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FREE READ È Dancing on the Edge Í ➽ [Download] ✤ Dancing on the Edge By Han Nolan ➲ – Miracle McCloy comes from an unusual family Her father Dane is a prodigy who published his first book at age thirteen; her grandmother Gigi is clairvoyant; and her mother was dead when her miracle dau Miracle McClAs pulled from her womb Having been raised according to a set of mystical rules and beliefs Miracle is unable to cope in the real world Lost in a desperate dance among lit candles she sets herself afire an. This book was amazing not only because of the amazing plot but because it’s about a teenage girl Miracle who’s about fourteen years old and deals with her difficult life It was about a girl who loves dance and trying so hard not give up It’s also very sad because both her parents are not there to support her or have fun with her because her mother died right when Miracle was born This usually happens often in America and it’s really devastating when you hear it Imagine it not having a mother carrying you when you were a baby Miracle’s dad in this book is probably hiding I think because in the book they don’t clearly state that he is hiding or not hiding One of my favorite characters in this book would be Miracle’s grandfather because he took care of Miracle whenever she needed to be taken care of Miracle’s grandfather took her in as a relative and I thought that that was a really nice thing to do At least she had the support from her grandfather Grandfather Opal Miracle’s grandfather also put Miracle in ballet where she did a dance and fell in love with Ballet I think that the grandfather put her in there so she could take away the feelings of depression and loneliness for a while I also think that this title goes really good with the overall plot of the story Overall this book is really good


D comes to in a hospital There Dancing on Kindle a young psychiatrist helps her navigate her painful struggle to take charge of her life     Includes a reader's guide and an interview with the autho. i stopped reading iit 4 a little while but then i remembered it and started right were i left off i am really glad that i did

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Dancing on the EdgeMiracle McCloy comes from an unusual family Her father Dane is a prodigy who published his first book at age thirteen her grandmother Gigi is clairvoyant and her mother was dead when her miracle daughter w. You know when they describe books as poignant This is the real deal and embodies the true meaning of the word This book was so hard to read Not interest wise but mentallyMiracle has been born of a dead mother and that is not the only thing that sets her apart Her grandma Gigi is into talking with the dead incense and the like Miracle herself believes in all of this too It all becomes too real when her father Dane just melts Yeah you read right he melts She moves to her Grandpa's and starts taking dance lessons but for some unknown reason she has to keep it a secret from her grandma Gigi Why all the mystery In due time we find outThe book starts out when she is ten and ends when she is fourteen So we see some major character changes It's so sad to see her spiral down and you just want to tell her not to give in and not to give up Of course the story must run it's course though She is a weird girl Her thoughts are odd but you understand why because she feels so lost There isn't much she can believe in and no real friends to speak of It's just has to be difficult to grow up like that You root for her even though you don't know much about her as a person The reader knows the events and what's happening in her head but not who she really is It's like you are cheering for her potential if that makes sense I loved the scenes she had with her grandpa because you could feel those were some of the few moments she felt like she was a real person who belonged in the worldI don't want to give too much away but I'll say this you won't forget Miralce and her journey and you'll feel like you're real after reading her story And most of all that love might turn out to be the truest realest thing I'll ever know pg244