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Sizzling Seduction Epub å 224 pages Ë Gwyneth bolton Ë ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Sizzling Seduction Author Gwyneth Bolton – Firefighter Patrick Hightower will take any risk in the line of duty But risking his heart again? That's something he's vowed never to do He prefers scorchingFirefighter Patrick Hightower will take any risk in the line of duty But risking his heart again? That's something he's vowed never to do He prefers scorching affairs the briefer the better though he might make a temporary exception for smart sexy teach Love saved the dayWhat kind of father did Aisha have that not even her mother tried to protect her from? Thank God for Patrick and his family who showed her what real love is Love me some Celia and Carla

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Is alpha male through and through Yet the gentler side Patrick shows especially around her young son gradually melts her reserve As shadows from Aisha's past resurface she'll discover just how far Patrick will go to prove she's found her real life hero I HATE that this is the final installment to Hightower Honors seriesbut it's uite an ENTERTAINING and HEARTWARMING conclusionand OH BOY do I love me some Patrickhe IS THE MANin or out of his fireman's uniformhe's DEFINITELY got it going onand he patiently works his magic on Aisha and her son Dillonthey made the PERFECT blended familyI was so glad to see Celia FINALLY give dear ol' Aunt Sopie what she REALLY deservesonce again the full cast of characters are LIVELY and UNFORGETTABLEI can't wait to read Terrell and Maritza's storytalk about some DRAMAthis series is a MUST readyou will NOT be disappointed

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Sizzling SeductionEr Aisha Miller Only Aisha isn't interested in exploring their instant searing connection no matter how much she feels the heatAisha has had enough of dominant men trying to control her life and the gorgeous firefighter who visits her kindergarten class I loved every book in this series So Mr Patrick Hightower Mr Diehard Bachelor fell like a ton of bricks when he saw Aisha for the first time I loved itI was so sure that when the one finally came along Patrick would fight it until the end I am glad I was wrong Patrick accepted immediately that Aisha was different and what he was feeling was worth pursuingAisha fell just as uickly but she was a lot reluctant because of her past relationship with her abusive ex husband and her father She made a rule to never allow herself to date or get involved with another man but Patrick was persistent and unrelenting in his pursuit Aisha was the single mother of an adorable 10 years old son Dillon and I loved the relationship that developed between the three of them It was natural the way they fell into the role of being a family before Aisha was ready to admit her feelingsOf course Aunt Sophie Celia and Ms Carla were back along with the other family members to add spice to the storyCarla had me laughing out loud as usual but the best part was when Celia finally slapped the taste out of Sophie's mouth I always knew Sophie was jealous but I never would have guessed the source of that jealousy was unreuited love I had to read that part twice just to make sure I was understanding what I was reading correctly She spent all those years being miserable and making everybody else's life hell because she was unable to make peace with her true self Now that is sad Although she couldn't be with the one she desired it's a shame that she refused to live her life to the fullestI love the Hightower men and hate that this series is coming to an end but I definitely can't wait to find out what happens with Maritza and Terrell Now that's gonna be some drama This is a must read series There are host of memorable characters to keep you entertained