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Download Occult America The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation Ebook î 291 pages Ð Horticulturetrader Ì ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Occult America The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation By Mitch Horowitz ✰ – HorticultVe spirituality brings it out of the shadows Here is a rich fascinating and colorful history of a religious revolution and an epic of offbeat history From the meaning of the symbols on the one dollar bill to the origins of the Ouija board Occult America briskly sweeps from the nation’s earliest days to the birth of the New Age era and traces many people and episodes including•The spirit medium who became America’s first female religious leader in 1776 •The supernatural passions that marked the career of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith •The rural Sunday school teacher whose clairvoyant visions instigated the dawn of the New Age •The prominence of mind power mysticism in Mitch Horowitz Occult America The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation Bantam 2009A Review ByRaj AyyarMitch Horowitz leads us on a fascinating journey through an alternative US history – a landscape peopled with colorful eccentrics inspired visionaries and self help savants Contrary to a certain stereotype about the hardboiled pragmatism and muscular materialism of the American Horowitzian America offers us a peek into a radically different occult America whose thumbprint was felt as far as Asia through movements like the Theosophical SocietyHowever throughout the book Horowitz emphasizes the uniuely American uality of occult experimentation in the US American occultism is rooted in do it yourself American individualism and eual access Apparently in the house of the American occult there are many mansions ranging from hand holding séances to good old fashioned self help and positive thinking approaches from Joseph Smith to Edgar CayceAmong other uniuely American features of the different occult movements is the belief “that thoughts in some greater or lesser measure determine reality” Occult America p 257 The New Age slogan ‘you create your own reality’ has deep roots in the history of the American Occult New Agers may be surprised to learn that the Law of Attraction popularized by Esther and Jerry Hicks and by the best selling book and DVD ‘The Secret’ has a long history in American Occultism Horowitz traces LOA back to Andrew Jackson Davis the Seer of Poughkeepsie in 1855 “The Law of Attraction meant that whatever a person dwelled upon in their thoughts would manifest in events good or bad joyous or catastrophic in their earthly lives” Occult America p96Horowitz points out that in the context of slavery in the American South such thinking could seem a ‘naively cruel calculus’ ibid p96 It is hard to disagree with Horowitz when he argues that the Law of Attraction presupposes an American middle class level of comfort and stability In fact one could go further and argue that the Law of Attraction can be easily linked to a do it yourself ‘get rich uick’ capitalist ethicOn the other hand Horowitz does not pause to consider how this business of reality creation with thoughts and feelings can be a profoundly self empowering calculus as studies of the placebo effect have shown Within certain limits the Law of Attraction can infuse one with the energy trust and confidence to change one’s circumstances from illness to good health from poverty to a state of material comfort from struggling to a life of relative easeThere are some astonishing counter examples to the bourgeois halo surrounding the Law of Attraction and this business of creating reality with one’s thoughts feeling and beliefs Horowitz points out that Wallace Wattles author of ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ one of the 19th century self help gurus featured in ‘The Secret’ had a Utopian socialist vision married to the gospel of wealth Wattles had a great admiration for American socialist Eugene Debs and hoped that the use of mind power to generate wealth would go hand in hand with fighting for the oppressed and the creation of an euitable social orderThere is another interesting section of Horowitz’s book dealing with how iconic leaders of 19th Century African – American movements such as Marcus Garvey were greatly influenced by New Thought ‘Occult America’ takes the history of the occult and the New Age out of the alleys and byways and places it

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It touched lives as disparate as those of Frederick Douglass Franklin Roosevelt and Mary Todd Lincoln who once convinced her husband Abe to host a séance in the White House Americans all they were among the famous figures whose paths intertwined with the mystical and esoteric movement broadly known as the occult Brought over from the Old World and spread throughout the New by some of the most obscure but gifted men and women of early US history this “hidden wisdom” transformed the spiritual life of the still young nation and through it much of the Western worldYet the story of the American occult has remained largely untold Now a leading writer on the subject of alternati I just couldn't bring myself to finish this The title gives the impression that mysticisim and the occult actually played a big role in American history and that the author will be revealing fascinating secrets Nope Instead it's just a simple history of the various weird things that people have believed in for a certain value of weird of course It's actually very dry which is a shame Probably overresearched and overwritten Top that off with a complete and total lack of critical reasoning applied to some of this stuff and it's both dull and overly credulous Couldn't even make it past theosophy

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Occult America The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our NationThe black nationalist politics of Marcus Garvey•The Idaho druggist whose mail order mystical religion ranked as the eighth largest faith in the world during the Great Depression Here too are America’s homegrown religious movements from transcendentalism to spiritualism to Christian Science to the positive thinking philosophy that continues to exert such a powerful pull on the public today A feast for believers in alternative spirituality an eye opener for anyone curious about the unknown byroads of American history Occult America is an engaging long overdue portrait of one nation under many gods whose revolutionary influence is still being felt in every corner of the glob This is a fascinating book that describes the history of the spiritualist movements in America Too many details to recount here but here's a few choice tidbits that I enjoyed hearing about1 Spiritualism was associated with the womens' suffrage movement in the early 20th century Most of the mediums were women Apparently the same kind of crazy idea that suggested women should vote were then able to conceive of a spirit world2 The eye over the pyramid on the one dollar bill was proposed by Henry Wallace FDR's first vice president Of course both he and FDR were Masons and the imagery is a Masonic representation of The Great Architect of the Universe3 In the thirties many of the occult organizations in America were racist and fascist some openly supported Hitler FDR through J Edgar Hoover raided the Silver Shirts in 1942 and the leader of that organization William Dudley Pelley was sentenced to 15 years for seditionMy conclusion The notion that this is a Christian nation is uestionable We certainly are Christian ish but the roots of spiritualism which is expressly forbidden by the Bible run deep