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FREE DOWNLOAD סומכיסיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאות î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ ❮EPUB❯ ✻ סומכיסיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאות ✶ Author Amos Oz –Ycle but before he fulfills his dreams of riding into the desert and exploring Africa he shows his new prize to a friend Persuaded to swap his bicycle for a new train set Soumchi's series. A charming little story Any attempts to summarize it would do it injustice would make it sound like a trifle Its simplicitly however is a strength Oz writes in wonderful prose and the story is just ambiguous enough to adumbrate a number of possible interpretations likely all and none correct

REVIEW Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Amos Oz

Soumchi is eleven years הנעורים על MOBI #237 old and growing up in British occupied Jerusalem just after World War II His universe is enriched immeasurably when he is given a bic. Wow This book is beautiful funny sweet sad slyly funny sensitive There are moments the book seems to be written with a sense of modesty in the face of a complex and difficult to understand world but with sunning narrative grace and perhaps a bit of a swagger Soumchi is a short novel narrated by a boy living in British occupied Jerusalem after WWII He is socially awkward to a degree I think his emotional awkwardness and way of viewing the world are deeply influenced by growing up with so many adults broken by the holocaust Not only is he socially awkward but he's in love with a girl Esther and he knows it's not acceptable to feel that kind of tenderness and so he tries to deny his feelings to himself and others and treats his beloved as one fears an 11 year old boy in this position might Soumchi like all Jewish fools is wise beyond his years Home isn't safe for him and neither is school He has an artist's temperament he's a young poet or poet in the making and at home and at school pretty much wherever he goes he's bullied neglected or misunderstood But his imagination great imaginary adventures takes him away from the pain of every day lifeWhen his uncle gets him a bicycle Soumchi thinks his problems are over He'll travel far away leaving behind all of the hurt But as it turns out his problems have only just begunThe rest may be spoilery I'm not sure but if you're cautious about these things probably best to stop hereThe adventures begin with a visit to his friend Aldo who is wealthy and very wily when it comes to business deals and desperate to ride a bicycle his parents won't let him Soumchi barter's the bike for a bit of Aldo's train set and on his way home finds himself on Goel's turf Goel is as street smart bully By the end of the day Soumchi feels he's lost mostly everything and the story has the feel of the folktales under the official folktale type heading trading away one's fortune But this is not a book about a lost bicycle It's a book about the strange twistings and turnings of fate and about the blessing of coming into contact with the possibility of new and different and tenderer kinds of connection At a certain point in the book Soumchi meets Engineer Inbar the father of his beloved Esther Inbar invites Soumchi to his home The conversation between Soumchi and Engineer Inbar is well extraordinary in its simplicity and narratively uite brilliant The conversation is a turning point I won't say too much about it Only that in this conversation disagreement does not as it generally seems to in Soumchi's world turn into violence or name calling Below is one of my favorite uotes Engineer Inbar responding to Soumchi Only you'll have to try to persuade them to see matters in the same light The days of the bible alas are over and done Ours are a different matter altogether Who on earth nowadays can turn walking sticks into crocodiles and beat rocks to make water come out Look I brought these sweets back last week straight from Beirut by train Try one Go on Enjoy it Don't be afraid It's called Rakhat Lokoom Eat up Isn't it sweet and tastySoumchi has lied to Inbar and it isn't clear to m


סומכיסיפור לבני הנעורים על אהבה והרפתקאותOf misadventures begin as he trades away one possession after another but as he imagines ever colorful ways of escaping his predicament he finds something he never expected his first lov. Well written about an eleven year old boy growing up in British occupied Jerusalem just after World War II A must read