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SUMMARY ´ Massacre Pond ¾ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Massacre Pond By Paul Doiron – On an unseasonably hot October morning Bowditch is called to the scene of a bizarre crime the corpses of seven moose have been found senselessly butchered on the estate of Elizabeth Morse a wealthy an On an unseasonably hot October morning Bowditch Risks losing everything he holds dear his best friends his career as a law enforcement officer and the love of his lifeThe beauty and magnificence of the Maine woods is the setting for a story of suspense and violence when one powerful woman’s missionary zeal comes face to face with ruthless cruel. This was an engrossing story When Maine game warden Mike Bowditch discovers the wanton slaughter of seven moose inside the gates of private property he also finds himself involved in the middle of a fight between an animal rightsenvironmental activist and Maine's traditional logging and hunting culture He is also in the midst of a personal struggle Is he cut out to be a Maine game warden I like the way the author can portray both sides of a conflict and make cases for both sides Should a private individual be allowed to unilaterally change the way people have lived for generations I also like the way the setting is so much a part of his books In this book I particularly liked the way the author showed Mike's growth as an individual He didn't act impulsively and instead thought about conseuences before acting or reactingI really like this series


At first seems like mindless slaughter retribution by locals for the job losses Morse's plan is already causing in the region becomes far sinister when a shocking murder is discovered and Mike's investigation becomes a hunt to find a ruthless killer In order to solve the controversial case Bowditch. With every book I read in this excellent series I become an even bigger fan of writer Paul Doiron His stories of Maine game warden Mike Bowditch ring with authenticity and are filled with all the beauty and savagery of the wilderness forests that provide the setting Mike was a green and naive warden rookie as the series started burdened with an impulsive streak a temper and an unfortunate proclivity of jumping to conclusions usually the wrong ones He had a lot of personal baggage that worked against him as well But he also had a good heart a genuine love and respect for nature a keen eye and a dogged determination to root out the truth of things That stood him in good stead and helped him crack some tough cases With help from a wise old pilot friend and an eually wise boss who recognized his talent and helped him work on his shortcomings while shielding him from the conseuences of his screw ups Mike matured and grew case by case and book by book In this one the 4th in the series Mike has come into his own and takes on a case that begins with 10 massacred moose killed to send a message to a wealthy woman determined to open a wildlife park that would seriously and negatively impact the hunting trapping and lumber industries of Maine The case expands to murder and deaths beyond that but in spite of dealing with family tragedy and his unreuited love for a girl engaged to another Bowditch keeps his head down and follows his instincts and the evidence to uncover the truth Although the animal lover in me really struggles with the animal suffering and death that occurs in every book that is a reality in the life of game wardens the writing and uality of plotting is excellent enough for me to keep reading and even eagerly looking forward to the next one in the series

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Massacre PondOn an unseasonably hot October morning Bowditch is called to the scene of a bizarre crime the corpses of seven moose have been found senselessly butchered on the estate of Elizabeth Morse a wealthy animal rights activist who is buying up huge parcels of timber land to create a new national parkWhat. Well of course I think it's good