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Read & Download Missing You Metropolis é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ ❴Reading❵ ➺ Missing You Metropolis Author Gary Jackson – The exploits you find in my comics are no probable than snow in Sunnyvale I’m not as black as you dream            ?     from “Luke Cage Tells It Like It Is With humor and the serious collector’s delight Gary Jackson imagines the comic book wo. As much as I love poetry and love to pore over it I think sometimes that contemporary poetry doesn't do a great job of being accessible One thing I'm loving about Gary Jackson's Missing You Metropolis is that I'm already thinking of all the people who I'm going to send a copy of this book to some of the recipients will be poets but some won't be And I do think we need collections that are accessible in that wayThese poems are definitely narrative in nature often telling a story and delighting in intelligent turns at the poems' ends Gary Jackson's got a somewhat conversational style without sacrificing an attention to language and syntax I found his line breaks relaxed than other poets which was refreshing His work does not dwell so deeply in image that there's no sense of plot or character so that when an image does occur I'm ready for it I'm not smothered by it as can sometimes happen Of course there's the subject matter Others have written about it so I won't go on too long but the blend of superheroes and comics with the notions of race in America friendship sexuality grief all of it comes together to add to the collection's attractiveness and intrigue I felt let in by poems of characters I've known almost my entire life and then asked to empathize and think about them and real people around me in different ways than I am perhaps used to I'd pick a favorite from the collection but there's so many good ones The Dilemma of Lois Lane Iron Man's Intervention Starring the Avengers and Luke Cage Tells It Like It Is all stick with me just off the top of my head In short excellent collection I'll be reading it again and passing it to friends There's a reason Komunyakaa chose Missing You Metropolis for the Cave Canem poetry prize

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Rlds of Superman Batman and the X Men alongside the veritable worlds of Kansas racial isolation and the gravesides of a sister and a frie. Had to read this book for a class I was a little wary when I started to read it because I am not much of a poetry person any But Jackson did a great job at using superheroes and real world events to make the poetry seem real and not boring There were even a few poems that really made me cry because of how much I could relate to them Defiantly a great read for teens

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Missing You MetropolisThe exploits you find in my comics are no probable than snow in Sunnyvale I’m not as black as you dream                ?. Brilliant spins on superheroes