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SUMMARY ☆ The Murder of King Tut å ❴Epub❵ ➝ The Murder of King Tut Author James Patterson – A secret buried for centuriesThrust onto Egypt's most powerful throne at the age of nine King Tut's reign was fiercely debated from the outset Behind the palace's veil of prosperity bitter rivalries a A sRder eBook #230 his death remains shrouded in controversyThe keys to an unsolved mysteryEnchanted by the ruler's tragic story and hoping to unlock the answers to the year old mystery Howard Carter made it his life's mission to uncover the pharaoh's hidden tomb He began his search in but encountered countless setbacks and dead ends before he finall uncovered the long lost Murder of King Kind. Mildly engagingIt mostly goes back and forth between Ancient Egypt and the people who would later discover his hidden tomb It also focuses on how Tut was murdered and the turmoil happening during his reign OVERALL GRADE C plus

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Le #215 cryptThe clues point to murderNow in The Murder of King Tut James Patterson and Martin Dugard dig through stacks of evidence X rays Carter's files forensic clues and stories told through the ages to arrive at their own account of King Tut's life and death The result is an exhilarating true crime tale of intrigue passion and betrayal that casts fresh light on the oldest mystery of al. To say Patterson writes ten books a year is supposed to be a compliment It shouldn't beObviously his co writers do most of the work and I suspect in this case Patterson merely wrote the self serving self descriptive entries and broke the book down into his famous two page chapters because he thinks his readers are such numbskulls that they cannot concentrate for than sixty seconds at a timeHe may be right if you judge his readers by the writer Was Tutankhamun murdered As an afficionado of Egytian history I'm well aware of the controversy in the scientific community over this very issue But Patterson et al do not resolve the mystery so be forewarned In short Tut either died by an accident or was murdered by someone in the royal household That is the extent of Patterson's revelation I'm not kiddingJames Patterson is a pedestrian writer whose books are the literary euivalent of daytime television you can skip entire chaptersepisodes and not miss a thing In fact in this case you can even skip the endingI wish I'd skipped the beginning and the middle too

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The Murder of King TutA secret buried for centuriesThrust of King MOBI #241 onto Egypt's most powerful throne at the age of nine King Tut's reign was fiercely debated from the outset Behind the palace's veil of prosperity bitter rivalries and jealousy flourished among the Boy King's most trusted advisors and after only nine years King Tut suddenly perished his name purged from Egyptian history To this day The Mu. Put your seat belts on because this is going to be a bumpy review In all his arrogance Patterson claims to have done a great deal of research as he and Martin Dugard try to solve the mystery of the boy king Tutankhamun This is not non fiction as it claims to be but historical fiction The tale is told on three levels chapters highlighting how Patterson visited the recent controversial Tut exhibit that toured America a couple of years ago chapters that introduce readers to the life of archaeologist and Tut tomb founder Howard Carter and chapters covering the short life of Tut himselfThe writing is light and breezy as most of Pattersons other works which makes it a comfortable and uick read The main problem is that the book is simply full of errors It is clear that Patterson and Dugard only did a cursory search of information about Tut and his family and the events surrounding his death as most of what is presented is connected to out of date theories For example the vizier Aye which is traditionally spelled Ay is generally considered the father of Nefertiti Tut's step mother It is uite bothersome to see Patterson have him practically ruling over her through most of the early part of the bookIt is generally believe that Tut lived for uite some time as he ruled and he and his wife are considered models of ancient romance During his reign much was done to reinstate the gods and both he and his wife Ankhesanamun dropped the Aten from their names to be replaced by the traditional lord of the gods Amun As a result major holes are punched into the theories presented by Patterson and Dugard as to who killed the boy kingHoward Carter is also presented as a talented archaeologist who worked hard to find success and was beaten down by others In some ways this was true but he was also considered by many of his contemporaries to be arrogant and boorish Few wanted to work with him or respected him before and after the finding of Tut's tomb He is well known and respected for the findings but he was not well lovedTo be honest it almost feels like Patterson and Dugard basically sat down and watched The Face of Tutankhamun a pretty good but outdated 3 part documentary put out by the BBC in 1993 Much of the proposed theories in the book are similar though many have been overruled by new scientific techniues and further findings in the field For example the head injury cited in the book as possibly playing a major role during his death is now believed to have been caused by the embalming process after Tut's skull has been examined with modern MRI technologyIt irks me that a book filled with this many errors is being marketed as non fiction particularly in light of the fact that the format of the presentation is novelization Those with any knowledge of ancient Egypt's 18th Dynasty will see the wholes and the general public will find themselves misled Writers of historical fiction are allowed to take liberty with the facts as the storytelling is at the core of the presentation Writers of non fiction should not since they are presenting things as being fact This is the first time I have not enjoyed Patterson I am actually disgusted He should be ashamed and should maybe consider actually contacting an Egyptologist if he would like to try this againThose looking for great mysteries set in King Tut's time should read the Lord Meren series by Lynda S Robinson There is also the mystery series by Lauren Haney that focuses on Lt Bak a Medjay detective during the time of Hatshepsut Other great writers with stories centering around ancient Egypt include Judith Tarr Pauline Gedge and Michelle MorinFor those looking for mysteries relating to archaeologist the best choice is the Amelia