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read doc » Enon author Paul Harding ↠ Hardcover ↠ [Read] ➻ Enon ➸ Paul Harding – Für »Tinkers« wurde Paul Harding mit dem Pulitzerpreis ausgezeichnet Nun schreibt er die Geschichte der Familie Crosby die in dem Städtchen Enon in Maine lebt fort Er erzählt vom Enkel GeorSich um die Außenwelt nicht mehr kümmern zu sehr nimmt ihn sein Innenleben gefangen Gegenwart und Vergangenheit durchdringen sich Erinnerungen an den verstorbenen Großvater lange Spaziergänge und Vogelbeobachtungen in den Wäldern von Maine die Geschichte von Enon und auch von Salem das ganz in der Nähe liegt und seinen Hexen in früheren Zeiten – all das bestimmt seine Gedanken und sein Sein Vor allem aber sind da immer wieder Erlebnisse und Gespräche mit seiner über alles geliebten Tochter Entwürfe verschiedener Leben die er mit ihr hätte erleben wollen Denn er kann und will ihren Tod nicht akzeptier This novelEnon written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Paul Harding is tragic in the purest sense of the word; but out of tragedy often comes redemption and that is truly the case with this story Charlie Crosby is a man who seems to try hard in life but never seems to really get anywhere After dropping out of college Charlie returned to his hometown of Enon a small New England town Charlie marries Susan a girl from Minnesota whom he met while attending college and they have a daughter named Kate You get the sense from the very beginning that Charlie is completely in awe of and in love with his daughter She seems to represent to Charlie the one thing in his life that he got rightCharlie set out from the very beginning of Kate's life to instill in her a sense of the history of their town and their own personal family history The two went on long walks exploring the town rode bicycles and when Charlie had insomnia Kate would often sit up with him watching Red Sox games late into the night The summer before Kate was to begin high school tragedy struck and Kate was killed This story Charlie's story and in many ways Kate's story is one that explores the depths of Charlie's grief and despair and ultimately how he managed to pull himself out of those depths and find some peace of mind and acceptanceThis is a very difficult story to read if you like me tend to lose yourself in the emotions of the characters of the books you read You as a reader become a close up spectator to the complete unraveling of Charlie's life after Kate's death As soon as the funeral was over Charlie became so distraught and overcome by his grief that he could not function in any capacity he could not sleep eat or go to work He drank heavily and took prescription pills to try to find a few hours of oblivion and freedom from his overwhelming pain Susan went back to Minnesota to stay with her family and never returned Charlie continued on the course he was on not eating or bathing ; becoming addicted to the pills and even attempting to steal pills from an old man who was recovering from a surgery Although this story was terribly bleak I loved Mr Harding's exuisite language His choice of words made Charlie's grief and despair a palpable thing Each time I picked up the book to read Charlie's grief felt like a physical presence wrapping me in his utter despair Ultimately Charlie reached the very bottom of that despair a failed suicide attempt reminiscent of Virginia Woolf that left him full of disgust and self loathing Thinking about his failure at even taking his own life he recalled words his grandfather had said whether or not I believed in religion or God or any kind of meaning or purpose to our lives I should always think of of my life as a gift At that thought Charlie realized that the way he had been living had been dishonoring his daughter's life but in his bitterness and grief he thought but it's a curse a condemnation like an act of provocation to have been aroused from not being to have been conjured up from a clot of dirt and hay and lit on fire and sent scrambling among the rocks and bones of this ruthless earth to weep and worry and wreak havoc or make daughters and elaborately rejoice in them so that when they are cut down even despair can be wrung from our hearts which prove only to have been made for the purpose of being broken And worse still because broken hearts continue beatingIn Enon Charlie Crosby received the worst possible news a parent can get; and Mr Harding wrote probably the most realistic and honest description of what that grief looks like and feels like But he also wrote beautifully of the resilience of the human spirit which allowed Charlie Crosby when he reached the depths of his despair to find within himself a spark of hope realizing that in allowing himself to be overcome with his grief he was dishonoring his daughter He chose instead to focus on and remember the absolute joy he experienced by her much too short lifeWell done Mr Harding

