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summary Ò E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ André Gide “Romance de um romance ue se escreve” como diria o protagonista Com estilo notoriamente refinado e inovações ue marcaram época Gide prescinde da cronologia e estrutura narrativa t. This is subtle metafiction since one of the main characters is a writer and the nature of Gide's The Counterfeiters is intellectual bohemian philosophical and of its time for example Freudian techniues used on a boy are exposited upon and discussed It follows various people of a social milieu from schoolboys to new school leavers to their parents and relatives to an old schoolmaster and is about their relationships and connections in that sense it was soap like It is also very homoerotic never directly stated but some of the male main characters are almost certainly gay It wasn't the easiest of books to follow but it was good in an interesting way The denouement cannot spoil however I did not like much because it felt a bit obvious and heavy handed to me and it rang hollow so that was a shameEdit I suppose the counterfeit coins used in the novel that the title references represent the hollow and somewhat flashy or surface nature and currency of many of these relationships people have with each other I will say that I did find the novel a bit depressing but almost scientifically honest that way because it kind of mirrors what I see and experience about people I'm sure that says about me though Again I think this is an interesting and philosophical novel it wove subtly complex webs across my mind

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Les Faux monnayeurs review à 9 ¶ [Download] ✤ Les Faux monnayeurs Author André Gide – Horticulturetrader.co.uk “Romance de um romance ue se escreve” como diria o protagonista Com estilo notoriamente refinado e inovações ue marcaram época Gide prescinde da cronologia e estrutura narrativa tradicionais Pa “Romance de um romance Radicionais Para tanto Les Faux PDF or Gide concebe um herói o escritor Edouard ue lhe é muito próximo e o contrapõe a Bernard Profitendieu ue a seu jeito é igualmente um personagem. Ah God bless the French I wonder if it's the first time anyone has ever written thatI happen to love French writers and thusly prejudiced found this book by Andre Gide to be exceptional A fascinating novel of interlocking characters and their crisscrossing story lines that is widely considered a precursor of the nouveau romanRelationships of every variety are explored straight homosexual parentchild bastardy extra martial you name it; a counterfeit coin subplot symbolic of the real self vs the false; and a fairly chilling suicide by peer pressure angle nearly a century before the infamous suicide by MySpace hoaxIf you can handle the French give it a look

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Les Faux monnayeursModelo Os moedeiros falsos não são para Gide apenas os jovens ue escoam dinheiro fraudulento mas os falsários no espírito e na letra todos os ue vivem na mentira de sentimentos fals. This book I couldn't figure out The feeling I get after reading it was similar to the time I read American Psycho On the surface you wonder what's going on when is this going to get interesting And you might leave disappointed There's something subliminal about the Counterfeiters that is beyond my intelligence to figure out The characters are meshed together in one book which seem to act as a pressure cooker Gide instead of letting the plot twists and turns let the story flow as the characters lead them to following their respective personalities and conflicts Edouard's journal's his efforts with HIS own version of the Counterfeiters how much of that reflects the novel Which begs the uestion how mcuh of it reflects Gide's life at least in the time of writingThe form of the novel is uniue depending on which version you pick up It's probably better to pick up the one with Gide's own journals and also the appendix One of the story is about writing about writing So it follows with Gide's journals the book is about writing about writing about writing among its many themes Gide tried to fit as much as he knew in one book That in itself should be respected It does tend to get messy at times due to Gide's ambitions but you should just press onThe English version translation I got out from my library the only one by Bussy wasn't great But I'm not sure what other translations are like If you could read French though that may be the best asset for reading this book