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The Grand Sophy review ô 104 ´ ❥ The Grand Sophy free download ➝ Author Georgette Heyer – When the redoubtable Sir Horace Stanton Lacy is ordered to South America on business he leaves his only daughter Sophia with his sister Elizabeth Rivenhall in Berkeley Suare Newly arrived from her tou When the redoubtabIn Herbert is in dire financial straits and has fallen foul of a money lender and the younger children are in desperate need of some fun and freedom and Sophy's arrived just in time to save them all With her inimitable mixture of exuberance and grace Sophy becomes the mainstay of her hilariously bedeviled family as a horsewoman social leader and above all as an ingenious match maker Using her signature unorthodox methods Sophy sets out to solve all of their problems By the time she's done Sophy has commandeered household and Charles's horses but she finds herself increasingly drawn to her eldest cousin Could it be that the Grand Sophy had finally met her match Can she really be falling in love with him and he with her And what of his betrothal to grim Eugeni. I think this has surpassed These Old Shades as my favourite of the Heyers that I've read The hero isn't as much fun as Avon is but the heroine Sophy far surpasses Leonie Sophy is admittedly forward bold and out spoken enough that she could have become as irritating to me as Leonie is; but I think Heyer handled Sophy with far skill than she did Leonie no great surprise perhaps since there's a gap of about three decades between the two books and she's instead a very joyful character and great fun to read aboutI think it's also superior to ToS in that like Jane Austen Heyer has realised by this time that her strength lies in writing novels in which well not very much happens at all Whereas ToS is crammed full of kidnaps and mistaken identities and cross dressing long lost noblewomen The Grand Sophy's plot is composed of nothing exciting than a case of the mumps and the resolution of a number of admittedly somewhat tangled marriage plots Its function is really to allow Heyer to write about the marvellous array of wits rakes eccentrics snobs dandies and heroines that populate the pages of her novels and to let her show off the subtle witty dialogue at which she excels Definitely some of the best historical fiction out there whether romantic or not

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When the redoubtable Sir Horace Stanton Lacy is ordered to South America on business he leaves his only daughter Sophia with his sister Elizabeth Rivenhall in Berkeley Suare Newly arrived from her tour of the Continent Sophy invites herself into the circle of her relatives When Lady Ombersley agrees to take in her young niece no one expects Sophy who sweeps in and immediately takes the town by storm Beautiful gay impulsive shockingly direct Sophy sweeps into elegant London society and scatters conventions and traditions The Grand PDFEPUBbefore her like wisps in a windstorm Resourceful adventurous and utterly indefatigable Sophy is hardly the mild mannered girl that the Rivenhalls expect when they agree to take her in Kind hearted Aunt Lizzy is shocked and he. The one thing that always puzzles me is people's tendency to compare Georgette Heyer to Jane Austen As well compare Crime and Punishment to a John Grisham novel I am not denying the literary merits of either genre; far from it in fact However that doesn't change the fact that one is trying to compare chalk and cheese Jane Austen's purpose in writing her novels was not merely to tell a story In fact the story was merely a vehicle to examine critically the s and customs of the society of her times In an era where women academicians and philosophers were all but unknown Austen used the only avenue open to her to espouse her brand of social commentary the novel Georgette Heyer on the other hand wrote to entertain Full stop Her books are not and were never intended by her to be anything than a pleasant way to pass time That being said in the context of the Regency romance she is the unparalleled expert Her knowledge of the ton or Regency high society is unmatched by any novelist save those who actually lived in those times Frivolous and flighty though her work may be the authenticity of her voice cannot be denied The Grand Sophy is my favourite Georgette Heyer book I have a special place in my heart for each and every one of her novels but in The Grand Sophy she brings to bear all of the skills that are her forte Sophy is charming and strong willed a force to be reckoned with Unlike with most of our recent Regency romances her heroines are never milk and water misses; I do not think I have met a single Heyer heroine who could not kick the ass of our current