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Against All Enemies kindle Ë Paperback ´ richard a. clarke ´ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Against All Enemies Author Richard A. Clarke – The Bush administration has suandered the opportunity to eliminate al aedaA new al aeda has emerged and is growing stronger in part becaus003 He knows better than anyone the hidden successes and failures of the Clinton years He knows better than anyone why we failed to prevent 911 He knows better than anyone how President Bush reacted to the attack and what happened behind the scenes in the days that followed He knows whether or not Ira presented a terrorist threat to the United States and whether there were hidden costs to the invasion of that country Most disturbing of all are Clarke's revelations about the Bush administration's lack of interest in al aeda prior to September 11 From the moment the Bush team took office and decided to retain Clarke in his post as the counterterrorism czar Clarke tried to persuade them to take al aeda as seriously as had Bill Clinton For months he was denied the opportunity even to ma a must read for the limited number of intelligent americans clarke relates his history as a presidential advisor from reagan to w bush the pace is brisk and breezy like a thriller but crammed with fascinating facts about government operations the payoff is that w appears as a gullible dimwit manipulated by fossilized cold warriors unable to realize the dangers to a post soviet world posed by terrorists i could go on at length

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Ke his case to Bush He encountered key officials who gave the impression that they had never heard of al aeda; who focused incessantly on Ira; who even advocated long discredited conspiracy theories about Saddam's involvement in previous attacks on the United States Clarke was the nation's crisis manager on 911 running the Situation Room a scene described here for the first time and then watched in dismay at what followed After ignoring existing plans to attack al aeda when he first took office George Bush made disastrous decisions when he finally did pay attention Coming from a man known as one of the hard liners against terrorists Against All Enemies is both a powerful history of our two decades long confrontation with terrorism and a searing indictment of the current administrati Another clear cut critic of George W Bush's policy on terrorism or lack of it an assessment on the bureaucracy internal wrangles and politics within various security agencies in the US and the build up that led to September 11 and its aftermath Clarke an insider who has worked for both the two Bushes and Bill Clinton in the White House provides a bird's eye view on the challenges that bedevil the US on its war on terror but unlike some of his predecessors and successors who have written on the subject he comes with the solutions First the President would have engaged in a massive effort to eliminate our vulnerabilities to terrorism at home and strengthen homeland security While his first point is debatable it's hard to argue with his second and third; Second he would have launched a concerted effort globally to counter the ideology of al aeda and the larger radical Islamic terrorist movement with a partnership to promote the real Islam Third he would have been active with key countries not just to round up terrorists end the sanctuaries dry up the money but also to strengthen open governments and make it possible politically economically and socially for them to go after the roots of al aeda like terrorism But all Bush had in his arsenal was bombs bombs and bombs which would have worked partially should they have been aimed at the right target instead of Saddam Hussein The uestion one might want to ask is would the September 11 attacks have happened under a different president other than Bush Jnr and the answer is a definite yes Osama bin Laden was a bomb whose time had come and it was just a matter of how not when What would have been different probably is the subseuent terrorist attacks on the US It's shocking to realise that there have been far major terrorist attacks by al aeda and its regional clones in the thirty months since September 11 than there were in the thirty months prior to the momentous event America as Bill Clinton once said in one of his famous speeches will remain a target because it's uniuely present in the worldand because it has taken a tougher stand against terrorism

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Against All EnemiesThe Bush administration has suandered the opportunity to eliminate al aedaA new al aeda has emerged and is growing stronger in part because of our own actions and inactions It is in many ways a tougher opponent than the original threat we faced before September 11 and we are not doing what is necessary to make America safe from that threat No one has authority to make that claim than Richard Clarke the former counterterrorism czar for both Bill Clinton and George W Bush The one person who knows about Usama bin Laden and al aeda than anyone else in this country he has devoted two decades of his professional life to combating terrorism Richard Clarke served seven presidents and worked inside the White House for George HW Bush Bill Clinton and George W Bush until he resigned in March 2 A fascinating riveting and compelling indictment of the Bush administration Its obsession with invading Ira and its refusal to seriously address and deal with the al aeda problem are brilliantly described by Richard A Clarke a terrorism expert and White House insider No one has or better experience or credentials to write a book like this than does Clarke He speaks with authority and conviction; we ignore him at our own perilHe writes September 11 erased memories of the uniue process whereby George Bush had been selected as President a few months earlier Now as he stood with an arm around a New York fireman promising to get those who had destroyed the World Trade Center he was every American's President His polls soared He had a uniue opportunity to unite America to bring the United States together with allies around the world to fight terrorism and hate to eliminate al aeda to eliminate our vulnerabilities to strengthen important nations threatened by radicalism He did none of those things He invaded IraOur nation needed thoughtful leadership to deal with the underlying problems made evident on September 11 Instead America got unthinking reactions ham handed responses and a rejection of analysis in favor of received wisdom It has left us less secure We will pay the price for a long time