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READ & DOWNLOAD ¸ Blackmail Boyfriend Boyfriend Chronicles #1 ´ [KINDLE] ❁ Blackmail Boyfriend Boyfriend Chronicles #1 Author Chris Cannon – Sometimes blackmail is the only weapon a girl hasHaley Patterson has had a crush on golden boy Bryce Colton for ages But when she hears a rumoT she’s dateable despite her overprotective and very intimidating brothers or deal with the angry cage fighting boyfriend of the girl he actually did hook up withBryce didn’t know the other Haley even had a boyfriend He was just trying to get his ex off his back And now not. So honestly I expect this to be a cute fluffy was hoping this was well written and I would have been happy But I kinda got I never read anything by Cannon before So I was pleased to discover I enjoyed her writing style It's witty sassy and freshThe plot was sweet fun and while I expected mega predictable it actually did throw me on several occasions I mean this is a cute fluffy you can guess the outcome so basically the main plot line had no huge surprises But Cannon took what could have been a run of the mill kinda story albeit it would have been sweet and cute and added her own brand to it Essentially this is a mash up getting thrown together by accident and girl and boy from totally different sides of town kinda love story To be frank I would have been probably happy with just that Since it was written very well But Cannon layered into this several other factors which made this an unexpected good readEssentially though Cannon shines in the character building of the two MCs Hayley and Bryce are both than they seems And their POV were both written exceptionally well I love all their little angst fest The best part about it is that probably 99% of the female population could relate to her behaviour her worries and fears I think she is a very good example for how many of us gals behave and feel at that age I am talking when it comes to boys and our insecurities I wasn't an animal rescue kinda gal then again I had my own uirks and obsessions hence I can relate Nathan and Jane were an incredible support cast And I honestly feel like I know those four kids Each uniue and each from a different family Cannon did a great job portraying the different family dynamics and the way all of them deal with it I found however some of the adults a bit to cliche and too stark Brittany in compare to all the different characters was too over the top in my opinion Then there is the country club scene and I honestly found myself a bit irritated I felt somehow Cannon might ruin the last bit of the book I begrudgingly found myself smile at Bryce's grand gesture But then Cannon won my heart completely with the last paragraph That last paragraph also encompasses everything I loved about Blackmail Boyfriend in just a few phrases A must read that is surprising cute fun and full of wonderful details and moments


Sometimes blackmail Boyfriend Chronicles ePUB #10003 is the only weapon a girl hasHaley Patterson has had a crush on golden boy Bryce Colton for ages But when she hears a rumor that he hooked up with her she gives him a choice be her boyfriend for a month to show other guys tha. 15I plan to stay away from all YA contemporary romances unless it's written by Kasie West or Kody Keplinger I honestly think they are the only two authors in capacity to write dislikable characters that are still able to make you feel something other than hatred or annoyance But let's start from the beginning Great premise sucky as heck execution I like to think I've read my share of fake relationships it being a trope I will never tire of So when it comes to reading them I expect them to go a certain way cause you know what they say if it ain't broke don't fix it These books tend to have a structure that as previously proven has always worked; dilemma occurs and for some ridiculous reason they need to enter said fake relationship they're not uite happy about it but they suck it up some dilemma happens that leads them to being friends Then temptation occurs and they start to give in without forgetting they are in a FAKE RELATIONSHIP and finally some dilemma occurs they confess their undying love and live happily ever after Now here's the uestion Did you see that specific point where I clearly emphasized a tadApparently Haley was a bit dense on getting that memo From the get go and by get go I mean day one she is acting like an entitled psycho jealous girlfriend like dictator that demands to be the center of attention You see that was my mayor problem At times I really liked Haley because she was sarcastically funny smart and stood her own which definitely won brownie points with me but at the same time she was annoying as heck I get that she needed Bryce to act like a boyfriend in public but she would constantly go mental when he didn't do it in private and again from the startI mean look at this I sniffled Crap I fanned my eyes I would not cry “He didn’t kiss me good night” And that's just the first and only fake date from their arrangement which he was basically forced to do He was constantly backed into a corner by Haley Jane and Nathan and it just felt wrong And highly pathetic I might add Nope not done complaining about herShe was constantly complaining her brothers where the reason for her absent social life but seriously that girls needs to sit the heck down and reevaluate her life and her attitude She freaking scares everyone away with that crazy I mean I'm one of the people who think who can't just show your crazy from day one You got to tone that shit down Bring it out gradually so people won't notice She was also needy as can be She was constantly prying for Bryce's complete and I mean complete attention and the second he got distracted or had to do something again she would go mental Acting like someone shit on her cake when he failed to meet all her ridiculous expectationsDid I also mention she was ridiculously jealous I mean this is the kind of girl that lets you have no friends unless they have a weiner hanging between them legs She was constantly I've used that word uite a few times here right making a big deal out of him talking or even looking other girls That shit just got creepy fast As for everything else Just no The ending was weak the added family drama held no importance to the plot the brothers were as flat as a cardboard the friends were only used to inform the reader of the MC's feelings in case you're too oblivious to grasp the blatantly obvious Bryce was about as fun as cleaning a sewer and the ex girlfriend drama was just too much But the great news is I finished the book Small mercies ^^

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Blackmail Boyfriend Boyfriend Chronicles #1Only is Blackmail Boyfriend Kindle he being blackmailed he's being blackmailed by an honor student His new “girlfriend” has two three legged dogs her father mows grass at the country club and she'swell difficult And differentCan something so fake turn into something real. DEFINITELY NOOne of those beautiful covers shitty content It was both teen ish and child ish Too predictable