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Free mobi õ doc Boom AUTHOR Michael Shnayerson 9781610398411 × [PDF / Epub] ☉ Boom Author Michael Shnayerson – A behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial market in the worldA behind the scenes look at the egomaniacs geniuses and canny promoters who shaped the world of modern art and created the largest unregulated financial market in the world Before Damien Hirst stuffed a shark before Basuiat picked up a spray can before Andy Warhol started The Factory a pile of unwanted Jackson Pollocks changed everything From them emerged the firs 4 gossipy exhaustiveincredulous stars The 2019 Jeez Louise Award Addendum March 30 2020 the BF and I watched a fabulous doc that would be a really good companion to this book The title is Blurred Lines and here is a previewhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvhaxb Thank you to Netgalley the author and Perseus Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This book was released on 21 May 2019 and is currently available Wherever I travel I go to galleries and museums I love to lose myself in painting sculpture photography installation and architecture I know a fair bit about music a little bit about literature but almost nothing about art Despite reading and taking a course or two I am unable to hold a decent conversation My experience of art is so subjective and stuck in a mire of emotions that I often cannot articulate This excellent book is about our current and recent history of the business of art The book is lengthy entertaining and full of interesting anecdotes and character studies of who makes up this scenes From the artists like Koons and Basuiat to the mega dealers like Gagosian and Castelli Mr Shnayerson writes a book that will both shock and tantalize Contemporary art is driven by desire and greed and the price tags of many of the pieces will blow your mind Art is the playground of the rich that hoard and store and evade taxes or launder money Partnerships are formed alliances betrayed and courtroom battles ensue New York Paris Los Angeles and Hong Kong feature prominently Wheeling suealing and dealing Double crossing and Triple Crossing Wow This book would have been a 45 star read had it included photographs of the artists art dealers and works of art Sit near google while reading to look up everything you read aboutIn May 2015 Picasso's Women of Algiers Version O sold for almost 180 million dollars

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T major modern art dealer It wasand the art world would never be the sameFrom the early days on th Street to the rise of SoHo in the s to the emergence of Chelsea as the hotbed of art galleries we see the meteoric rise and the devastating falls of the most renowned dealers Larry Gagosian David Zwirner Arne Glimcher and Iwan Wirth With unparalleled access the longt Boom is not only a modern history of the art world filled with rich details revealing anecdotes as compelling told by Shnayerson but it's also an examination of mass culture and mass consciousness While reading this book I couldn't help but feel as though the rarefied art world Shnayerson turned his eye to became a meta narrative for the hype culture our society has mutated into

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Boom AUTHOR Michael ShnayersIme Vanity Fair reporter tells us the story of contemporary art through the people who coddled supported and funded the likes of Jeff Koons and Cy TwomblyIt's a story of backstabbing betrayals fruitful partnerships genius and ever larger sums of money The world of contemporary art is inextricable from the wild wealth and naked financial opportunism that surrounds This book approaches art history a different way through an emphasis on the power brokering of powerful dealers like Castelli and Gagosian These brokers were important in two ways they found nurtured or poached promising artists thereby influencing the trends of contemporary art through their choices of artists and art schools to provide crucial gallery space media space or stipend; and they served as mediators between artist and wealthy collectors that ultimately led to the trend of extremely expensive art collecting as a form of financial investment and social status symbol among the mega wealthy