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Download Doc ↠ Lebanon A House Divided 320 pages ê [KINDLE] ❀ Lebanon A House Divided ❄ Sandra Mackey – With the West’s economic and security interests increasingly at stake in the Middle East it is impossible to ignore Lebanon—a nation in all ways divided and tormented by the intWith the West’s economic and security interests increasingly at stake in the Middle East it is impossible to ignore Lebanon a nation in all ways divided and tormented by the interplay between the West and the Arab world Sandra Mackey delineates the multifarious culture that is Lebanon; carefully stripping a TLDR Easy to read vivid great explanation of what happened and why who were the actors and what were the defining problems The complete idiot's guide to the Lebanese civil war Highly recommendedI've graduated from the faculty of oriental studies lived in Syria and visited Lebanon twice Still before reading this book my understanding of the Lebanese civil war was unclear as to who was doing what to whom and why” This why for me were either religious feuds or Palestinian refugees and their destabilizing influence After reading the book the picture has clarified greatly as Sandra Mackey gives an in depth depiction on Lebanon's intricate social structure and explains roots of the civil war that broke out in 1975 with each major side's motivation explained through historical retrospective and current balance of power It is actually stunning how this calamity seemed impossible yet turned out unavoidableApart from Lebanon specific story the author reveals for the non specialist reader problems like westernization or fundamentalization dilemma or schism between sunni and shia that is applied to the bigger picture of the muslim middle eastAll in all it is a great read for those interested in history of the middle east Some even say that Lebanon is the microcosm of the Arab world so if you want to understand the processes that shaped that region as we see it today go dive in this book it won't leave you bored or indifferent

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The civil war of 1975­89 and with a new introduction on recent developments Mackey lays the groundwork needed to comprehend this often ill understood country offering insight into its role as the gateway between West and East and bringing clarity of focus to the schisms that serve to divide and define Lebano Well written it is of an introduction to the Lebanese civil war it's roots and the confessional groups that are fighting It's written from the perspective mostly of western involvement as well as Syria and Israel

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Lebanon A House DividedWay the complex stigmas of Lebanese politics she brings each component into focus priming readers on the conflicts between Sunni and Shia Maronites and Druze Christian and Muslim Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization Lebanon and Palestine and Syria and LebanonCovering Lebanon’s history through This is a compellingly readable book about an immensely complex subject As history it provides a vivid picture of the almost countless competing political and social interests that have brought about the death of Lebanon Existing until 1975 as a kind of mirage on the shores of the eastern Mediterranean Lebanon fell into a years long civil war played out most dramatically in the international media as heavily armed militia blew apart the city of Beirut and then later as one westerner after another was taken hostage by clandestine insurgent groups Mackey's argument is that Lebanon has never existed in any real way as a nation its affairs managed by various Christian and Muslim mafia like families a precarious arrangement that functioned in the absence of an actual government and for good or ill falling within the spheres of influence of other countriesThe resulting social ineuities permitted great wealth to exist side by side with conditions of abject poverty and all may have continued indefinitely except for the mass displacement of Palestinian refugees by a militant Israel after 1948 and the rise of militant Shiism that came with the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 When scattered skirmishes among armed groups exploded into full scale civil war the author argues there was nothing to stop the collapse of all order Intervention by Israel and Syria the UN and the US merely confounded the tangled objectives of the combatants while escalating their brutality and further polarizing those caught without mercy in the crossfireReading this book is like watching a train wreck in slow motion Calamity follows upon calamity with the inevitability of Greek tragedy While it ends in 1988 when it was first published the author's account of the rise of Islamist inspired Hizbollah points directly to events that fill the news 20 years later This is an excellent primer for readers who want to understand the continual bloodshed in this tiny country once called the Switzerland of the Middle East Mackey writes fluidly and coherently enlivening her historian's distance with a journalist's on the ground observations of key moments public figures and the miseries and sufferings of unnamed noncombatants There are extensive notes a lengthy bibliography and a helpful index