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The Sister Swap Review Ë 102 Ð [Read] ➬ The Sister Swap By Susan Napier – Too Close for Comfort Anne it was a daring deception but she always put her family first Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at least have the chance to study at college But t Too Close for Comfort Anne it was a dariToo Close for Comfort Anne it was a daring deception but she always put her family first Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at least have the chance to study at college But t. Re The Sister Swap Susan Napier brings us a snarktastic h being sneaky with a baby trope for her entry into the Dangerous Liaisons seriesWe start out with our redheaded 23 yr old h Anne dancing around her new above a warehouse digs with the rock blasting out at maximum decibels A large angry man barges in and turns off her music and harsh words are exchanged The man 37 yr old Hunter is the next door neighbor and he objects to loud noises as the walls are paper thin We find out Anne is in the apartment belonging to the winner of a special writer's grant and that she is involved in some deception about that grant involving her older sister Kaitlin She also has a little plot moppet named Ivan the Terrible Which is a huge misnomer because SN tells usThe Terrible was Anne's purely ironic nickname Ivan was the most friendly good natured and well behaved baby in the world In fact he was enough to make a capable adult feel inferior Sometimes Anne felt as if he was not really a baby at all but a computer generated ideal He didn't dribble he never threw up his food or cried for no apparent reason; he even messed his nappies in the tidiest possible fashion You could set the clock by his naps and he had slept through the night since he was four weeks old If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't walk or talk for himself Anne would almost feel superfluous to his well ordered existenceSo Anne and Ivan are gearing up for Anne's long held dream of earning a university degree in languages with an emphasis on Russian as Anne is fascinated with the country Anne is also fiercely loyal and devoted to her family and the whole reason she is faking things is that her mother had a serious back injury when she was 15Kaitlin the oldest sister is too much a selfish snot to do anything but remove herself from her large farm family to go off and write in isolation have a brief affair with a Russian sailor to deliberately get pregnant and give birth to Ivan So it is up to Anne the only other sister amongst the brothers to take over for years for her mother in keeping up the farm domestic dutiesThen Anne gets cozened into taking on Ivan's care when Kaitlin wins a grant to write a novel that has a guaranteed publishing contract Kaitlin decides that baby care and writing are all too much for her so she gets Anne to move to Auckland to fulfill the residency reuirements of the grant while also caring for IvanIt is pretty clear that Kaitlin is useless She just shovels her responsibilities onto her younger sister without any appreciation that if the deception is found out Anne will probably lose her chance at an education That is fine in Kaitlin's mind because then Anne will be available to continue to be her helpful doormat and childminder while Kaitlin creates great Art as she thinks she is an artist and deserves all kinds of differential treatment I despise Kaitlin and her presence brought this book way way down in my estimation As did the rest of Anne's family who obviously encouraged Anne to martyr herself for their own comfortAnne may be a loyal martyr but she is also one of the snarkiest ever h's in HPlandia After several hilarious snarky run in's with the next door neighbor Hunter we learn that he is a visiting political profession with a reputation for being exceedingly grumbly to everyone who doesn't meet his expectations He also is extremely knowledgeable about the grant reuirements Anne is supposed to be on and this is cause for concern on Anne's part Apparently 95% of the known population of humanity fails to meet Hunter's expectations so Anne has a great time baiting him about it Her remarks are full of double entendre's hysterical ursine and porcine comparisons and Hunter is beside himself trying to keep up Anne is almost beside herself trying to invent reasons for the discrepancies in her little masuerade such is why she is called Anne and not Kaitlin and having to hide Ivan's living in the apartment and why her typewriter is not pounding out the words all the timeNeither one of them can seem to help themselves tho and soon all that snarky banter and inadvertent confrontations leads to a baby Ivan discovery it turns out formerly married Hunter is great at babies and uite curious about breastfeeding then on to big passionate groping roofie kissing moments after an impromptu invite to share dinner The roofie kissing moment ends in another fight and soon Hunter is convinced that Anne is the Tart of Auckland when he keeps finding large brawny males leaving her apartment and one in particular was very suggestive when Hunter stopped by to drop off some mail Actually Anne is offering low cost massage therapy to athletes who can't afford a physiotherapist they either pay or trade for babysittingAnne goes to confront him about his mistake but Hunter isn't home So Anne and Ivan just waltz right into Hunter's apartment and snoop around We find out that Hunter is also a famous thriller author writing under a pseudonym Then they are confronted by a tall lovely Valkyrie who thinks that Anne and Hunter are a thing and that Ivan is their child per Anne's instigation Ivan looks a lot like HunterWe soon learn that the Valkyrie is actually Hunter's artist mother and Anne has to scramble again to cover up her initial assertion that she was Hunter's lover There is a funny scene where Hunter is enjoying Anne's panic and then it is Hunter's turn on the hot seat when his mother insists that she babysit Ivan and Hunter and Anne go out to 'enjoy' themselves cause the walls are too thin for them to go next door So Hunter and Anne go out to dinner and finally Anne is able to explain how she learned from a physio about massage therapy during her mother's problems and how she is using it to earn extra income Tho she is highly offended when Hunter nags at her for prostituting herself the verbal exchange when she explains what is really going on and he says he did not bang on the wall to shut down the moans and groans was because he did want to ruin her 'stroke' was one of the funnier scenes of the bookOn the way back to their apartments Anne and Hunter get into another roofie kiss and there is a confrontation with a policeman that leads to almost being arrested for public indecent exposure Then Kaitlin shows up she decides she wants Ivan now and she needs the money she was giving to Anne out of the grant to support him while she continues to write Someone must have pointed