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review Time Will Tell 103 ↠ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ Time Will Tell ✶ Author Fiona McCallum – Emily Oliphant has made some major changes in her life After leaving an abusive husband moving house and starting her own jam making business things are looking up But the last thing on Emily’s mind Emily Oliphant has made someEmily Oliphant has made some major changes in her life After leaving an abusive husband moving house and starting her own jam making business things are looking up But the last thing on Emily’s mind is a new relationshipno matter who’s vying for her attentionAfter receiving an offer from the elderly owners of the property she’s renting to purchase the land and house a hopeful yet nervous. Time Will Tell is book #2 in Fiona McCallum's Button Jar Series After a reasonable story in book #1 I wanted to know what was going to happen to Emily Ultimately this book was too repetitive how many times did we have to be reminded about John about Nathan about Enid The plot twists were glaringly obvious the subtle hints were as subtle as a sledge hammerI really started hating Emily in this one her moodiness and stupidity were so bad I wanted to throttle her Add to that the 'country bumpkin ness' sign she places upon her head as soon as she left Wattle Creek it almost made me want to pukeOverall this was very much a 'seuel' Not a great deal of importance happens in this one everything is internally focussed on Emily and her inability to make the right decisions even the most basic ones Having said that I still found the book easy to read I read the whole thing in one day and at some point in the future I will probably buy the third book in the series just to see how it all pans out but I'm not in any great rush The saving parts of this book were Grace the Border Collie pup and Jake I also liked Simone's character too There were a number of small typos and grammar issues but as this was an ARC they may have been picked up before publicationNote I was provided a copy of this book from the Publisher in return for an honest review

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Emily feels herself taking another step in the right direction She’s unsure where the money will come from but the offer is too good to refuse and the property Time Will PDF too perfectly suited for the BB she dreams of opening Unbeknown to her the button jar Emily holds dear a gift from her recently deceased Granny Mayfair could contain the solution to all her problemsJust when things ar. TIME WILL TELL is the second book in the Button Jar series and follows on from ‘Saving Grace’ which I reviewed last year here With the help of friends Emily has settled into single life Her soon to be ex husband John had made her sign paperwork for a few paltry thousand dollars in exchange for a uickie non contested divorce So glad to escape from his abuse so easily Emily is happy to sign much to the horror of her friends but as TIME WILL TELL opens she has found out that he has actually received hundreds of thousands of dollars as his family have bought him out of the family business and he has ripped her off big time While she is still digesting this betrayal John is killed in a car accident and Emily discovers that he hadn’t told his parents they had separated and they are fully expecting her to sort his affairs as she is still the executor of his will and main beneficiary of his property Two deaths follow which blow her budding plans away along with the little bit of confidence that she had gained Talk about twists and turns – I thought she’d be happily setting up a BB in this book but what would I the reader know I have to confess that Emily’s actions made me shake my head at times like refusing legal advice again; she obviously hadn’t learned from when she got ripped off in ‘Saving Grace’ Yes I got that she had no confidence but she just didn’t seem to settle on a course of action and was all over the place with her dithering Then when she should have kept uiet she raged like a bull and then found herself even miserable Still part of the joy of reading TIME WILL TELL was watching how Emily got her life on track again and there was a lot personal growth in TIME WILL TELL as she faced her fears and cocked her snoot at ignorant public opinions and importantly her mother Beautifully written Fiona McCallum just brings the country scenes alive and I could see myself pulling up a chair and having a cuppa after a walk through the paddocks with Emily and Grace And for all her dithering and insecurities I like Emily – she doesn’t have a job and supporters of her husband are not inclined to give her one anyway she has very little cash and so won’t splash what she has around and she has a vague idea of what she wants to do with her life with little idea how to do it That’s where her friends come in – full of useful advice which Emily promptly dismisses as all too hard she has to hit rock bottom before she plucks up enough courage to stop being stubborn listen to advice and finally make some positive moves to set things in motion Now perhaps there is hope for her on the horizon ‘Meant to be’ is the third and final instalment of The Button Jar series and is set for release in November 2014 and I for one can hardly wait Will she finally make use of what is contained in the Button Jar Because this is one of the issues that made me roll my eyes at her thought process Has everything settled after the death of her husband Has she found Mr Right All will be revealed – and maybe things I haven’t thought of because Fiona McCallum has already proved herself to be a bit tricky and thrown a few curve balls into the plot to throw me off balance I guess I will just have to wait until NovemberWith thanks to Harleuin Australia and the author for my copy to read and review

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Time Will TellE finally beginning to go Emily’s way everything takes a turn Soon she’s involved in a romance she’s not sure she’s ready for dealing with the shock of three unexpected deaths and being forced to make some difficult decisions With her finances property friendships and budding relationship now in limbo Emily is once again drawing on her inner strength to overcome this new set of challeng. Reminder to self do not spend money on the last book in this series I got so frustrated with the main character and the waffle going on in her head Although predictable it was not as bad as the last book Too many things happen one after the other in such a short space of time which I found completely unrealistic I cannot for the life of me figure out why these three books couldn’t be condensed into one