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Wild by Elsa Day review ✓ 0 á ❮Read❯ ➵ Wild ➸ Author Elsa Day – Horticulturetrader.co.uk Which will she choose Love or safetyLilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student In her dreams she is a nurse has a family and is safe That's not much to askBut when she's forced to retu Which will she choose Love Shes and she's taken in the night by the Dark Riders It could have been any motorcycle club but it was hisLilly's first loveAsher Thomas is bigger stronger and damaged than Lilly remembers but he never forgot about herThey still burn for each other but is this the life for Lilly Can she pu. This was so so badThank goodness it was short and free

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Which will she choose Love or safetyLilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student In her dreams she is a nurse has a family and is safe That's not much to askBut when she's forced to return to her childhood home because of her mother's illness everything changesLilly's car cra. I don't really like serials I mean why write parts of a book when you can wait a little longer to release it and put out a whole book So when I found out that that's what this book was and saw how highly rated it was I patiently waited for all the books to be released so I could read them together Had I known then what I know now I wouldn't have bothered I don't think I read the same book as everyone else because this has got to be one of the lamest worst written biker books out there It made no sense The Heroine was whiney annoying and stupidly hard headed and let's not even get started on the Hero He has got to be the lamest Hero on the face of the planet Suffice it to say I hated this series and the only reason my dumb ass read all of the books was cause I already purchased them

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Wild by Elsa DT her white picket fence dreams on hold and trade them in for the rough love of an outlaw bikerWild is the first entry in the Dark Riders Motorcycle Club serial following the story of Lilly and Asher The series contains strong sexual themes and is not intended for readers under the age of. Sooo I seen mixed reviews on this one but decided to give it a try Why you ask because everyone has their own take on things Taking a chance on this was THE WORST IDEA EVVVER Seriously I’m not ever sure where to begin The writing style to say that I was not a fan would be a true understatement What I will say is the Wild had potential to be something enjoyable but the execution was feel shortLilly the heroine gets into this wreck on her way home and instead of thinking of a plan she sits there crying in the middle of nowhere On the hood of the carThen fell asleep I’m pretty sure she was still on the hood of the car Waking up to the sound of motorcycles guy makes eye contact with her and tells her to get on She politely says no I got this then he “shots his hand on and wrapped around her waist next this she knows she’s on the back of his bike” Woah wait What just happened here Where is the kicking screaming is this guy a rapist or something It only got worst when he stopped at a gas station where he went in please note he left her outside alone on the bike Did she run Nope Did she yell for help Nope A few pages later their back on the rode and she falls asleep on the back of his bike later waking up in front of her house I guess at this point she decides to run into the house with her mom at that time she learns the biker was her childhood friend Asher Asher there’s not much to say about this guy considering the fact that I think he only said about 50 words in the entire storyline Maybe it would have been better from his POVAgain like I said Wild had potential maybe if the author would have added some sort of backstory to the characters or at least gave some form of reasoning as to why things are happening the way they were As of right now the two positions for me would have to be the cover which caught my attention and the fact that this was only 67 pages so I didn’t waste too much time I’ve notice that they’re are parts to this series and as of now I will NOT be reading those Shrugs