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READ & DOWNLOAD Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ ❰Reading❯ ➶ Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci Author Pat McGreal – The book is a compilation of a ten issue mini series wEr to history as Salai whom Leonardo describes as lying thieving gluttonous but who none the less spends most of his life Chiaroscuro The Epubin a complex relationship with the Maestro Along the way we encoun. This one is going to be an acuired taste I found myself getting completely sucked in the historical detail is immaculate and the characters are strong However this is not an action packed history In fact not a lot actually happens in this book Instead of a heavy plot we get personal politics and betrayals Both da Vinci and Salai are a mess personally and watching their big ball o' fuck up play out is highly entertaining But that is coming from someone who finds complex and layered historical epics awesome

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Ter Machievelli Cesare Borgia Michelangelo Katerina a dwarf with a uniue talent and the model for the painting Mona Lisa I feel the book will be a welcome addition to the wealth of books on Leonardo this seas. This was interesting I didn't like the art at all except the covers but I thought the story was entertaining I never really understood what da Vinci's intentions for Salai I wasn't sure if he was meant to be a lover or a son or both ew If you like period pieces and comics I would say definitely give it a try

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Chiaroscuro The Private Lives of Leonardo da VinciThe book is a compilation of Private Lives Kindle #216 a ten issue mini series which originally ran fromIt looks at Leonardo from the view point of his ne'er do well apprentice and servant Giacomo known forev. Things I think are awesome Vertigo which is all over the place in uality but is worth it for taking risks on ideas with good potential Leonardo da Vinci who is a term for uality and potential I eyed this comic for years before picking it up and then it sat on my shelf for ears because man I did not like the cover I still don't The Photoshopped burned out lines look tacky the image resolution is so low you can see the pixels and photographing actors in the role of characters looks silly to me when it's not stills from a film or play and see below Considering the uality of the illustration in the comic itself the cover art is preposterous The individual comic covers beyond the one used on the trade graphic novel get a little better in terms of style and layout but they still feel like an unfortunate add on rather than a complement to the workSo the worst thing about this comic is the cover art and the best thing is the phenomenal comic illustration The research for that art was amazing and most of the people look like comic illustrations of people pictured in art from the period not just in costume but also in stylistic approach to physical features The exceptions are Catherine who often looks John Tenniel drawing Looney Tunes and the glasslike psychadelically colored bird which seems to be better integrated into the art style than Catherine at least because it's clearly supposed to be fantastical and dreamstuff And perhaps that research and attention to detail for the art is what makes the cover art so awful when casting a play or film appearances can be approximated but a photograph is a bit different The people photographed as da Vinci and Salai look so much unlike the images of them that have lasted through history that well they just wind up looking like models And it's a comic Why do a crappy photomontage when you can get a good illustratorAs to the story itself rather than trying to relate the life of Leonardo or any of the other major historical figures of the period McGreal and Rawson had the wonderful idea to use the story of Salai as a vehicle for the intersections between these people From the comic I got the impression that Salai was an errand runner type assistant to Leonardo who briefly attempted out of admiration for Leonardo to make some art himself but barely got anywhere From an exceedingly brief time on Google I found almost immediately that he was also a pupil of Leonardo's and a far better artist than I am if not on Leonardo's level Artistic liberties to tell a story That always gets complicated but I have to say Salai's sole artistic attempt in the comic becomes a part of the comic's narrative on which many parts of the story seem to rest It's the difference between excluding a spouse because they're not relevant to the story and making the story rely on the main character being a swinging bachelorAlisa Kwitney the Vertigo editor for the comic says in the introduction If you want a uick way to check what's fact and what's fiction try this Anything that seems particularly outrageous it's a fact I suppose the missing part of that statement is that anything that seems less than particularly outrageous is well subject to significantly liberal rewrite I like historical fiction Things like this make the story feel like historical fanfictionSo read like historical fanfiction it's a fun story Read as historical fiction well bring your saltshakers and focus on the gorgeous artwork Justnot the covers