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Book ´ Hard Evidence Ê Pamela Clare After the murder of a teenage girl a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene Investigative reporter Tessa Novak has him in her sights as the culprit That man was Julian Darcangelo an u 45 Much Better than book one Stars I enjoyed Hard Evidence so much than I did book one I loved Julian He was just so damaged and sexy He was the perfect combo of asshole and protective sweetheart I also really liked Tessa Although she did some things I thought ditzy and down right stupid she was relatable Her pursuit of the bad guys made sense You could understand were she was coming from even if she did recklessly put her life at risk Julian and Tessa were great together The plot line was intriguing in this book Overall a great read and I am looking forward to the next book

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Download Book ↠ Hard Evidence Å 328 pages ✓ Pamela clare Ñ ➼ [Download] ➹ Hard Evidence By Pamela Clare ➹ – After the murder of a teenage girl a mysterious man in a black leather jacket was seen lurking near the crime scene Investigative reporter Ndercover FBI agent working with the Denver police He’s closing in on the trail of a human trafficker and killer Tessa’s accusations could blow his cover and he wants her off the investigationBut just as Tessa has made J 5 stars – Romantic SuspenseThis is a very intelligent well crafted intense smokin’ hot edge of your seat romantic suspense thrillerTessa Novak is an investigative reporter who embarks on a crusade of justice after personally witnessing a brutal drive by shooting of a teenage girl at a convenient store It’s not long before her investigation and naïve journalistic ideals put her in danger from both the mafia crime syndicate behind the murder and the attraction she feels for sexy cynical hardened undercover FBI agent Julian DarcangeloAs Tessa digs deeper into the teen girl’s murder she discovers connections to the Russian mafia that makes her the prime target of the human trafficking syndicate’s sadistic ring leader whom Julian has been trying to bring down for three years Now it’s up to Julian to keep Tessa safe and stop the violent mob leaderkiller before he goes further underground but can they resist the volatile attraction they feel for each other? WhewTessa and Julian’s love scenes were SIZZLING hot Julian is a cold hard edged arrogant black leather jacket wearing ponytailed LatinItalian alpha hottie tortured bad boy with an attitude stud in bed hero to die for who has lost faith in ever having a “normal” life due to his painful violent past and the brutal nature of his undercover work Julian doesn’t think he deserves a home wife kids and happily ever after nor does he want those things; that is until he spends time with brave hopeful innocent beautiful Tessa who stirs and twists up emotions in him that he doesn’t really know how to handle The romance between Julian and Tessa is explosive yet achingly sad and tender at the same time and I wanted so much for them to get their HEAI highly recommend this for fans of dark edgy well written steamy romantic suspense thrillers 5 stars

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Hard EvidenceUlian a target of interest she is now a target of the killer And as they are forced to trust each other their physical attraction escalates as intensely as the threat from a ruthless murderer who wants to see both of them de This started out okay but by the third or fourth chapter it was clear the heroine was TSTL and every reason I hate journalists as main protagonists She got in the way of everything refusing to listen and jeopardizing all the people the investigation was hoping to save in the end And somehow her mantra of 'I'm a journalist I have a responsibility to tell the truth I'm trying to save people by outing your entire investigation on the front page is not only accepted but admired by characters with a heck of a lot senseJulian would have been a pretty great hero except that I can't respect a guy who falls in love with such a TSTL monkeywrench heroine He's broody angsty and verra sexy Terrible taste in women but who's perfect?And yet I have to admit I finished the book and found it hard to put down after a certain point I suppose I accepted that it was going to be cheesy and let myself enjoy the nonsense And yes I'll be reading the next one Why? OCD no doubtPamela Clare is a good author but her contemporaries are simply junk food If you want something all around good go with her historicals But if you want a uick fix of steamy sex and hot heroes and let's face it we all do sometimes the I Team will scratch that itchETA someone just gave me a like thank you for this review and brought it back to my attention While I still don't like Tessa a bit and I've never reread this one I want to amend what I said about PC and her contemporaries After this one she totally found her groove and I now count her as one of the best if not THE best romantic suspense authors writing today She's also uite good at straight contemporary