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review Love Runes ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Í [PDF / Epub] ☁ Love Runes ✎ Jay Lygon – God of Sex Sam and God of Love Hector have a uniue relationship They're into the BDSM lifestyle and they both have some serious issues Hector has a jealous bone and Sam has an abusive ex Their problem God of STrading with power for youth tries to extort even out of him though Sam tries to stand up to her with disastrous results Hector has no intention of losing Sam to Marcus or the Goddess of Eternal Youth but can he get to Sam in time to save him or will they lose their love to forces beyond their control Find out in this scorching seuel to Jay Lygon's popular novel Chaos Mag. view spoilerAfter the happy ending of the first book this got off to a slow start for me and I spend the first 30% or so wondering if there would be a plot However things then picked up and there were some very sexy scenes between Sam and Hector view spoilerAnd I appreciated the retribution at the end I'm a sucker for bad guys getting their just deserts hide spoiler

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Ks and acts like a spoiled nineteen year old which earns him a lot of time in the Dungeon His immaturity gets him far worse when Hector finds out about his deception Hector kicks Sam out which opens the door to his ex lover the God of Fear Marcus Marcus manages to convince Sam that Hector wants him gone for good leaving him vulnerable and alone When the Goddess he's been. I was really torn in rating this book It is a worthy seuel to Chaos Magic and in this book I felt a better balance between the main characters I still loved Sam but I could see the times he messed up and the effort that Hector was making with him The secondary characters were a uirky and interesting bunch and I loved the description of depression as the grey God of Misery crawling into your lap My problem was at the end so I have to spoiler it view spoiler Hector says to Sam You've been collared Neither man nor magic can remove that collar unless I decide to As long as you wear that you are my slave He does give Sam one chance to back out but Sam just says Thank you And everyone treats this as a good thing I have no problem with a well depicted Ds relationship I have enormous problems with the concept of being a slave with no way to stop except by Hector's will I've said before that I'm fairly new to the concept of BDSM However the one thing that I cling to that makes it work for me is the concept of “Safe Sane and Consensual” Within those bounds I can understand that one person's pain is another's pleasure I can see wanting to give over control to someone else needing to feel safe and valued and to give someone else the right to make choices for you and to enforce obedience to them It's not that different from someone joining the military offering their body and following orders in the belief that their obedience will contribute to something valuable and that the decisions made by their superiors will be wise Or someone joining a church allowing a leader to tell them how to worship with the understanding that they will reach a higher spiritual plane in obedience to another's guidance and will The Domsub relationship is about a balance of power and a voluntary relinuishing of control But the key for me is voluntary That church member can say “I will stop following your leadership if it forces me to put words in my mouth that hurt children” The military man can other than in the heat of battle say “I would rather be court marshaled than drop that bomb on those civilians” The sub can look their Dom in the eye and say “Red” A slave can only scream or beg or prayTo me taking someone into slavery selling someone into ownership is perhaps the most evil act a human can commit Consent is not a one time thing A contract signed once is not an acceptable alternative to the right to say “no” each and every time True consent is ongoing and continuous and aware Giving yourself into slavery Maybe if suicide is the only alternative then giving up your right to free will completely is better than being dead But in no way can I see that as a truly loving relationship and a cause for celebration Perhaps the term “slave” is being used differently in BDSM Perhaps a slave can still say Red and walk away But if so I wish they'd find another damned word for it because slave used for Sam made me feel ill hide spoiler

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Love RunesGod of Sex Sam and God of Love Hector have a uniue relationship They're into the BDSM lifestyle and they both have some serious issues Hector has a jealous bone and Sam has an abusive ex Their problems don't stop there one of their biggest is that Sam refuses to grow up Hector has no idea that Sam is literally paying the Goddess of Eternal Youth to keep him young Sam loo. I figure when the little paragraph that tells you what the book is about makes you want to punch someone it is a good indicator that you should not read the book It's nice to know that the main problem is Sam's immaturity not Hector's need to control EVERY freaking thing Sam does and when I say every freaking thing I mean EVERY ONE It's also not Hector's irrational jealousy or volatile temper It's Sam's fault for just not doing everything Hector wants just when Hector wants and in EXACTLY the way Hector demands If that's not blaming the victim I don't know what is Not cool in my book Not cool at all Hector please do the world a favor and go play in traffic