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FREE READ Sofie Metropolis Sofie Metropolis #1 ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í ❮Reading❯ ➳ Sofie Metropolis Sofie Metropolis #1 ➬ Author Tori Carrington – Sofie's a young Greek American woman living in ueens If you'd asked her a few months ago what Ht the groom in a compromising position with Sofie Metropolis eBook #205 her maid of honor just before the wedding Before she punched the priest who tried to get her to marry the cad anyway Before she chucked her engagement ring into the garbage disposal Before she became a junior detective for h. It's in a genre I've been reading latelysingle girl detectivePI's bounty hunters I guess the most disappointing thing is it's like an Evanovich novel only she's Greek American and a PI instead of a bounty hunter They borrowed heavily from Evanovich but they are entertaining nonetheless

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Er uncle's detective agency Now Sofie's searching for a runaway wife possibly wanted by the FBI and for Metropolis Sofie Metropolis PDFEPUB #229 a vicious neighborhood mutt And she's got the hots for Jake Porter Australian mystery man that Sofie suspects is either a bounty hunter or a federal age. Terrible rip off of the Stephanie Plum series I did not finish it

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Sofie Metropolis Sofie Metropolis #1Sofie's a young Greek Sofie Metropolis PDF #200 American woman living in ueens If you'd asked her a few months ago what she'd be doing now she'd have replied I'm going to be married to a wonderful guy and working at my father's or maybe my grandfather's Greek restaurant That was before Sofie caug. 2 12 starsI really thought I would enjoy this book It sounded goodI've enjoyed Stephanie Plum and I really liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding Problem is that this book is like a million different recycled stories with barely any cohesion Sofie is an okay character not unlikeable but also not too interesting She seems to ramble on a lot but never really thinks anything through There are plenty of Greek referencesthere isn't one moment in this book that you will forget that Sofie is Greek It is repeated over and over until I wanted to yell I get it She's Greek She eats Greek food Her mother nags her all the time The super sexy aka Ranger in this book is Australian Jake Porter I never really got a feel for him though Sofie mentions the first time she met him but I never really got any feel for who he was or what he was doing etc None of it seemed to make sense Overall I felt this was just a poorly put together story There wasn't enough substance and I'm really not in the mood to wait out to find out if Stephanie I mean Sofie will end up with Ranger I mean Jake So this is my first and last Sofie Metropolis book