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N Ich bin die Ausnahme Mein einziges Kind Kate wurde mit dreizehn von einem Auto angefahren und getötet als sie mit dem Fahrrad vom Strand nach Hause fuhr« Damit beginnt die Geschichte von Charlie Crosby aus Enon von seinem Weg durch die Hölle und vielleicht wieder zurück Denn seine Trauer ist so maßlos so allumfassend und unversöhnlich dass sie sein Leben immer mehr zerstört Seine Frau verlässt ihn bald nach dem Tod der Tochter und Charlie der sich in einem seiner Wutanfälle die Hand gebrochen hat ernährt sich seitdem mehr oder weniger von Schmerztabletten und Alkohol und verwahrlost zusehends Er kann Charlie Crosby was walking in the woods when his adored daughter Kate was hit by a car and killed while bicycling home from the beach In short order he suffers an additional loss and Charlie descends into a year long alcohol and drug fueled stupor of grief and anguish“I was always restless and ill at ease running too hot But Kate gave my life joy I loved her totally and while I loved her the world was love Once she was gone the world seemed to prove nothing than ruins and the smoldering dreams of monsters”That's it Not much happens in this novel No likable characters Not many characters at all except Kate who appears in flashbacks and in Charlie's increasingly bizarre hallucinations and Enon the small New England town where Charlie grew up and to which he is attached as he has been to little else except his daughter Charlie wanders the meadows and hills around Enon spends time at his daughter's grave and makes occasional forays out to buy or steal drugs With the exception of the lasagna bearing woman whose car hit Kate and who is uickly driven off no friend or neighbor in this little town looks in on Charlie or makes any attempt to help him“Enon” is not a conventional novel about overcoming grief with a little help from one's friends It is a searing unsparing portrait of one man's despair verging on madness For the duration of the novel we are trapped with Charlie inside his head unable to come to grips with his loss and desolation Abandon hope all ye who pick up this book It's pretty grim stuff but also uite beautiful and hard to put downPaul Harding writes with great assurance He steps right up to the brink of florid and overwrought just as he did in the Pulitzer winning “Tinkers” I tend to be impatient with lengthy description of the natural world and with fever dreams but I never rolled my eyes reading “Tinkers” and “Enon” There are finely crafted narrative bits including one in which Charlie as a boy accompanies his grandfather George Crosby of “Tinkers” on a house call to an ailing grandfather clock and becomes transfixed by an orrery; and there are several lovely recollections of very ordinary interactions between Charlie and Kate The resolution although a bit rushed is uite moving and satisfying as the world around him that Charlie has obliterated for a year touches him at last Lots of people won't like this book Some will find it depressing some will bemoan the lack of plot some will find the prose over the top and dismiss it as pretentious drivel Others will praise it to the skies or admire but not love it That should make for some good discussions and comment threads I might as well stake out my position I admired it and liked it a lot

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Enon author Paul HardiFür »Tinkers« wurde Paul Harding mit dem Pulitzerpreis ausgezeichnet Nun schreibt er die Geschichte der Familie Crosby die in dem Städtchen Enon in Maine lebt fort Er erzählt vom Enkel George Washington Crosbys davon wie Charlie Crosby seine Familie verliert und fast auch seine Existenz Grandiose Sprachbilder intensive Naturbeobachtungen visionäre Träume und immer wieder Erinnerungen schmerzhaft und süß bestimmen diesen herzzerreißenden Roman über Zeit und Sterblichkeit und den Verlust eines geliebten Menschen»Die meisten Männer aus meiner Familie machen ihre Frauen zu Witwen und ihre Kinder zu Waise I made an enormous tactical error in reading reviews by other people on this site prior to writing this one because I am confronted here by people who didn't like this book because they wanted something to happen because it's too inward looking because it's very confusingWell if you are looking for a short novel in which things happen in which the central character isn't too inward looking and which isn't confusing then you should pass this book by and continue your search elsewhere There are after all millions of other books out there and coming by the dayBut if you want a steady handed exploration of profound and heart wrenching grief written by someone who has thought through details of suffering and heartache unlike anyone before now if you are looking for writing that will move you and make you think about the fragility of our lives and how each and every day we spend with the people we love is a treasure beyond price then I can safely recommend this book to youIt is clearly not for everyone though so be advised