eBook ´ ePub America Street A Multicultural Anthology of Stories ç 9780892551910 Free ☆ horticulturetrader

eBook America Street A Multicultural Anthology of Stories

eBook ´ ePub America Street A Multicultural Anthology of Stories ç 9780892551910 Free ☆ horticulturetrader ¸ ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ America Street A Multicultural Anthology of Stories By Anne Mazer ➤ – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Welcome Gish Jen Francisco Jiménez Mary K Mazotti NicholasaMohr Toshio Mori Leslie Namioka Naomi Shihab Nye Grace Paley GarySoto and Michele Walla The larger works of most of these authors count as some of my favorites so it was not hard to enjoy this collection of stories Each tale gives a glimpse of another culture and another view of the term American aside from the most commonly held one White American By the end one realizes that Americans as all humans share the same emotions when confronted by adversity In understanding each other we understand ourselves This anthology is intended for young adults but only in its presentation and selection of protagonists teenagers or children does that fact become clear

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Welcome to America Street where every story is as vital and uniue asthe friends neighbors and relatives we encounter every day Here arefour Overall this is a good collection of multicultural short stories that could be used in a middle school classroom Some are stronger than others but there are definitely a few gems in the mix Ironically many of these stories have appeared in textbooks that were previously used in our school district The No Guitar Blues by Gary Soto was in the 7th grade Holt series before we went to Prentice Hall It will be helpful to go back to old textbooks to find uestions activities and projects which coincide with certain pieces Clearly the two strongest and most meaningful stories are Thank You Ma'm by Langston Hughes and President Cleveland Where Are You? by Robert Cormier Hughes' story is about a young boy who tries to steal Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones' purse Instead of turning him over to the police she takes him home washes his face feeds him and teaches a valuable lesson Cormier's story is about a boy who collects cowboy trading cards from gum packs with his friends When the gum company switches from cowboys to Presidents the boys are bound and determined to find each one in order to earn the prize of a signed baseball glove The boy learns a valuable lesson when it comes to putting his father's needs before his own wants My biggest complaint about the collection is all the stories are so different and the only over arching connection between them is multiculturalism I would have liked some organization by theme to tie some stories together further

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America Street A Multicultural Anthology of StoriesTeen stories about young people told by some of America's beststorytellers Duane Big Eagle Toni Cade Bambara Robert CormierLangston Hughes When one picks up anthology I believe one is in for a reading treat This group of short stories about young people from different cultures is uite interesting The Journey by Duane Big Eagle is the first and one of my favorites Traveling from Mexico a sick youngster comes to the US to visit his aunt who he hopes will help cure him It includes some of the myth and beliefs of Native American culture The All American Slurp features a Chinese family adapting to American ways It's poignant and funny In No Guitar Blues Fausto wants a guitar in the worst way Sixth Grade gives the reader a glimpse into the life of the young whose families follow the harvests to make a living The stories are short and give the reader a brief view of what young people from different cultures face in our society