out how much a fertilizer mother she really wasShe also has 'one little favor' to ask Anne this time she wants Anne to go the harbour where her lover's ship has just docked at and make inuiries about Kaitlin's Russian sailor lover Kaitlin feels bad that she did not tell him about his child likely she wants another stooge to care for Ivan while she continues her 'Art' and Anne gets accused once again of prostitution this time by the police Fortunately Hunter is on his way to the Russian sailor's ship for some diplomatic do and he rescues Anne by pretending she is his date He also gets her on board the ship and Anne finds Dmitri in the crowd and gives him Kaitlin's letter Unfortunately Dmitri insists on Anne taking him right away to meet Kaitlin and Ivan and Anne is forced to tell Hunter that Dmitri is Ivan's father Hunter loses his temper in a big way when he thinks Anne was just using him and is now going to go off with Dmitri and Anne still can't tell him the truth because there is the whole grant situationSo Dmitri Kaitlin and Ivan have a happy family reunion and go off into the HP mists Anne decides to chase Hunter again after she explains that Ivan is her nephew and is reunited with his mother and father Anne eventually works her way up to becoming Hunter's lover while he basically treats her like an expensive tart he is paying for Purple Passion MomentsAnne allows this despite all her protestations about not being a tarty tramp and never actually spending the night in the same bed as Hunter She instead decides she needs to know all about Hunter's marriage and his aversion to love in between passionate lurve club momentsWe find out that Hunter's wife who committed suicide was a poet Her father the guy who set up Kaitlin's grant is also Hunter's father in law So Anne can't explain her deception about who is the actual grant recipient especially after Kaitlin refuses to acknowledge her part in it and pours on the emotional guilt trip Hunter's wife was also a secret bulimic and soon found herself unable to carry out her early writing talent promise She hid her illness at first then used it to start blaming Hunter and his material success in 'low brow' novels for own inability to write She claimed that Hunter's success his criticism his sexual demands his jealousy of her talent and his 'forcing' her to be bulimic stifled her and their marriage deteriorated until she eventually ended it all by overdosing on pills while Hunter was on a business trip This affected Hunter greatly he blames himself for her death and he is soon getting very angry that Anne doesn't seem to be getting anywhere on the grant novel as she hasn't written anythingHunter insists that Anne needs to write he doesn't want to be accused of causing yet another promising writer's destruction Then Hunter just drops Anne and goes away leaving a letter telling her to follow her dreamsAnne has the standard mopey moment where she doesn't have jobs cause she figured Hunter would support her and then she goes home to her family and to visit Kaitlin and Dmitri and Ivan We learn that Hunter helped Dmitri get established with New Zealand residency and therefore because Kaitlin's name would be on the paperwork he knows about Anne's impersonationAnne goes back to Auckland but Hunter did not spill the beans yet So when Anne sees Hunter in a local coffee shop she barges in and curses him out in Russian in front of his companion There is another embarrassing moment when Anne realizes that the companion is Russian and understood every word she saidThen Hunter decides he loves her and does the big declaration explaining that he admired her loyalty only knew about her deception for a few days before his scheduled trip and that he heard about her years of sacrifice for her family and he knew she wanted to be a traveling translator so he wanted to leave her free to follow her passionsBut eventually his love for her overrode his doubts left over from his first marriage and he came back to ask her to marry him Anne decides that love is important and linguist careers can accommodate marriage so she declares her love back In one last attempt at humor Hunter proposes right there in the coffee shop and Anne replies she will think about it and then takes off runningHunter chases her down and it takes ten seconds until she says yes for the big HEA leaving his dinning companion to pay the restaurant bill This one started out great the banter was really funny and at first Anne's little situations were amusing I found myself getting and intolerant of both her sister Kaitlin and Anne's lies as the story progressed Hunter really deserved better than what he got in Anne and for all her protestations in the end she really kind of did come off as a pay to play tartThat undercurrent of prostitution seems to be a favorite sub trope of SN at this time in her writing I have to say that I don't really like it I get the feeling that SN might be having a period of deep romance cynicism as SN seems to be building up to a book that literally has the h prostituting herself and doing so uite willingly in a very tawdry manner It is almost as if SN is mocking both her heroines and her readers and that isn't a comfortable feeling to have when you just want a fun HEA guaranteed HPlandia outing For the most part tho this book gets high marks and it is very funny Anne is cute in her optimism almost admirable in her loyalty to her family and Ivan is the very definition of adorable plot moppet Hunter was pretty likable as well so don't be afraid to take this one out for a spin when you want a lively entertaining HP venture and a pretty good day at the HP office

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Here was something someone The Sister PDF she hadn't bargained for Hunter Lewis visiting professor and Anne's very attractive neighbor He was soon immensely suspicious of herHowever Hunter's arrogant. Too Close for ComfortAnne it was a daring deception but she always put her family first Her sister desperately needed some time alone and Anne would at least have the chance to study at college But there was something someone she hadn't bargained forHunter Lewis visiting professor and Anne's very attractive neighbor He was soon immensely suspicious of herHowever Hunter's arrogant assumptions about Anne made it easier for her not to let him into her apartment or into her heart For it would be disastrous if Hunter discovered that Anne had been left uite literally holding the baby

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The Sister SwapAssumptions about Anne made it easier for her not to let him into her apartment or into her heart For it would be disastrous if Hunter discovered that Anne had been left uite literally holding the bab. A cute read about a masuerade There were plenty of lighthearted moments and zany antics as the heroine tried not to give away that she was only pretending to be her sister I uite enjoyed both the hero and the heroine