crop of romance heroines Working within the boundaries of a rigid society she manages to make her women intelligent witty and charming Sophy is a devious meddlesome schemer who manages to win our hearts and the hero's without ever submersing her personality What draws me back to Heyer time and again is the sheer sense of fun that she manages to impart to each and every one of her novels The plots are never standard nor are the heroines or the heros Take for example Gilly from The Foundling He's no alpha man; he's a timid weak aristocrat who still somehow manages to be adventurous and find himself and his path in life Or Freddie from Cotillion a dandy with no great physical prowess or good looks who manages to get the girl of his dreams simply by being kind and reliable These heroes are so real so much believable and lovable than the rich dissolute alpha males of our contemporary historicals who manage to win the heroine simply through the hardness of their abs and the hugeness of their manhood Georgette Heyer's books will live on long after the Harleuin historicals fade from our memories simply because she is superlative at what she does making you believe in romance Not lust not soulmates but romance

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The Grand SophyR arrogant stern cousin Charles Rivenhall the Ombersley heir vows to rid his family of her meddlesome ways by marrying her offBut vibrant and irrepressible Sophy was no stranger to managing delicate situations After all she'd been keeping opportunistic females away from her widowed father for years Staying with her relatives could be her biggest challenge yet But Sophy discovers that her aunt's family is in desperate need of her talent for setting everything right her aunt's husband is of no use at all her ruthlessly handsome cousin Charles has tyrannical tendencies that are being aggravated by his pedantic bluestocking fiancee Eugenia Wraxton her lovely cousin Cecelia is smitten with an utterly unsuitable suitor a beautiful but feather brained poet her cous. She was by far too tall; nose and mouth were both too large and a pair of expressive gray eyes could scarcely be held to atone entirely for these defects Only you could not forget Sophy even though you could not recall the shape of her face or the colour of her eyesI for one will not forget the unstoppable and vivacious Sophy Stanton Lacy anytime soon A truly entertaining Regency Romance with one of the most delightful and dynamic heroines you could ever hope to encounter from this time period The Grand Sophy is the perfect book when you need a break from your denser and darker reads It is fast paced clever and often humorous When Sophy’s father Sir Horace is summoned to Brazil on business he entrusts her care – as well as the search for an appropriate marriage match to his sister’s family When Sophy arrives at the Ombersley doorstep complete with dog parrot and monkey she instantly creates a sensation While the Ombersleys learn that Sophy is indeed unconventional Sophy discovers that aunt uncle and cousins are perhaps a bit dysfunctional From cousin Cecilia who pines for a flighty poet much to the dismay of her family to Lady Ombersley whose vinegars and fainting couch are always close at hand to the often absent and oblivious Lord Ombersley to cousin Horace with his concealed gambling debts and to cousin Charles himself the true and exacting master of the household Sophy will have her hands full Sophy and Charles immediately butt heads and Sophy proves herself an impressive match for this unyielding gentleman When Sophy tries to sort out and influence the various relationships and love matches the household is further shaken up The insipid and meddling Eugenia Wraxton betrothed to Charles is an excellent counterbalance to Sophy’s high spiritedness Eugenia says of Sophy It is a pity that men will laugh when her liveliness betrays her into saying what cannot be thought becoming It brings her too much into notice and that I fancy is the root of the evil In regards to Eugenia and Charles Sophy felt it a pity that so promising a young man should be cast away on one who would make it her business to encourage all the disagreeable features of his character Throw in some reckless riding a showy and decidedly unfeminine – at least by the standards of the day – carriage an elegant pistol a variety of other colorful characters a scheme to set everyone straight in the world of romance and you will find that Georgette Heyer most assuredly concocted a very pleasurable and wholesome adventure This is my third Heyer read and I have plenty downloaded to my kindle for those days when I want something light witty and engaging I highly recommend trying one of her books if any of those ualities appeal to you