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This Ordinary LifeSometimes hope is the most extraordinary gift of allHigh school radio host Jasmine Torres’s life is full of family dysfunction but if she This Ordinary PDFEPUB or can score the internship of her dreams with a New York City radio station she knows she can turn things around That is until her brother Danny’s latest seizure forces her to miss the interview and she’s back to t. For fans of YA especially romance I can't recommend this book highly enough Literally everything about it is good1 The characters especially the protagonist Jasmine and her love interest Wes While they follow all the typical tropes of YA romance the slight subversions keep things interesting Instead of being wicked popular or the star jock or the genius Wes is just a pretty typical dude with a great personality who also suffers from epilepsy While Jasmine has a rough life at home and a no good boyfriend to start things off she's got a good social life and isn't constantly complaining and she's got this pretty uniue goal of being a radio personality2 The romance holy crap Gentleman if you need pointers on how to treat a lady follow Wes's advice Sure a lot of the nice things he does just involve having oodles of money his rich parents conveniently give him But the way he wins Jasmine over with the best non date ever is cute as hell And once he takes her on a real date he SHOWS how great of a guy he is by thinking out something truly memorable and uniuely suited for Jasmine3 The story has all the right ups and downs in all the right places The plot is paced to the T Probably the only bad thing about the entire book is that it's pretty predictable given how trope y everything else is4 Jennifer Walkup's prose is spot on Nothing mind blowing like Jandy Nelson but definitely not a pain to read like most stories in the genreAs good as all these things are I was hoping for something great and beside romance which I'm just not a fan of I didn't find it For fans of the genre I can't imagine this not being a classic This Ordinary Life seems light years better than best sellers like Anna and the French Kiss and given how similar they are people need to know about this one

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This Ordinary Life review Õ 104 ✓ [Epub] ➜ This Ordinary Life ➡ Jennifer Walkup – Sometimes hope is the most extraordinary gift of allHigh school radio host Jasmine Torres’s life is full of family dysfunction but if she can score the internship of her dreams with a New York City Sometimes hope is the Es of her cheating ex boyfriend keep her from going on a real date with Wes no matter how many times he asks her Jasmine can’t control everything Not who wins the internship not her mother’s addiction not her brother’s health not even where her heart will lead her She wishes she could just have an ordinary life but maybe what she already has is pretty extraordinary after a. When it comes down to it this book just makes me incredibly happyJennifer Walkup managed to bring the characters to life in her second novel This Ordinary Life which addresses many themes such as romance epilepsy and alcohol addictionWe first meet the character Jasmine when her life is falling apart She’s very much into radio producing and wants to be a radio host so she is looking forward to her school trip to a famous studio that was supposed to happen on the day She goes to her boyfriend’s house for her customary lift to school only to find him cheating on her And then as if things couldn’t get any worse her seven year old little brother has an epileptic fit Jasmine rushes to hospital to be with him missing the once in a life time trip to score an internship as well as having to deal with her alcohol addicted mother when she gets thereI felt like I could really connect with Jasmine I don’t have a sibling with epilepsy but I do have a younger sister who is physically disabled Although I don’t have to do everything like Jasmine does because I have parents who are involved and really do care for her – hospital appointments and everything I do a big part to help I think I would just about do anything for my little sister and help take care of her in and around the house as well as look out for her at school we both go to uite a bit I love it and I felt like I could understand what Jasmine felt when she wouldn’t mind putting everything aside to look after her brother first and foremostOne thing I also love about reading is that books can teach you things This book did teach me a lot about epilepsy because although I knew about seizures and so on – I had no idea that something called ‘absent’ seizures existed and now I have something new added to my knowledge In fact I even learned a bit about how epilepsy actually works which I didn’t know beforeAnother thing I really liked about Jasmine’s character was her ambition She really wanted this radio internship and loved that hobby of hers knowing she wanted it to be a profession of hers It’s kind of how I feel about writing so I could definitely