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Gazelle author Rikki DucornAs mesmerizing as a tale from the lips of Sheherazade Gazelle traces the story of Elizabeth a thirteen year old American girl whose adolescent passion is awakened in the exotic climate of s Cairo While her mother–whose beauty and sexual pr. “I imagined that here time was not counted in seconds but in petals of roses Each atom of air was scented with roses” With my overstimulated senses still reeling from the sensuous voluptuousness of the aphrodisiac scent emanating from these pages and my accelerated heart aching with piercing melancholy I try to reconcile the unseen power and the darkish forces that lurk behind this exotic rarity of a taleTwo undercurrent sinuous voices embodied in a single first person narrator only separated by time weave together in exuisite torture giving form to the haunting story of a girl’s sexual awakening in Cairo during the fifties that will define the woman she will irremediably becomeElizabeth a surgical anatomist specialized in mummies dwells in memories of the summer she turned thirteen while she dissects rusty petrified bodies Concentrated with scissors and saws in hand she stares at death in the face while reasserting herself about the illusory concept of beauty and the damaging effects of the passage of time Reminiscences of that fateful summer full of catastrophic eroticism bring volatile memories in which the stench of dust dissolves into the sublime fragrance of roses Lizzie an American girl at the cusp of womanhood meanders the alleys of Cairo inebriated by all its spicy and ancient scents of smoke pepper and henna while her unconscious wantonness calls the attention of dark skinned men with kohl stares who turn their heads following her womanly odor Elizabeth’s mercurial mother a breathtaking Icelandic blonde abandons her family to lead a sexually independent life in the Egyptian city leaving Elizabeth’s father a history professor utterly devastated As an attempt to flee from this unbearable reality Lizzie’s father hides behind his intellectual obsessions involving war games and military strategies inadvertently neglecting her daughter When one of his friends Ramses Ragab the owner of Kosmétérion a store where he creates the most alluring perfumes comes to divert Lizzie’s father she finds her senses awaking at the sight of this fantastic Gazelle man whose intense gracefulness elegance and mysticism fill all her absences Blinded with irrepressible desire Elizabeth gets lost in delirious reverie giving free rein to her imagination while secretly reading The Arabian nights and taking Princess Schéhérazade as a role for feminine lovemaking Ducornet is a not a realist psychological or otherwise but a gifted fabulator who relentlessly chronicles the original motive force behind all human behavior the unavoidable power of desire Her spellbinding style enslaves and tantalizes stealthily leaving heated skins pulsating hearts and prickling sensations running all over one’s bodyLizzie’s sexuality blossoming like moist rose petals caressed by the morning dewSlightly open lips brushing the soft fleshy hollow between the collarbone and the base of a silky throatThe light touch of a finger drawing an invisible path from naked shoulder to scented wristDucornet’s words are delicately and relentlessly delivered pulling and pushing bending and breaking arousing and sobering producing alternating sensations between ecstatic pleasure and an escalating sense of foreboding and bringing them to a tearing climax “The beauty of absolute certainty always embraces the subversion of absolute doubt”But as any magician Ducornet’s spell can be an empty one and turn into an exuisite but terrible delusion What’s the real meaning of this story Nameless parents without real presence the mother’s animal sexuality only a pose the father’s intellectual magnetism a game of hiding behind the screens Is it all a mere game of shadowsBeing seduced by the glamour and the enigmatic tone of this modern fable can lead to misleading conclusions This is not yet another sensual story about a young girl coming of age but one of a middle aged woman realizing she hasn’t allowed herself to be fearlessly alive in a decaying world where she has lived in slow motion since she was thirteen since she was a young lioness prowling the decks of a shipThe dilemma doesn’t lie in tasting the forbidden fruit but rather in allowing it to poison one’s future Past can’t be unwritten but if correctly understood it can illuminate by way of perfume the beautiful obscurity of one’s unthreaded path “I like to think that if one is attentive to the world’s wind and one’s movement through it then the path one needs to follow will be clearly visible”

review Gazelle author Rikki Ducornet

Gazelle author Rikki Ducornet review æ 3 ä [Download] ➵ Gazelle By Rikki Ducornet – As mesmerizing as a tale from the lips of Sheherazade Gazelle traces the story of Elizabeth a thirteen year old American girl whose adolescent passion is awakened in the exotic climate of 1950s Cairo As mesmerizing as aOwess both frighten and fascinate Elizabeth–moves into a hotel to pursue a string of lovers her father a historian loses himself in a world of chess and toy soldiers Elizabeth’s imagination primed by an explicit edition of The Arabian Nig. Ducornet is the lovelist most magical and dazzling writer on two legs Her elements tetralogy is an essential entry in the American canon her short fiction has inspired dozens of MFA pixie girls to take up their pens and write flotsammy flimflam about faires and pixies and sexy girly poohs bitchslapping wizards Gazelle is a serious faced novel from her less playful sombre period concerning the flowering of sexuality of Elizabeth in Egypt among a cast of fantastic characters with light Arabian Nights nods Her sentences are measured breaths softly sumptuous and tinily tremulous One of the lesser lights in Ducornet’s formidable corpus this novel still enraptures those who need enrapturing me and captures the sweat and sumptuousness of sexy sultry Egypt and its sexy sultry cast of sexy things

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Hts leads her to fantasies about her father’s friend a gentle older man named Ramses Ragab a perfume maker who visits their house regularly to play games of war and who opens her up to the mystery of hieroglyphics and the art of exotic scen. The below contents of this Review Box are now available in a document assemblage entitled Off Topic The Story of an Internet Revolt Some words about Gazelle andor Ducornet may be in the offingview spoilerPlease do not DELETE this ReviewPlease do not FLAG this ReviewMy reviews are on strike The arbitrary deletion policy which goodreads management has been practicing must stop At the very least they must negotiate with us in good faith I have thrown in with the monkeywrenchers and sabottossers I do believe that there exist Reviews which ought to be deleted But only I have the authority to do so ; however I do not fortunately have the powerAs a laborer and minor producer of content and value for the entity ‘goodreads’ I reserve the right to withhold my labor I will no longer write reviews ; until the threat of arbitrary deletion is lifted I may continue to write Reviews like this one which will have nothing to do with the book NothingPlease do not FLAG my Reviews I am Amish enough to not willingly submit to the violence of secular authority There is no need to bring anything I write to the attention of goodreads management I do not and never have written for their benefitPlease do not FLAG my Reviews I do not want management to be consist about deleting reviews I want them to stop deleting ANY reviewsI will also cease using the silly starsystem The starsystem has from the beginning of both and goodreads always been designed to commodify booksI do not believe that there has ever been a Golden Age of goodreads when we were all just an innocuous little book club From the beginning goodreads was designed to aggregate capital to become a desirable object for purchasetake over The policies which management began to implement in September would also have been eventually implemented even without ’s interest in Gleichschaltung I am not going anywhere This is my fucking territory I am not Amish enough to emigrate when my way of life is threatened post scriptum with sincerest apologies to all my Friends each one Dear who would like to continue using goodreads as we have been accustomed to do hide spoiler