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One Big Damn Puzzler PSOn a remote Damn Puzzler eBook #180 South Pacific island paradise an elderly tribesman is translating Hamlet into local Pidgin English Much to his annoyance his struggles with the Bard are interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected visitor William Hardt is a young American lawyer he has Obse I've been reading a lot of tales set on islands lately fiction memoir history this is strictly coincidence other than perhaps a subconscious desire to isolate myself I picked this up entirely at random I swear and once again I'm on an isolated South Pacific island with a strange cast of characters an unusual and fictional societal structure and a wearingly sympathetic narrator As in The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society no fault here OBDP came first and a couple other recent offerings the schtick is the effect of litratoor on a naive society I think we can be done with this shtick now for a while In OBDP the litratoor is Hamlet and I like that up until the part when the author tries to parallel events in his novel uite literally in time with events in the play I mean so literally that the play is actually being performed on stage while the novel's forward motion takes place in the audience Harding is uite fond of allusions so much so that a reader might feel battered by them I was with him for the island life seuences hanging on for the OCD vignettes but completely off the bus with the 911 references Even now in 2011 including 911 references in fiction is tricky business We all as inhabitants on this earth experienced it but we certainly experienced it differently and remember or memorialize it in our own ways; Harding makes a big assumption in our perception of that event in rounding out allusions in his fictional tale The planes were crashed by suicide terrorists this really affects Harding but to me that's the least of my concerns from that event The 911 bit happens well toward the end of the book kind of where you least expect it but after the first allusion to a clear fall morning you know exactly where it's going and you're not completely willing to go there Oh come on do we have to Well it turns out I don't think we did That little dollop of moralizing on top of an already very confected conclusion was just too many calories for my taste I really liked this book when it just stayed happily and lazily on the island; I didn't need to see New York City or our narrator's childhood From time to time it was a nice scene break until you enter 911 and you can call the whole scene broken All in all I like Harding's technical skill his character development and his imagination but I think he's too devoted to making it all MEAN SOMETHING I might have stopped reading on page 357 and been perfectly satisfied but like Harding's perception of an American I'm a little offended he served me than necessary and I'm feeling a touch of bloat

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Download One Big Damn Puzzler PS Book ✓ 544 pages È Horticulturetrader Å [Reading] ➭ One Big Damn Puzzler PS ➵ John Harding – On a remote South Pacific island paradise an elderly tribesman is translating Hamlet into local Pidgin English Much to his anSsive Compulsive Disorder and he has come to help And from that moment on nothing will ever be the same For what and who he finds there will challenge both his and our values and our ideas One Big PDF about love life and even deathBursting with good things from the islanders themselves with t This is a hard book to describe It is essentially a bit mad and here there and everywhere but is a tragic comedy afterall It roles in so many aspects of Shakespeare which is its main theme as well as mental health magic otherness politics colonialism gender and sexism Sometimes it was a bit slow and maybe outdated a little but it was also from the perspective of characters who are outdated a little anyway 1995 It's incredibly farfetched to the point where it is slightly realistic and I enjoyed it Its not one I could read over and over again though

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Heir curious logic strange notions about sex and addictive rendering of English to moments of aching sadness as much as life affirming farce this exuberantly original novel confirms John Harding as one of contemporary fiction's most entertaining and observant chroniclers of the human conditio One Big Damn Puzzler The title says it all doesn’t It’s got mod all over it You know you are in for a circus of eccentric characters with some sort of bad government or evil billionaire or organization that secretly rules everyone’s lives hidden away at the center of the storyline and by the end of the novel Aunt Betty’s goat has been reunited with his childhood friend chicken who barks and Dimitri the bus driverGreek immigrant has had his musical based on the life of Woodrow Wilson produced and it’s a hit The thought of it makes me wince tiredly But guess what I was right and I was wrongThis novel by John Harding is a circus of eccentrics and it does have bad government at its heart but I am happy to say that the likes of the goat chicken and Dimitri do not materialize and therefore neither does my tiredness Instead One Big Damn Puzzler is a rambunctious but controlled adventure with a great deal of witOn an island paradise in the South Pacific American lawyer William Hart has arrived He has decided that the islanders are owed reparations from the US government The British had beat the Americans to the island and left behind pigs that now ruled the jungle unfinished buildings the English language and Shakespeare The Americans hadn’t been such benign tourists They left behind guns land mines and a taste for soda The island culture that resulted from natural development the British and the Americans is uniue The evolution of the islanders could alter dramatically once again based on Hart’s law suit and would that be a good thingAs Hart gets to know the island and its’ citizens author Harding keeps everything broad but still human By doing this Harding saves One Big Damned Puzzler from being pure farce His creation of the islands’ history has enough reality to be accepted as possible so that when he places his peculiar characters within it their behavior and lookout become on one level a natural progression of their historical experience I did enjoy One Big Damn Puzzler Occasionally Harding seems a little too eager to point how amusing he can be but that is a minor complaint This novel is a clever well imagined look at a trampled over society that survived anyway