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Summary Ø All About Men ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ [Download] ➽ All About Men By Shannon McKenna – I collection of stories in which a powerful man on a motorcycle makes a tantalizing promise a willing woman learns the ultimate lesson in pleasure a masterful CEO introduces his loveG woman learns the ultimate lesson in pleasure a masterful CEO introduces his lovely date to a seduc. Something Wild Ok I found this story to be scary First the guy stalks her through 5 states Ok I can see that possibly kinda Same thing as National Lampoons vacation movie right Second chick knows this guy is following her and she still camps BY HERSELF at night in campgrounds and National parks Third after running away from her abusive ex she lets the Strange guy who is following her sleep with her and then let's him treat her very closely to what her ex did Fourth her inner monologue talks about being cowed and submissive and not liking it Also she cries during and sobs after the sex and the hero shows very little compassion or remorse for his treatment of her Basically I thought this was fantasy than romance but it made me feel kinda dirtyMeltdownWell this was a lot better Mac seemed like an ok guy maybe a little slutty It's kinda like Jekyll and Hyde though guy had major mood swings Probably only gonna skim 3rd story

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Tion she'll never forget and a sexy billionaire invites a massage therapist to his mountain hideaway. I ended up DNFing this one after the second story and writing off Shannon McKenna as an author I will probably not enjoy I did some research and all evidence points to this author writing heroes who are overly controlling borderline or completely obsessive about the heroines domineering and who are just plain old assholes with disgusting attitudes towards women and their own rights towards them I vastly prefer my MCs to end up in loving healthy relationships with one another rather than feeling like the HEA is only until the hero loses his cool and slaps his wench good for disobeying him This author’s relationships feel one step away from abuse if not there already Definitely not for me but YMMVSomething Wild 1 5 Oy vey Annie Simon is on an independent trip sort of her comeback from being with an abusive ex and she’s being followed by a biker Motorcycle Man is actually Jacob who saw her a ways back on her trip became instantly obsessed by her and began stalking her across several states He catches up to her in a campground and she lets him have wild hot monkey sex with her But he’s not done after one He follows her some and the pattern repeats Each time though Jacob gets a little controlling and Annie feels overwhelmed by his passion for her But she can’t deny how good it feels to have someone love her the way he does Well yeah At first Until he loses control and ends up abusive because she’s not acting the way control freak Jacob wants her to actbecause she’s not comfortable accepting the “strength of his passions” This was not a romance this was a crime waiting to happen Jacob doesn’t really respect Annie’s boundaries he’s so obsessed with her that he gets riled up and angry when she puts him off He forcibly seduces her and leaves her sobbing because she doesn’t want him to have sex with her when he’s angry but does he feel any remorse No Not really It’s all about the fact that HE wants to take care of her even if she doesn’t want it It’s so bad that she actually escapes himruns from him while his back is turned And he shows up at her destination a week or so later and she’s all happy and thrilled to see the love of her life again I just couldn’t with these people So the HEA is that she ends up with a controlling obsessive jerk who is probably going to abuse her Yay Meltdown 2 5 Jane is a headhunter looking to steal away a manager from Crowne Royal Group run by Mac She uses a bit of deceit to get in the door and ends up having to stick with it when she meets Mac and ends up on a tour with him The attraction between them is immediate and intense and takes over their tour Before Jane can manage to tell him the truth he’s pounding her into the mattress and making her scream her head off The he confronts her with the fact that he knows he lied When he finds out about what it’s no big deal and he feels relieved that he can now be totally free with the wild sex without all the mushy courting stuff Jane already knows he’s a sex animal so why not stick with it Except for Jane it’s all a little too intense for her because she can feel herself falling for Mac but does she really want to give up control I’ve now read two stories by this author and I’m not a fan of how she writes her heroes Mac is overly intenseso much so that he freuently doesn’t listen to Jane when she says she doesn’t want something because he’s reading her body and not listening to her words He insists she likes what he’s doing and she eventually agrees But I didn’t like how controlling he seemed I also didn’t care for the fact that these two spent the majority of the night yelling snapping and having kind of angry sex So when it came time for the love I wasn’t feeling it And Mac got borderline insane about keeping her with him Fortunately he realized he was going overboard but he was mostly unapologetic for his overall attitude only how he went about dealing with her wanting to leave And then next thing you know he’s talking about getting married and she wants babies right away and I’m like WAIT He’s volatile and has already shown how crazy he can getyou really want to jump into marriage that uick Way too much intensity Makes for a sexy story but not a very romantic one for me

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All About MenI collection of stories in which a powerful man on a motorcycle makes a tantalizing promise a willin. Something Wild Annie Simon has just left her abusive boyfriend She had enough one day and grabbed what she could and ran Along the way to the Black Cat Casino where she's hoping to make enough to fund another future she makes a meandering trail through the various parks and scenic trails along the East Coast Also along the way she picked up a fan An obsessed fan who keeps cruising along her wake on a gorgeous Harley Jacob Kerr has been following Annie just trying to get her to talk to him When he finally does get past her prickly defenses he comes on hard and fast dominant and possessive He's relentless in forcing Annie to accept him and despite her reticence her defenses don't stand a chance This little novella came on incredibly strong Jacob Kerr was almost too much man for me I think I would have needed a restraining order on this guy I don't see how he was ever going to let her go Kind of creepy but since it all worked out I guess it was good The visceral image of a guy punching through a wall has always intimidated me so maybe that's why I was almost afraid of Jacob He's definitely hot and his sexuality is smokin but he kind of freaked me out Plus Annie was already running from a scary guy to begin with Meltdown Jane Duvall is a headhunter and she's on the hunt for Mr Finley from Crowne Royale Using her best acting skills she lies her way past the receptionist but when she gets there Mr Finley isn't in but wouldn't she rather meet the CEO of the company Michael MacNamara Trapped Jane has no choice but to brazen it out and when she meets Michael their instantaneous chemistry is palpable and electrifying What started out as just instant chemistry uickly became obsession in the best kind of way I loved this one Something Wild was the appetizer and Meltdown was an absolutely delicious main course I just sank my teeth into this gorgeous hunk of man and I loved Jane too Mac was obsessive without being scary and his sexuality made me melt His attempts to win Jane over was incredibly sweet and romantic and I wish this could have been a full length novel I loved it and I recommend you read this anthology for this novella alone Touch Me Jonah has alot going on right now and when his secretaries and doctor recommend he get some RR Tess Langley is the lucky massage therapist who gets to rub her special massage oil all over him His bid for relaxation immediately backfires when he gets a good look at Tess and as she turns him down time and time again he comes up with a different strategy Since gentle coaxing isn't working he tries manipulation and luring He sets up a house party that is void of other guests and there he stages his seduction Wow And not in a good way I've never met a btchy heroine before True she's got issues and she's been dumped on and belittled by a truly horrendous mother but still I did not like Tess and she did not deserve someone as wonderful as Jonah The only thing she should have had coming was a lump of coal in her stocking Grrrr It was also not believable that one day she would fly off the handle about every little comment and then the next day be completely past it and secure in Jonah's love but whatever