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epub ↠ The Runaway Family ô Diney Costeloe Me When Ruth Friedman's husband is arrested by the SS she is left to fend for herself and her four children She alone stands as their shield against the Nazis But where can she go? This was both heartbreaking and gripping in eual measure I love good historical fiction and this didn't disappoint An insight into life in Germany for a Jewish woman and her young children in the months leading up to outbreak of WW2 Her anguish and fear as she tries to keep her children safe from the SS is stark throughout and you can't help but put yourself in her shoes'what if What would I do'Only negative comment is the abrupt ending Almost as if the author ran out of time A shame really as the rest of the book was fantastic

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The Runaway Family reader ì Kindle Edition ☆ horticulturetrader Û ❴EPUB❵ ✼ The Runaway Family Author Diney Costeloe – THE RUNAWAY FAMILY was previously published as EVIL ON THE WIND Germany 1937 Fear and betrayal stalk the streets People disappear Perse Where will her family be safe? Ruth must overcome the indifference hatred and cruelty that surrounds her as she and her family race to escape the advancing Nazi army's final solutio Hard to put down As others have expressedthe ending was very abrupt after all the details shared throughout the read it was a strange way to just end I would still recommend the read

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The Runaway FamilyTHE RUNAWAY FAMILY was previously published as EVIL ON THE WIND Germany 1937 Fear and betrayal stalk the streets People disappear Persecution of the Jews has become a national pasti I started this book because I'd read and really enjoyed The Girl with No Name Overall I really enjoyed itright up till the end Diney Costeloe has managed to bring to life the fear and the confusion that those fleeing the Nazi's faced While the historical research and facts were well done there were issues with the structure Some of the characters felt like stock characters as if the author had a viewpoint or incidence she'd researched and needed to put into the story The problem with this was that you'd get a short section or two from this character and then they disappeared never to be mentioned again This brings me to another point to many narrators If Costeloe had settled on two or three points Ruth Kurt and Laura for example the story would have been streamline Instead she had multiple minor characters tell small segments While this helped to showcase the time period it detracted from the story itself The other major issue I had was with the end of this book I'm fine with unrealistic or happy endings in historical fiction its fiction after all The Runaway Family doesn't have an unrealistic ending though because it doesn't end It honestly felt like the author had hit a page cap and had to suddenly just stop writing You go from an ongoing scene to a diary entry that jumps six months which would have been fine save for the fact that I know my history view spoilerIf you pay attention you'll notice Laura's diary entry is dated Aug 30th 1939 The invasion of Poland aka the start of WWII was Sept 1 1939 This means that Ruth leaving next weekend would have been trapped as the war started two days after the diary entry shutting the boarders So ignoring the fact that Ruth somehow managed to get four of her children onto Kindertransports means that everyone save for Ruth managed to get to England? Plus you go from the two girls getting to England to the diary entry telling you the boys just arrived hide spoiler