understand her working so hard and striving for that interview Again it just reminded me how realistic her character was and how much I loved reading thisJasmine’s mother Elena is addicted to alcohol ever since her husband left her Elena did make some dumb decisions and she did have the problem of sometimes endangering Danny Jasmine’s epileptic little brother because she would be passed out and not watching him I understood that she had a lot to manage being a single mother and then financial issues on top of that But I did want to shake her sometimes I also wanted Jasmine to go a bit easier on her too She hated her mum but I don’t think she understood that alcoholism is just as much a disease as anything else sometimesI loved Wes the love interest He did have epilepsy too you can see how Jasmine would be a bit reluctant about starting this relationship now but he was so good to her Just what she needed after her previous boyfriend He was so loyal funny sweet I think every girl needs a Wes in their lives I also liked that Wes was confident just like Jasmine In YA books we have a lot of confident guys showing interest in girls who don’t think they are beautiful or are all about their insecurities But it was nice to have two confident ish characters this timeFrankie was Jasmine’s best friend but I felt like her character was shoved a bit to the side I would have liked a bit detail on her in the story or some focus on their friendship She was the only one I felt needed developmentAs you can see this book was very character driven The romance was sweet and be warned this is mostly a romance but there was mix about epilepsy creating important decisions striving after your dreams and family as well I loved it Maybe the book had one or two flaws but for me it still gets the five star rating because in the end this book made me so HAPPYThis review and others can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe

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He endless loop of missing school for his doctor appointments picking up the pieces of her mother’s booze soaked life and stressing about Danny’s future Then she meets Wes He’s the perfect combination of smart cute and funny He also happens to have epilepsy like her brother Wes is living a normal life despite his medical issues which gives Jasmine hope for Danny But memori. Istyria book blog B's world of enchanted books45 starsOh gosh this was so very cute guys I got all the fluffy feels and I giggled and swooned and everything This was exactly what I needed and I’m so very happy that this book exceeded my expectations Oh and I called it while I was reading and I’m calling it again DIBS ON WES He’s mineThis Ordinary Life is about Jasmine who dreams of working for a New York City radio station And when she has a change to get an internship there it seems like her dreams getting closer to coming true But life at home gets in the way when her younger brother’s latest seizure forces her to miss the interview and school Her mother is not much of a help since she’s lying drunk on the couch when she’s home Then she meets Wes at the hospital He has epilepsy like her brother and he’s there for one of his regular check ups Wes is living a normal life and hasn’t had a seizure in years which gives Jasmine hope for Danny But not too long ago Jasmine caught her ex boyfriend cheating on her and now she’s too scared to go on a date again no matter how many times he asks herWhen I found this book I hoped it would be a good heartfelt read and what I got was so much This Ordinary Life is fun sweet heartfelt swoony and so very very adorable cute I’ll be looking forward to from this author I can tell you that already The story was very lighthearted with a few tougher moments and I liked that It didn’t get overly dramatic and it didn’t add any unnecessary drama either I liked how Jasmine and her mom worked things out on their own and didn’t need help from someone else to do so I started out really disliking the mom but she really did redeem herself by the end like I hoped she wouldThe characters were all so perfect I adored Danny he was so cute and I felt so bad for what he has to go through I loved Frankie Jasmine best friend Sebastian her ex on the other hand He was kind of pathetic Seriously Jasmine is a very sweet loyal hardworking person and I loved her bond with her brother Danny and how she stood up for herself I loved it when she finally confronted her mom And Wes oh my god Wes I love him so much He’s so cute and sweet and caring and I want him I called dibs remember Wes is mine I shipped these two so hard you guys From the moment they met to the moment they finally got together The romance was a slow one perfectly paced and so very sweetThis Ordinary Life is yet another YA Contemporary to add to your 2015 reading list It’s sweet cute adorable touching everything you want without the unnecessary drama perfect to read on a lazy afternoon But and I can’t stress this enough Wes is mine I’m serious This review is also or soon will be posted on Istyria book blog