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Soul Music reader × Paperback ä Terry Pratchett ä ✸ Soul Music Books ⚦ Author Terry Pratchett – When her dear old Granddad the Grim Reaper himself goes missing Susan takes over the family business The progeny of Death's adopted daughter and his apprentice she shows real talent fUll of dreams and a pocketful of lint Imp the Bard lands in Ankh Morpork yearning to become a rock star Determined to devote his life to music the unlucky fellow soon finds that all his dreams are coming true Well almostIn this finger snapping toe tapping tale o I didn't realise I was a month behind in my self imposed Discworld novel per month readathon but apparently I wasam That said as per usual it was a thoroughly enjoyable hilarious novelI know I've said it before but this must be one of my favourite novels so far ha ha It has probably my favourite character as in DEATH although when I read books with The Witches I love them oh and of course The Night Watch Oh blow it all of them are just so different and so much funIn this book DEATH goes a wandering and his granddaughter Susan Is selected to take his place by higher powers Tracked down by a talking Raven and the DEATH of RATS she initially doesn't believe in anything supernatural Concurrently a harpist in Ankh Morpork buys a guitar from a shop that never used to be there and its music magic makes its chords and riffs irresistible to all who hear itCMOT Dibbler gets involved as a music Impresario and Susan as DEATH is also in the mix with most of the Senior Wizards from Unseen University along with a number of Trolls as everything starts going completely wrong Step in Albert DEATH's man who realises this cannot be allowed to continue and goes in hunt of DEATH to sort the mess outA wonderfully written Discworld novel full of all the humour pathos and characters that make the Discworld series what it is to so many avid followers

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When her dear old Granddad the Grim Reaper himself goes missing Susan takes over the family business The progeny of Death's adopted daughter and his apprentice she shows real talent for the trade That is until a little string in her heart goes twangWith a head f Music is immortal Some say it has always been there and always will Some can apparently hear its beat Like the pulse of the universe itself I think Terry Pratchett had that same kind of appreciation for this particular artIn this 16th installment of the phenomenon that is the Discworld series Death has a family related crisis so he goes away for a while Unlike the last time there is someone to take over though and the Death of Rats and Binky are getting her Yes HER Susan Death's granddaughter who is kinda blissfully unawareAs she learns to wield the scythe as much as her uniue form of memory and everything inherited from her grandfather music arrives on the Discworld in the form of a guitar bought in a peculiar shop think of the woodcarver shop in Pixar's Brave It wants to be played and not by anyone Thus we are treated to a grande tour by some music with rocks in itAlong the way we get a lot of musical references many of which even I understood is very proud of herself and which added to the hilarity of the absurdness unfolding in Ankh Morpork the Unseen University and many other places Underwear being thrown onto the stage was the most innocent of the incidents snort gigglesA wonderful adventure through dark alleys in stinking taverns along sharply winding roads and up on stages that is the introduction of one of the best characters apparently Susan I already liked the novel with her future father way back when but she's even better especially when paired with a talking raven and the Death of Rats Binky is not to be underestimated eitherThough I have to say that the Librarian Ridcully and the other wizards were marvellous once again as wellMoreover as is almost to be expected especially from the novels about Death the author had a wonderful way of weaving pop culture references with action and most impressively resoundingly deep and important messages about life and death itself

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Soul MusicF youth Death and rocks that roll Terry Pratchett once again demonstrates the wit and genius that have propelled him to the highest echelons of parody next to Mark Twain Kurt Vonnegut Douglas Adams and Carl HiaasenThis is an alternate cover edition of ISBN ISBN Just like the subject that Prachett is parodying Soul Music feels like a greatest hits compilation of some of the earlier Discworld novelsThere's lots of similarities to Reaper Man and Moving Pictures whilst it's also great direct seuel to MortThis is only my second Discworld read of the year so probably meant that I'd enjoyed it I really should pick these up regularlyGags about popular music is always going to be a winner for me and felt that I caught most of the referencesMany of the bands and songs that Prachett riffs on are so popular that it was easy to spot plenty of them 'Cavern Deep and Mountain High' being a particular favouriteIt was slightly disappointing that Death didnt feature too heavily in this novel I felt a little short changed But meeting his granddaughter Susan made up for itI actually uite like Pratchat Podcast theory that 'Susan' is a Doctor Who reference slightly kicking myself for missing it but shows that this series is a perfect buddyreadalong pickBoth the topics on how influential music is to a person whilst the struggle for exposure and touring for musicians make a perfect subject for Prachett to tackleI just wished the overarching plot was a little uniue