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READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ The Marriage War ✓ ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Marriage War By Charlotte Lamb ✪ – Something worth fighting forSancha's first instinct was to burn the anonymous letter Its malicious message couldn't be true Do you know where your husband will be tonight Do you know who he'll be with Adored Mark now as much as when they were first married even though family life meant that they were no longer so close She'd never dreamed that her tough handsome husband would fall into the arms of anoth. i hated it 2nd worst book i read by CL who mind you is my favourite author i was so shocked and disgusted by the pathetic heroine sancha made absolutely no move to bring mark to heel she was just desperate and afraid he wud leave her dats all she cared about mark even told her maybe he was in love wid jacui and she still wanted to stay married to him in my opinion mark did not love sancha he was actively pursuing jacui and very obviously did not care a jot about his wife he criticized sancha's appearance and clothes just bcoz ur wife has turned dowdy u turn to OW just bcoz she became absorbed wid ur kids he's the sort of man who will turn to OW again and will definitely cheat into the future so dat their HEA is rubbish


Something worth fighting forSancha's first instinct was to burn the anonymous letter Its malicious message couldn't be true Do you know where your husband will be tonight Do you know who he'll be withSancha. Re The Marriage War Charlotte Lamb gets book ten of the Forbidden Series and starts her own little Sisters mini seriesThis book like The Ultimate Betrayal is about a husband who almost sleeps with his secretary There is definite emotional infidelity and unlike TUB this H isn't sorry and he blames the h for his marital disinterest and his 'oops minor mishap' because his affair partner is truly a lovely sweet girl in his estimation which as we shall soon see is the only one that countsThe book starts with the H and h in twin beds Apparently after the birth of their third child the h and H have two boys aged five and six and a two year old rambunctious toddler girl the H demanded twin beds because the h's constant getting up and down at night was disturbing his restThe h had a complication filled pregnancy and then she had a really tough time emotionally after her daughter's birth Plus they have a big house and two active boys and the h is so busy being the domestic engineer that the H feels neglectedThe h gets a letter that her husband is having an affair and she is devastated She realizes that she and the H have grown apart and that he looks at her with loathing When the h calls her older sister for moral support the sister who is the h of the next book sends the h out to have a day to herself and to get herself a little make overThe h sees her husband and the OW out together and later that night when the H has lied again about where and who he is doing the h calls the OW's flat and hears her husband's voice The h is furious betrayed hurt and runs the gamut of all those heartbreaking emotions as she waits for her husband to come homeHe eventually does and sleeps in the spare room supposedly not wanting to disturb her He leaves early the next morning before she can confront him and then the h decides to take steps She gets a sympathetic neighbor to take her kids and the well meaning woman tells the h to not be hasty in kicking the H out The neighbors' own husband ran off with a teenager and the woman was so irked she told him not to come back when it all went south The woman regrets it dearly so the h has to have a think about thingsThe H returns and the big confrontation is on it has only been a few days since the letter and the phone calls and the h lets him know the jig is up The h knows about his affair and the story devolves into how mistreated and abused the H is and the h only wants him for his money to support her big house and three kids she insisted on havingWhich caused me to down several shots of the Captain The H has his own business and it is in danger of a takeover He wanted the house and he had no objections nor did anything to stop having kids though he is a very indifferent father at best He spends money on high priced suites and taking his tart out yet the h has to have an allowance and he hasn't bother to actually increase it in ages But per CL the H is mistreated one and his straying is all her faultThe h is shattered by his accusations and hurt by his admission that he thinks he might love the OW the H gets nasty then He finally notices her new hair style and her new dress and he accuses her of tarting herself out to keep him now that she thinks the gravy train is going to e

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The Marriage WarEr womanThe battle was on though when Sancha confronted Mark she discovered the physical attraction between them was as strong as ever The Marriage EpubBut she wouldn't let herself be seduced by him Not yet. No stars for this book I hated the male lead the guy was just nasty I mean how could he even think about having an affair and then on top of that admitting that he was on the verge of falling for the other woman and they got physical enough that he nearly slept with her As far as I am concerned he was unfaithful in everything but the actual act and even then he admitted they did s lot of touching it doesn't say much when a man who feels neglected cos his wife is too busy looking after his children can so easily fall for another woman and on top of that defend her and actually feels sorry for her rather then have real remorse over his actions This book really pissed me off and I felt really let down by the author so I stopped reading her books afterwards just in case her future books held the same cheating theme