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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK Snare By Katharine Kerr  HORTICULTURETRADER × ❴KINDLE❵ ❂ Snare Author Katharine Kerr – The author of the beloved Deverry series Dragonspell Darkspell and The Red Wyvern turns her hand to a new kind of taleOn the planet known as Snare the dH harsher landscape Where the grass is purple the trees are orange and the huge and dangerous sentient Cha'Meech lizards roam the landscapeIdres Warkannan and his companions seek to find the only man who can redeem their Islamic civilization from its despotic ruler and restore justice to the population Zayn Hassan refugee from the Oooof I am not sure how I finished this Entirely too much religion and an utterly ponderous pace for the first 45ths of the book only to finish in a massive rush skipping over much of what was really the most interesting parts of the book to me So much religion

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Despot's service finds himself living among the tribes of the comnee where Healer and Spirit Rider Ammadin seeing the dangers all around her is beginning to doubt the gods who are her only protection To save herself and her people Ammadin journeys eastward into war intrigue and adventure and finds than she bargained for on all coun A very interesting ideaimagining the outcome of a planet being accidentally populated by 3 completely different societies of people the evolution of these societies over 800 years as well as their impact on the native life forms The literary style was not uite to my liking and the characters seemed to follow templates already decided by the author at the beginning of the book with very little in the way of development through events unfolding in the book Zayn for example remained a pathetic whiner for far too long after Ammadin's sensible explanations to him regarding all that was supposedly wrong with him Also it was surprising that he did not jump to the obvious conclusion regarding Jezro still being alive for several days after pretty much all the clues were brought to him on a platter Let's just say I'd like my smart characters to be actually smart rather than declared to be so and then to go about doing incredibly dumb things regardless Some things are not wrapped up very neatly for example it was not very clear to me how the Inborn traits kept cropping up throughout despite the fact that the Inborn were freely mixing their precious genes with normal folk well over 800 years and that during this time most Inborn who showed weird traits were being murdered and weeded out of the population How did Zayn get to be a proper Recaller down to the um datajack on his head thingie His father clearly is a non recaller and although not much is known about his mother it seems a bit incredible that such precise bio engineered traits could survive such mixing and deliberate weeding out over 8 centuries A better exploration of a similar theme is Karl Schroeder's Ventus which is freely available online

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Snare By Katharine KeThe author of the beloved Deverry series Dragonspell Darkspell and The Red Wyvern turns her hand to a new kind of taleOn the planet known as Snare the descendants of Islamic fundamentalist emigrants have created beautiful enclaves where they can sit on a patio enjoying green grass and true roses but the nomadic tribes live in a muc The cover blurb says On the planet Snare the descendants of Islamic fundamentalists war with the descendants of scientists and the alien natives for the fate of a planet Let this be a warning to you against reading cover blurbsIt's not 100% false We do have the descendants of Islamic fundamentalists We do have the descendants of scientists We do have the native intelligent species though something in me balks at describing beings living on their own planet where they evolved as aliens We even have a fourth group a third human population a nomadic culture technologically primitive than either of the other two human populations We even have some degree of conflict which could have major conseuences for the fate of the planet after all with no conflict and nothing important at stake where's the story?What we don't have is a war amongst these groups especially not between the descendants of the Islamic fundamentalists and the descendants of the scientists In fact the only war is a civil war amongst the Islamics in which the issue is responsible government not religious purity What we do have is a much interesting storyIt's ten years after the accession of a new Great Khan Gemet amongst the Kazraks and he has proved to be both paranoid and repressive One of his first actions was to kill all his brothers and other close male relatives who are khans ie recognized as legitimate possible heirs Taxes are so heavy they're grinding the population down into poverty The army and the upper levels of society go in fear of a secret police like group called the Chosen In this atmosphere a sorceror arrives from the Cantons bringing word to cavalry officer Idres Warkannan and a few of his friends that one of Gemet's brothers Warkannan's good friend Jezro Khan survived and escaped eventually reaching the Cantons where he has lived lived for the past decade The sorceror Yarl Soutan has a letter from Jezro and a plan for bringing him back to Kazrajistan to overthrow Gemet It's not long before Warkannan Soutan and two younger men are traveling across the plains and the Rift towards the Cantons Meanwhile the Chosen Ones acting on the word of an informant that Warkannan's investment group is plotting against the Great Khan have sent one of their own onto the plains under the cover of being a cashiered cavalry officer complete with very real public flogging in a market town where lots of comnee tribesmen will witness it Zayn Hassan has volunteered for this duty because he knows Idres Warkannan can't possibly be involved in treason and wants a chance to prove itAs the two groups cross the plains and the Rift it becomes clear that Soutan has an agenda beyond being the powerful advisor of the new Great Khan and that a lot of his magic identical to the magic employed by the Spirit Rider of the comnee tribe Zayn has hooked up with is simply solar powered advanced technology What's this technology doing on a planet that's otherwise at a 16th or 17th century level? Why do the comnee tribes have it when the advanced Kazraks don't? Why are the tribes longer lived and healthier than other humans on the planet? And where did Zayn's demonic powers of memory which damn him to Hell after death and in life mean that the only real fellowship he can have is with the other similarly damned Chosen Ones really come from? Along the way both groups have encounters with some of the lizard like natives the Cha'Meech and uestions also suggest themselves It's not until they reach the Cantons that some answers start to present themselves and Warkannan and Zayn each start to find out what real trouble isThis is a complex story than is apparent from initial examination and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours