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FREE EPUB ï MOBI Stalker by Faye Kellerman ô 9780747259237 ✓ HORTICULTURETRADER ✓ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Stalker ✩ Author Faye Kellerman – Cindy Decker's decision to follow in the footsteps of her police lieutenant father wasEven stalked her father is the last person she can confide in Frantically trying to contend with her own raw gnawing fear whilst balancing her work and a clandestine relationship with one of Decker's colleagues she allows her father acce Two haiku reviewCindy's now a copUniformed proving herselfStrange things happeningLiked new POVDecker and Rina still thereGood characters plot

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Ss to the horrific facts only when their cases seem to be on a collision course Together they find themselves in uncharted criminal territory where snap second decisions can make the difference between the life and death of those you love This was a re read for me after previously listening to this as an audiobook I love this series involving LT Decker and his wife Rina Lazarus and this one doesn't disappoint It is another good mystery that focuses on Decker's daughter Cindy in the start of her police career The familiar characters are there Oliver and Marge with both playing prominent roles in solving the mystery of who is stalking Cindy Again I was thinking I had it figured out then it ends up being someone else Can't wait to read the entire series and re read some I listened to awhile ago

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Stalker by Faye KellermCindy Decker's decision to follow in the footsteps of her police lieutenant father was never an easy one For Pete Decker is to say the least overprotective of his only daughter So when Cindy begins to wonder if she is being followed maybe In this twelfth book in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series Faye Kellerman has created a whole new dynamic by centering Stalker around a grown Cindy Decker who is now a rookie officer on the LAPD Cindy has entered her father's professional world but has also entered a world where women have to prove themselves or a given a triple dose of rookie hazing It is into this murky environment that Kellerman has thrust Cindy into and for that I rate this thriller 4 stars Officer Decker has much to prove both as a rookie officer and as the daughter of a lieutenant Her superior officers are uick to criticize her every move yet are mindful that she could report them to her father Lieutenant Decker This episode takes place as much in Bellini's bar and in Cindy's apartment as it does on streets Additionally Officer Hayley Marx attempts to take Cindy under her wings and show her the ropes in a way that only another female cop can Meanwhile there have been a slew of car jackings in her father's precinct Cindy would love to assist her father Marge and Scott Oliver in solving this ring of crimes so that she can prove herself their eual as a cop Yet Kellerman creates a multilayered case in which Cindy is both the law enforcement agent and the victim Someone is stalking her either inside or outside of the police department leaving all of the Deckers on edge This is in addition to the wave of crime centered around women with young children putting Rina in a high risk situation All of these factors create for a high intensity thrilling situation putting me on edge as well for most of the book Kellerman turns to religion as a means to break the tension which is what had me reaching for her series in the first place Peter and Rina Decker like myself are Orthodox Jews and on Friday night welcome the Sabbath in style With Cindy being stressed out at work she visits her family on Friday night to get a gourmet cooked meal and a taste of the sabbath in order to melt back the stress Marge also attends with her newly adopted teenaged daughter Vega who has endless uestions about Judaism making for a memorable night Of course as in Decker's other cases the sabbath does not remain an island of peace as another car jacking takes both Deckers away from their day of rest Kellerman has them racing to the scene of the crime so that they can hopefully solve the car jacking ring once and for all In the end this book was about Cindy and how she grows as a cop Rina and the rest of the family do make appearances just not as often as in the other books Many people note in their reviews that they dislike Cindy because she is whiny She is also an educated young woman who is determined to crack the glass ceiling in the male centered police world Combined with the police hazing and stalking and her grit to live up to her father's reputation make for a fast reading thriller As a fan of Kellerman I am looking forward to the next case which hopefully features Cindy as well as Rina I am with this series for its duration and am excited for whatever twists and turns Kellerman has in store for the Decker clan