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Download ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Frances Lockridge Novelist Anthony Payne's murder didn't shock the stage and literary luminaries who graced the glamorous gat. As with all the Mr and Mrs North books this one is a reminder of how things used to be back in the 1940s it was a time of less gory murder and like simple solving of murders The characters are very uniue to their time

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Murder Has Its Points Summary Þ 8 Ù ➼ Murder Has Its Points Free ➲ Author Frances Lockridge – Novelist Anthony Payne's murder didn't shock the stage and literary luminaries who graced the glamorous gathering But who killed him Was it the jealous ex wifethe irate authorthe out of work actorthe Novelist Hering But who killed him Was it the jealous ex wifethe irate authorthe out of work actorthe harried playwr. I thought I'd start things off nice and light and cozy with a trip to New York City in the late 50searly 60s and drop in on Pam and Jerry North and see what they're up to In Murder Has Its Points by Richard and Frances Lockridge the Norths are embroiled in another murder investigation when one of Jerry's star authors is killed by an apparent sniper shot after a publicity party Onlymaybe it wasn't a sniper after all Sure the city has had a rash of such shootings over the past few weeks but it does seem odd that Anthony Payne just happened to have a whole lineup of people who would have loved for him to drop dead In fact a few of them mentioned what a fine idea that would be while supposedly celebrating his success at the party And then of course he diddrop dead that isIt's not long after that Pam has visits from from various well wishing party goers who seem to be brimming with information that she might pass on to her nice policeman Pam's uicksilver brain begins working furiously while her nice policeman Captain Bill Weigand goes round to see if there is any reason to believe that this wasn't just another sniper shooting And not too long after that Pam is off sticking her neck out as Jerry and Bill call it trying to help one of her lame dogs a suspect in trouble who she believes to be innocent It all winds up with Pam and a group of suspects in a lonely house in the country Someone gets shot someone gets framed and Bill Jerry and the troops arrive just in time for the grand finaleAs always the Lockridges provide a nice breezy little mystery Sure it may be a bit much to believe that one couple and particularly the female half of the couple could wind up involved in so many murders Jessica Fletcher anyone but a little suspension of disbelief never hurt anyone Especially when it's so much fun I love slipping into an earlier time when there are taxis waiting on every corner special restaurants serving the perfect martinis and small publishing firms like North Books I also enjoy the way the Lockridges work the Siamese cats into their stories They write about the cats with just enough humor to make it fun without making it too cuteThis review read in paperback was first posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

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Murder Has Its PointsIght Pam and Jerry North trace too many suave suspects all of whom agree that this time Murder Has Its Poin. Bad martinis and a popular murderNormally Pam North politely downplays her habit of becoming involved in murder investigations something which she claims could happen to any New York City housewife But this time her response is surprisingly acerbic “Murder” she says grimly “has its points”She’s struggling to maintain her cheery hostess face at a loud party thrown by North Publishing Inc to celebrate the success of Anthony Payne’s latest best seller which is in the process of being made into a Broadway play The martini’s are terrible her feet hurt and she’s been cornered by several bores And it’s not like anyone is really happy for the guest of honor whose enemies claim that his name should be spelled “pain” Pam calls him a “twerp” and that’s complimentary compared to others’ opinions of himStill his books sell and selling books is Gerald North’s business And so the Norths assume cheerful faces and leave the Dumont Hotel with their valuable author in search of dinner But as soon as they step outside the hotel someone puts a bullet in Mr Payne’s bald head Captain Bill Weigand of the NYPD is assigned to investigate and there’s no shortage of suspects Where to startPayne has had three wives two ex and one current The first Mrs Payne is a successful actress and seems to have pushed her brief unpleasant marriage out of her mind The second is MIA a victim of Payne’s cruelty During her pregnancy Payne decided to rid himself of her and did so by accusing her of adultery and denying fathering her son Now she would be a middle aged woman and her son a young man A bitter young manAnd naturally Payne is cheating on his third wife who excused herself from the party and retreated to their suite upstairs in the Hotel Dumont Presumably she’s got a beef with her husband and so does the handsome actor who’s obviously in love with her Not to mention the boyfriend of the young girl Payne is having an affair withThen there are professional feuds Payne is heavy handed in his interference with the casting and production of his play and the director has expressed a sincere desire for the author to drop dead And his latest book concerns Africa enraging prominent writer Gardner Willings the undisputed authority on Africa for years Is the Dark Continent not big enough for both of them Willings doesn’t think so stages a scene at the party and embarrassingly is decked by his rival uite a humiliation for the macho Willings who’s a noted hunter and uite capable of firing a lethal shot from a hotel window or roofThe 1960's have begun and so has the Age of Gun Violence There’s been a rash of sniper shootings in New York City It’s tempting to believe that Payne was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but Bill Weigand has to consider all the other possibilitiesAs always with the Mr and Mrs North books it’s a witty and perceptive look at New York and New Yorkers in a by gone era And we get to catch up on old friends Lt Stein has been promoted the kind of smooth well educated cop who moves up the ladder now Sgt Mullins is still a sergeant and will retire at that rank He’s good at what he does but lacks the polish needed for promotion Deputy Chief Inspector Artie O’Malley fumes about that damned North dame being involved AGAIN but knows enough to let Weigand do things his way And a precinct detective announces furiously that NO ONE should have guns except the police The NRA is still an organization for huntersGardner Willings is a hilarious spoof on Ernest Hemingway right down to the boast “one of mine had money too” Hemingway’s second wife was a very wealthy woman Willings is as swaggering profane and bombastic as Heminway at his peak a man who manages to be both irritating and endearing Eerily this book was published in 1961 presumably early in the year In June of that year Hemingway committed suicide with a rifle as had his father before himAnd the Norths have two new cats both Siamese Shadow and Stilts have different backgrounds and personalities but they’ve turned into a lively pair of playmates Their hilarious antics are worth the price of the book even without a murder thrown in This is such an enjoyable series and I’m sorry to be nearing the end of it