important things only those sweet touches and endless banter I found it endearing at the beginning but I got tired about it To sum it up it started great I loved the connection and chemistry between the characters but the romance was sloppy25 starsMy cover